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Partnership 2000 Community Board

  1. 1. Hadera-Eiron-Southeast Consortium Partnership • Born in 2001 • Includes 5 communities in israel – Hadera, Pardes Hana-Karkur, Katzir Harish, Alone Regional Council and Menashe Regional Council. • And 6 communities in the United States – 3 in Florida and 3 in The Jewish Agency’s Partnership 2000 program (P2K) has Tennessee become the paradigm for successfully partnering global Jewish communities directly with Israeli communities. • operated by Jewish Agency staff in Israel and Federation staff in the US, with a steering committee of volunteers in Israel and the An extraordinary global platform connecting some 550 US. communities around the world in 45 partnerships, P2K is building living bridges among these communities. Sharing ideas, strengths, challenges and models of success; and empowering Main programs BOTH communities to generate waves of change. But the impact • Nivheret YP2K – Youth leadership program in partnership of these projects go far beyond the community level—each of us region high schools. Teachers from school staff work with teen has the opportunity to become directly and personally involved. groups on social change, volunteer work and Jewish peoplehood •Summer camps – Nivheret YP2K graduates who are chosen to A local endeavor with national impact, each P2K partnership represent the Partnership, attend the communities’ summer provides the opportunity for communities to connect and camps as participants and counselors. interpersonal relationships to flourish. Through a shared committee process of the partnered communities, every year • Jewish Lens – values and community through photography – a more than 10,000 volunteers work together to examine issues program dealing with jewish identity, through the photographic and responses, to determine projects and budgets. The principal medium. Works in Pardes Hana, Pinellas County and areas of involvement within the individual partnership regions Jacksoinville. are effecting change in education and fostering economic • Educators Delegations – every year, a group of educators visits development. the Partnership region, conduct educational lessons and form personal and educational connections. One of the most exciting and far-reaching aspects of P2K is the mutuality of impact. Volunteers from abroad that come to Israel to be involved in this process return to strengthen their own communities.
  2. 2. Partnership 2000 Partnership 2000 Partnership 2000 Alona Katzir- Nashville Harish TN Knoxville Regional TN Council Pardes Chattanooga Hana TN Karkur Menashe Regional Hadera Council Jacksonville FL Pinellas FL Fort Myers FL
  3. 3. Culture and the Arts In recent years, Pardes Hanna-Karkur has •The local authority was created in 1969 from the consolidation attracted more than a few artists and of the Pardes Hanna and Karkur authorities. entertainers from Tel Aviv and the Center. Canaanite Blues This wave was led by Hans and Ilan Plada from •There are 31,500 residents of Pardes Hanna-Karkur. / by Ehud Banai Plastic Plus, one of the leaders of the •The land that Karkur sits on was bought by the World Zionist Bohemian Shenkin Street, who were joined by Since you left, the Organization through the Hachsharat Hayishuv Company. darkness here is various artists and entertainers, such as the growing songwriter Shimrit Or, the singer and •The Company created the name Pardes Hanna from Pardes Your light still shines, (Hebrew for orchard) since it was planned that the settlement still glows songwriter Meir Ariel z”l, the singer Avraham would be based on citrus fruits and Hanna after Hanna It’s a few local shows, Tal and various other musicians, artists Rothschild, the daughter of Nathan Meir Rothschild, the uncle You know (and healers). of the famous benefactor Baron Edmond James De Rothschild. The same song of pain, over and over Another informal tradition in Pardes Hanna •In 1935, the Pardes Hanna Agricultural School was established And in a different during the 1990s was called Hashikshuk. On plane in the settlement. It was named after Baron de Rothschild who Around the Shabbat the first Friday of each month, local residents died in that year. The school was established by the Association Table got together for a Bedouin-style market in the of Farmers and was the first agricultural school to include a full Everybody sits academic matriculation program as part of its curriculum. center of Pardes Hanna. Anyone could sell together You and I as well second-hand goods or artistic creations. The •During the British Mandate, Pardes Hanna and Karkur were Worlds of calm bazaar also included food stands, arts and crafts located in the heart of a giant complex of British military camps, Pardes Hannah- Karkur booths for children, workshops and booths for a remnant of which is Mahane 80 (an IDF training camp). A lonely eucalyptus holistic treatments, as well a raised stage on Whistles Canaanite which people could perform. •There are 46 synagogues of various types in Pardes Hanna- Blues Karkur: Sephardic, Ashkenazi, Ethiopian, Iranian, Iraqi and Yemenite.
