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Hi-Jato is proud to offer global manufacturing service since 1992, and we are one of the leading manufacturers of quality steel posts, barbed wire in North China, as well as a professional custom steel fabricator serving but not limited to Rural fence, Agriculture & Horticulture, Erosion Control and Construction…

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Hi-Jato Catalog 2010-2012

  1. 1. CATALOG (2010-2012) On-Time On-Budget On-Spec.H ighly-efficient | I ntegrated Approach | J ust-in-time Delivery | A ttractive Price | T ailored-to-the Needs | O f Trust in Hearts Global Manufacturing Service Since 1992 HI- JATO International Inc.
  2. 2. We supply Posts-Smith B OB Zn TEK Cor ros ion Res ist anc e Coat ing So lut ion Our extensive range of products fit into the major categories of: Agricultural and Fencing Viticulture and Trellising Erosion Control and Construction Home and Gardening
  3. 3. Core Competences✔ N early 20 years of production experience and global supplies;✔ S tate-of-art hot rolled steel posts production line with huge monthly capacity and superior quality;✔ N ational steel expert engineered custom steel fabricator center;✔ W hole process quality control by QC center;✔ V alue-added production development service and volume reward;✔ C ost effective ... Quality first Not letting people down! It is our way from any starts! ---Q.C.C. There is a stor y we would keep in mind forever: One of our US customers called us when they received our first containers of T-Posts... ” The smiles on the faces of the company staff could fit in one full container... we are so happy!!” We would keep this in mind to encourage us striving for continuous quality improvement all along. We often joke with our quality manager Bob, saying” Quality is your life” , he agrees... Of course all of our fleet understand quality is the life of a good long run business... for us, and for our customers... We have a whole set of production and quality control system built up on global industr y standards, customized specifications, as well as our Internal QC standards. Regardless what sizes of the orders, we shall have whole process quality monitoring and controlling from the start of raw materials source to the last step of container loading... U ncompro m i s ed q u a l i t y exce ed i n g yo u r ex p ec t i o n
  4. 4. Custom steel fabrication Mold Extension Expert Engineered Liecensed Welders Professional Approach Custom FabricatedYour s o urce for cu stom metal fabrica t i o n We have an experienced production team leaded by national expert to help design and manufacture customized steel and wire products for your specified needs... We welcome the opportunity to work with your company to supply the custom metal products you need and contribute to the success of your business. From beginning to end, customer satisfaction is our top priority. Vineyard and Orchard Trellis-Multi-bay High Tunnels-Growing System-Rural Fence-
  5. 5. Hot rolled steel posts 20 years of production experience State-of-the-art production faculities Huge monthly capacity Posts-Smith Extreme high tensile strengthTh e large s t m e t a l p o sts manufacturer in C h i n aThe largest manufacture of hot rolled steel stakes in China with 3 production lines designedfor monthly output of 300-350 containers.We carr y out even all types of steel posts (stakes) ser ving farm or ranch fence, vineyard andorchard trellis, erosion control as well as construction site fence such as:1) Steel Y-Posts for Australian and New Zealand market;2) Steel Stud T-Post for American market;3) Waved Edge Y-Posts for Mid-east markets;4) Canadian T-Posts5) Professional /DIY steel posts for European marketsYou may notice the green “TOUGH” in the mark for our steel stakes ,as we understand both areimportant to have high quality stakes for our valued customers and a green earth leaving toour next generations...With our year ’s efforts , we have now built up a state-of-the-art low-carbon new hot rollingproduction line designed for at least 200 containers production capacity ever y month...We invested a lot for environment protection, working conditions, energy saving, as well asquality improvement and production capacity...We are sure it would be the point to valueour efforts high quality tough stakes for our customers and environment-friendly conditionsfor our workers and our kids... Testing on tensile strength
  6. 6. State-of-the-art production facilities and huge monthly capacity Posts-Smith Rural Fence Posts-Grape Stakes-Erosion Control Fence-Construction Fence High Tensile; Tough Support!
  7. 7. TechnologyHigh per formance anti-corrosionsteel coating solution...Ideal for sectional coatings foranti-corrosion on easy-rust partsor rust-prevention for welds... Zn TEK Cor ro si on Res is ta nce Solu ti on to Ste el s fo r Agri cul tu ra l Appli cat io ns Zn- Tek Effective Price; Efficient Performance; Environmental Processing! Exposed Boot Zn-tek Soil or Mulch Line Embedment Depth
  8. 8. Line Card1.Hot Rolled Steel Posts 1.1 Stud T-Posts 1.2 “Y” Shaped Steel Posts 1.3 Plain T and L Posts for professional and DIY applications 1.4 Waved Edge “Y” Shaped Steel Posts2.Custom Steel Fabrications 2.1 Vineyard and Orchard Trellising Components Grape stakes( Line posts and end posts) *Stud T-Posts *Roll forming stakes( U channel posts, W posts, V posts) Crossarms( Stud T-Post Gable) *Roll forming Line angle and End angle *Roll forming horizontal crossarm Accessaries and hardwares 2.2 Growing Systems and Plant Support Components Multi-Bay High tunnel( Spanish tunnel) *Tunnel legs *Hoop Tubing Table-top Growing Systems *Truss support Plant Supports Garden Fence Multi-purpose Carts3.Wire Fence 3.1 Smooth Wire *Trellis Wire *Fence Wire *Tie Wire 3.2 Barbed Wire *Standard low-carbon barbed wire *High tensile, heavy duty galvanized 4 points reversed twist premium barbed wire *Barbless Wire 3.3 Hinge Joint Field Fence 3.4 Much More...4.Accessaries and Hardwares 4.1 Earth Anchors 4.2 Electronic Fence Stakes 4.3 Much More...Note: We just list out typical, should you have any other products which you could not find in our catalog,please contact us at info@hi-jato.com Thanks!
