The world is flat


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The world is flat

  1. 1. THE WORLD İS FLAT IN-FORMING (Google,Yahoo!,Msn Web Search)
  2. 2. Flattener 9 • What is in-forming ? In-forming is the individual’s personal analog to uploading, outsourcing, insourcing, supply-chaining and offshoring. In-forming is the ability to build and deploy your own personal supply chain. Informing is about self-collaboration.Informing is searching for knowledge.
  3. 3. • Where did the word Google come from ? Google history carried on its home page notes that the name ‘’Google’’ is a play on the word ‘’googol’’ , which is the number represented by the numeral 1 followed by 100 zeros.
  4. 4. • According to Google cofounder Sergey Brin, what is Google a flattener ? ‘’If someone has broadband, dial-up, or access to on internet cafe, whether a kid in Cambodia, the university professor or me who runs this search engine, all have the some basic access to overall research information that anyone has. It is a total equalizer. ‘’
  5. 5. • Why is google perceived as ‘’better’’ , eventhough it entered the market later than other search engines? The fact that one search engine was just a little better than the others led a tidal wave of people to switch to it.Google now employes scores of mathematicians working on its search algorithms, in an effort to always keep them one step more relevant than than the competition.
  6. 6. Why is Google a hugely profitable business? • Google not just a search engine but a hugely protifable business was its founders’ realization that they could build a targeted advertising model that would show you ads that are relevant to you when you searched for a specific topic and then could charge advertisers for the number of times Google users clicked on their ads.Google knows exactly what you are interested and began a personal service.
  7. 7. • How is the advertising industry changing ? The reality for the advertising industry is that the old model is broken. Advertising companies have been transformed because they are now media companies.On the other hand , the web sites are growing in the self-services area.
  8. 8. • What is ‘’Yahoo! Groups’’ and how does it work ? The internet is growing in the Yahoo ! Groups. It provides a forum, a platform, a set of tools for people to have private, semiprivate, or public gatherings on the internet regardless of geography or time. It enables consumers to gather around topics that are meaningful to them in ways that are either impractical or strangers who are galvanized by a common issue or who seek others who share similar interests.
  9. 9. • Why and how are today’s consumers more efficient ? Today’s consumers are much moe efficient.They can find information products,services,faster than through traditional means.They are better informed about issues related to work,health,leisure,etc. Small towns are no longer disadvantaged relative to those with better access to information and people have the ability to be better connected to things that interest them,to quickly and easily become experts in given subjects and to connect with others who share their interests.
  10. 10. • Why does Friedman say that the power to inform yourself is both enormously flattening and enormously frightening ? When individuals are empowered to inform themselves in all those new ways,it is enormously flattening – but also enormously frightening.Why ? Because people will be able to drill down for information.
  11. 11. Edited By • NAZ ATEŞ & FERAY HİLAL ŞAHİN