  4. 4. Main sites in the city: •Hillel-Yaffe Hospital – named after Hillel Yaffe, the doctor who treated malaria patients in Hadera. •Nahal Hadera Park, the Sharon Park and Hadera Forest. •The Orot Rabin power station – the biggest in Israel. •Beit Hankin – Beit Olga and Yehoshua Hankin, who purchased the land for Givat Olga in order to build a resort. ava by a s a mosh •The Han Museum – including a collection ablished h in 1891. was est of items from the early years of the ya •Hadera f the First Ali settlement. so member om •Beit Avshalom Feinberg – in Givat Olga; rived fr ae on the Hade ra is de for alg includes a museum and café. •T he name e Arabic word •The Heftziba Farm – A farm established in a, th Hirkark swamps . 1906 and active until 1926. serves as the su rface of living in Electricity Company’s main information re sidents center and short films are presented there 78,600 are some which tell the story of the site. •There •Hadera Technoda – a space museum that Hadera. a, rom Rig b y olim f includes a planetarium and space ablished d Latvia . era was est uania an observatory. •Had vna in Lit h •The Brandeis Democratic School – the first Viln a and Ko which h as in a Han democratic school in Israel. d irst live ric site •Lev Hadera Mall – located in the heart of ttlers f a histo e area. •The se rved as n t of th Hadera on Rothschild-Hagiborim streets. ese me been pr e settle ating th •Yad Lebanim – located on Rothschild or commem under d ifficult Avenue; includes sculptures, pools, fish, ed tlers liv m bridges and a museum in memory of the the set d suffered fro •A t first, a n attacks local residents who have fallen in Israel’s onditions uffering from swamp c ell as s edouins . wars. mala ria, as w h e local B •A resort of the Association for the Welfare of ks and t from the Tur Soldiers in Givat Olga. Main neighborhoods: Nahliel, Givat Bilu, Beit Eliezer, Heftziba, Neve Haim, Brandeis, Shechunat Ha’Otzar, Nisan, Pe’er and Ganei Alon.
  5. 5. u nity Jewish Comm t numbers abou Pin ellas County mmunity in The Jewish co 25,000. ry. synagogues in the Count Pinellas County has an area of 450 square There are 12 n and afternoo kilometers. em entary school as a Jewish el s synagogues . The County h in the variou schools g St. Petersbur in the city of There are 24 cities located in the Country. There is a Hol ocaust museum in the County . whi ch is located a-Eron ed the Hader The County was established in 1911 and its name is co mmunity join . The Pinellas eated in 2001 00 w hen it was cr derived from the Spanish expression Punta Pinal, Partnership 20 at is s program th the Jewish Len which means "pine point". The commun ity implement s Partnership 20 00. part of of live in the city e community There are 921,000 residents in the Country. embers of th on of most o f the Most of the m also the locati hich is Clearwater, w stitutions. Tourism and Industry community in •Pinellas is considered to be a major tourist center and includes attractions for singles, couples, families and the retired. •The Pinellas economy is based on, among other things, a large number of old age homes dispersed throughout the area. •Most of the Pinellas residents are employed in healthcare, tourism manufacturing and banking. •Pinellas has about 38,000 businesses. •The Scientology movement, which has some celebrity member such as Tom Cruise and John Travolta, located its world headquarters in Clearwater. The headquarters is housed in an impressive building and recently the
  6. 6. Main sites: Alona Park – includes an archeological site from the Roman period and a water channel that one The Regional Council includes three moshavs in can walk in. western Ramat Menashe – Amikam, Aviel and Amikam, Nahal Taninim – A river that flows all Nili. Givat Nili. year round, which starts in Ramat Menashe between Daliya and Ein The Regional Council was established in 1953. Hashofet. There are three moshavs in the Region, which Herut- belong to the Herut-Betar movement. Moshav Aviel – A small, pastoral moshav of the Herut movement, originally called “Yad ha-14”. It is named after Yisrael Epstein, whose Most of the population is involved in agriculture,underground name was “Aviel”. He was an Irgun emissary in Rome who was killed on December 28, 1946 in an attempted escape from an particularly vineyards and deciduous fruit trees. Italian prison. Moshav Avikam – Established in 1950 by immigrants from North The region has 1600 residents. Africa and Jewish refugees who had fled to Manchuria in China after the Bolshevik Revolution. In 1956, the moshav absorbed families from Poland who arrived after the Second World War. Some of the families The area of the region is 32,000 dunam earn their living from agriculture, which includes peaches, plums, nectarines, loquats, etc. The Tali Alona elementary school is located (8000 acres). on the moshav. Moshav Givat Nili – Established in 1953 by immigrants from Iraq, Turkey and Tunisia. It is named after the Nili underground which operated in Israeli in the early 20th century.
  7. 7. ity rs, most Jewish Commun t 14,000 membe abou unity has orhood. in the ish comm Mandarin neighb r Conservative in area Jacksonv ille’s Jew in the es, fou arge st city hom live synagogu hich are s the l of w o Reform gogues, three of w nville i ome to tw na • Jackso ates. n Th e city is h four Orthodox sy ad movement. rvices, Unite d St st regio orth es and e Chab welfare se ry s t Co a synagogu d with th er (JCA), menta in the Fir land in the N m identifie mmu nity cent Jewish ele located Amelia Is tine to Pal ille has a Jewish co ool centers, two •The city is om gus Jacksonv pre-sc h hools. ches fr e and St. Au e center, rnoon sc ogram of whic h stret onvill a Jew ish old a g n e d two aft Tikkun Olam pr h Jack s schools a ed the ville. thr oug out h. kson ville join h began in Knox the S e 13th , Jac ns. C oast in and th istory H Last year ership 2000, whic years ago by India lorida Partn ttled 6000 ci ty in F . e area was first se ea in 1562. largest ed States al finds, th d in the ar ritish and •I t is the it archaeolog ic first arrive ly under B he Un According to rom Europ e alternative larg est in t Explorers f nville, was ding Jackso ontrol. ws and fF lorida, inclu Spanis hc p oint for co The State o ey supply e war v ille was a k m es during th ar, Jackson s several ti Americ an Civil W it ched hand During the The city sw battles. Great Fire e Co nfederacy. ot the site of any wn as The iding th h it was n became kn o eriod of hogs and a even thoug y fire that a. During a p s ravaged b d in Florid wn area wa ve occurre ,000 reside nts In 1901 , the down to is asters to ha and left 10 the worst d ess district d is one of city’s busin industry of 1901 an ef ire destroy ed the eless. an d the film 8 hours, th hom in the city a n locating tudios beg wood. center, in 1 910, s ilent film s l the ri se of Holly nd insurance Starting in unti banking a flourished e became a quarters. eriod, Jacksonvil l d their main head y during th e During the same p ra tions locate yer in the cit rous corpo and emplo hich nume omic force w major econ ases there. vy became a it b uilt three b The US Na 1940s when
  8. 8. Main sites: •Pioneer village at Kibbutz Ein Shemer – composed of a number of original and reconstructed buildings from the early years of the Kibbutz. •Sha’ar Menashe Psychiatric Hospital – the largest •Established in 1950. Established psychiatric institution in Israel. •Area of the region – 160 thousand dunam (40 Area •The Border Guard Museum and Memorial. thousand acres) ranging from the Menashe Forest in •The Givat Haviva Seminary – for the the North to Kibbutz Magal in the South and from the advancement of equality and human dignity. The Green Line in the East to Hadera in the West. Seminary implements activity for the advancement of equality between Jews and Israeli Arabs, as the basis for peace with the Palestinians and the Arab There •There are 13 thousand residents in the region. states. The Seminary provides courses in Holocaust studies and the history of the youth movements •The region has 10 kibbutzim: Barkai, Gan Shmuel, Kfar The Barkai, Shmuel, and carries out educational research and activity Glikson, Glikson, Lahavot Haviva, Magal, Ma'anit, Meitzar, Haviva, Magal, Ma'anit, Meitzar, based on archival material related to kibbutz Mishmarot, Mishmarot, Ein Shemer and Regavim. Regavim. values and social solidarity. •The Alonei Yitzhak Youth Village with 400 Grade 7-12 students from all over the world. •7 moshavim: Gan Hashomron, Kfar Pines, Maor, Mi 7 moshavim: Hashomron, Maor, Eron, Eliezer. Ami, Ein Eron, Sde Yitzhak and Talmei Eliezer. lar, s ecu and s - live •and 3 Arab villages: Meisar, Um el Kutuf and El Arian. and Meisar, us r gio embe ion. reli g bs, hav m he Re tion Ara mos s a and ena duc the •Close to half of the Regional Council’s budget goes to Close Council’ ws tz and the M tto is e epting itful Je bu in o c u education. Emphasis is placed on education to instill kib ether n’s m and ac is of fr ashe g o to Regi ance e bas en les values and on excellence. The region’s school system region’ r eM The s tole orm th e in th t peop le emphasizes the principles of mutual responsibility, a rd hf lif ren idd tow r, whic . Daily t diffe the M e e a in tolerance and preservation of nature. oth istenc roof th even x p , coe ion is gether st. Reg live to Ea •The Menashe Regional Council plenum includes 10 The can women, more than any other regional council in Israel.
  9. 9. The Capital of Country Music Since the 1960s, Nashville has been a major center for performances and the recording of The capital of Tennessee country and Christian music. It is the second largest center for the production of music Located on the Cumberland River in Davidson Country in the (after New York). north-central part of the State. In 2006, the music industry in Nashville had an annual turnover of $6.4 billion and A major center for health services, music, publishing and employed about 19,000 workers. industrial transportation. The population of the 13 counties of Metropolitan Nashville munity numbers about 1,200,000 which makes it the largest metropolitan Jewish Com Central ashville and area, and the fastest growing, in the state. eration of N for all the • Th e Jewish Fed organization e umbrella ed in 1936. Nashville was established by James Robertson and a party of Wataugans in 1779. It was original called Fort Nashborough after Tennessee – th unity; creat ewish comm bers around Francis Nash, a hero of the American Revolution. org anizati ons in the J ashville num unity in N •The Jewish comm 7800. Nashville is home to more than 250 health care companies, and Chabad tive, Reform including, among others, the Hospital Corporation of America, x, Conserva which is the largest private operator of hospitals in the world. •There a re Orthodo Nashville. nagogues in ity center sy s had a Jew ish commun The automotive industry in central Tennessee is also growing in •The co mmunity ha importance. since 1902. called the Je wish school The other major industries in the Nashville area include: insurance, The community h as a central 1954. operating in • which began roviding finance and publishing (primarily religious publications). The town A kiva School, Communit y has been p is also the location of the operational headquarters of a number of ervice to the r 150 years. Protestant denominations: the United Methodist Church, the South •Jewish S the c ommunity fo med Get al services to program na Baptist Convention and the National Baptist Convention, USA. soci th-exchange erates a you 2000 • Nashville op throug h Parntership Nashville is gradually becoming a major filmmaking center. A Connected number of popular films have been made in Nashville, including The Green Mile.
  10. 10. •The country seat and commercial center of Lee Country in Florida. ties harlo tte coun •The city has 69,000 residents. Com munity in L ee and C out 5,000. Jewish h community numbe r ab is ers) The Jew clude Fort My in •Established in 1886. (which gues. as 11 synago ngs m unity h h year and bri •Thomas Edison, the inventor of the light The com fair eac ings. book bulb, and Henry ford, the founder of the ity holds a s and m eet mun cture The com authors for le aeli Ford automobile company, located their us ewish and Isr winter homes in the city, which are now in vario olds a J nity h popular tourist sites. r, the commu E ach yea l. nual Isr ael tiva he a n film fes ents is t includes •In 2004 and 2005, the city was hard-hit by nity ev ain commu in March, and tion of Israeli hurricanes which caused extensive damage. One of the m takes place exhibi l, whic h vities and an Festiva aeli food, acti Isr •The Boston Red Sox and Minnesota Twins shows, ts. baseball teams train here during the spring. produc Main Attractions Hammond Stadium – in which Major League baseball teams practice. Winter homes of Thomas Edison and Henry Ford. About 50 private and public golf courses that attract many tourists and tourists vacationers. Calusa Nature Center and Planetarium – an environmental education organization. Downtown and waterfront areas.
  11. 11. Jewish Community The Jewish community in Chattanooga numbers around 1300. General Information Chattanooga has a Jewish elementary Sunday Chattanooga is the fourth largest city in the state school. In addition, there is a Jewish high-school of Tennessee. level Sunday school, with classes and social activities for youth. The youth also serve as The city is located in southern Tennessee counselors for the elementary school. between the Chickamauga and Nikajik rivers, both of which are part of the Tennessee River. The Chattanooga community offers an adult education program which includes lectures by rabbis The city is nicknamed: The Scenic City and leaders of the Jewish community. Chattanooga's first residents were Indians. There are three synagogues: Orthodox, Conservative and Reform. The Chattanooga economy is based on manufacturing and service industries. The Chattanooga community has had an ongoing relationship with the Alonim School in Pardes Hanna There are a total of about 170,000 residents. for a number of years. Pupils and teachers in the Attractions two communities exchange letters and photographs Tennessee Aquarium – Largest fresh-water aquarium in the and maintain ongoing contact. world. Includes over 12,000 animals Caves Attractions along the shores of the Tennessee River. Chattanooga Choo-Choo Holiday Inn Hotel – Located in a renovated train station and contains the largest model train in the US. The Creative Discovery Museum - Children's museum for science, art and music. Hunter Museum for American Art. Tennessee Boardwalk – about 20 kilometers long. Chattanooga Zoo. Numerous parks and nature preserves.
  12. 12. There are three settlements in the region: Harish – The settlement was first established in the 80s as a Nahal military outpost and in 1982 it was decided to The region is located in settle civilians there and to transform it into a kibbutz. In 1993, the kibbutz was abandoned and northwestern Samaria, near the has not been populated since, apart from a Border Eiron River and the Guard unit that is stationed there. A settlement called Harish, with 300 housing units, was Eiron Interchange. established on the abandoned land of the kibbutz. In 2003, an organized group of about 50 religious families moved into the settlement. The area of the region is about Katzir – 9000 dunam (2500 acres). a settlement consisting of two neighborhoods located on two separate hills in the Har Amir Ridge, about 400 meters above sea level. The neighborhood on The region has 4000 residents. the western hill was established in May 1982 as a communal settlement on land owned by the Jewish Agency. The second neighborhood was created in 1990 on a hill to the southeast of the first one in order to provide housing for immigrants from the Former Soviet Union who were arriving during the 90s. Most of the residents on this hill are new immigrants. In the future, an additional Mitzpe Ilan – neighborhood is planned on the east hill. In June 2002, a Nahal military outpost was established between Katzir and Harish and was manned by groups from the Scout movement. In April 2005, about 40 families were settled there by the Or Mesimot movement, with the goal of transforming it into a civilian settlement. The settlers named it “Mitzpe Ilan” after the first Israeli astronaut Ilan Ramon.
  13. 13. oThe third largest city in the state of Tennessee. unity noxville oOf the four largest cities in Tennessee, Knoxville is the oldest. It served as the state's capital from its founding in 1796 until 1815. m h Com ity in K Jewis mmun . t 1800 al Jewish oOne of the city's nicknames is The Marble City since it served as a h co u Jewis bers abo a centr distribution center for marble at the beginning of the 20th century. T he num r, a s l cente for nity h pre-schoo rvices oThe city is named after Henry Knox, the first Secretary of War. u comm hool, a elfare se The ary sc oKnoxville is home to the main campus of Tennessee University w ts and ilies. which is known for its football and women's basketball teams. ent the e lem ovemen m ti ated s oThe Women's Basketball Hall of Fame was opened in Knoxville in m Jew mmish fa unity ini rates a 1999. youth pe ill e co h ich o rt of the oIn 2005, the city had a population of more than 180,000 – 79.7% noxv rogram w . As pa white, 16.2% African-American, 1.45% Asian and 0.31% native The K lam p ip 2000 v e isit th of Indian. un O rtnersh legations tours Tik f Pa de oy r oKnoxville's economy is largely dependent on four large employers p a rt o m, youth n and enj voluntee a io in progr -Eron reg rticipate wards, a in the city: the University of Tennessee, the Oak Ridge National Laboratories, the National Transportation Research Center and a r the Tennessee Valley Authority. Due to its location on major H adera try and p ion. Afte travel to transportation routes, numerous distribution centers and n eg warehouses of major corporations are located in the city and on its th e cou y in the r aeli youth tivities. t r c outskirts. activi tion of Is lunteer a a o deleg ville for v Knox