  9. 9. HOT ROLLED STEEL POSTS ✔ Hi-Tensile ✔ Competitive PricePosts-Smith ✔ Huge Monthly CapacityStud T-Post ✔ State-of-the-art Production FaculitiesAvailable materials:1) Recycled Steels2) New Billets3) Railway SteelsAvailable Weight:1) Ultra Light :0.85lbs/ft(Nominal)2) Light :0.95lbs/ft(Nominal)3) Medium :1.25lbs/ft(Nominal)4) Heavy :1.33lbs/ft(Nominal)Available Length: Specifications Package4; 5,5.5; 6;6.5;7; 8; 9 Length Unit Weight by Styles Pcs/pallet Ultra Lite Lite Medium HeavyAvailable Coatings: 4ft 0.85lbs/ft 0.95lbs/ft 1.25lbs/ft 1.33lbs/ft 400/200 5ft 0.85lbs/ft 0.95lbs/ft 1.25lbs/ft 1.33lbs/ft 400/2001) Bare Steel 5.5ft 0.85lbs/ft 0.95lbs/ft 1.25lbs/ft 1.33lbs/ft 400/2002) Green Paint with White top3) Hot Dipped Galvanized 6ft 0.85lbs/ft 0.95lbs/ft 1.25lbs/ft 1.33lbs/ft 400/200 6.5ft 0.85lbs/ft 0.95lbs/ft 1.25lbs/ft 1.33lbs/ft 400/200Anchor Plates: 7ft 0.85lbs/ft 0.95lbs/ft 1.25lbs/ft 1.33lbs/ft 400/200 7.5ft 0.85lbs/ft 0.95lbs/ft 1.25lbs/ft 1.33lbs/ft 400/2001) 2 stud anchor plate 8ft 0.85lbs/ft 0.95lbs/ft 1.25lbs/ft 1.33lbs/ft 400/2002) 3 stud anchor plate 8.5ft 0.85lbs/ft 0.95lbs/ft 1.25lbs/ft 1.33lbs/ft 400/200* Posts are available without plates at customers request. 9ft 0.85lbs/ft 0.95lbs/ft 1.25lbs/ft 1.33lbs/ft 400/200* Contact us for availability of any other weight, Length, or any other coatings. Stud T Posts
  10. 10. Available materials: 1) Recycled Steels 2) New Billets 3) Railway Steels Available Weight: 1) Ultra Light :1.58kgs/m (Nominal) 2) Medium :1.90kgs/m (Nominal) 3) Heavy :2.04kgs/m (Nominal)Posts-Smith Available Length:“Y” shaped Post 30cm,45cm,60cm, 90cm,135cm, 150cm,165cm 180cm,210cm,240cm Available Coatings: 1) Black Bitumen Dipped 2) Yellow Painted 3) Hot Dipped Galvanized Hole Punching Specifications: 1) Australian Standard 2) New Zealand Standard * Contact us for availability of any other weight, Length, or any other coatings. Y-Posts Specifications Package Length Unit Weight by Styles Pcs/pallet 30cm 1.58kg/m 1.90kg/m 2.04kg/m 400 45cm 1.58kg/m 1.90kg/m 2.04kg/m 400 60cm 1.58kg/m 1.90kg/m 2.04kg/m 400 90cm 1.58kg/m 1.90kg/m 2.04kg/m 400 135cm 1.58kg/m 1.90kg/m 2.04kg/m 400 150cm 1.58kg/m 1.90kg/m 2.04kg/m 400 165cm 1.58kg/m 1.90kg/m 2.04kg/m 400 180cm 1.58kg/m 1.90kg/m 2.04kg/m 400 210cm 1.58kg/m 1.90kg/m 2.04kg/m 400 240cm 1.58kg/m 1.90kg/m 2.04kg/m 200
  11. 11. Size(MM) KG/M Available materials:L 25 X 25 X 2.5 0.93 0.75L 25 X 25 X 2.5 0.93 1 1) Recycled Steels 2) New BilletsL 25 X 25 X 2.5 1 1.2 3) Railway SteelsL 25 X 25 X 2.5 1 1.5 Available Weight:L 25 X 25 X 2.5 1 1.75L 25 X 25 X 2.5 1 2 1) Ultra Light :1.58kgs/m (Nominal)L 25 X 25 X 2.5 0.93 2.25 2) Medium :1.90kgs/m (Nominal) 3) Heavy :2.04kgs/m (Nominal)L 25 X 25 X 2.5 0.93 2.5 Available Length: Posts-Smith L 25 X 25 X 3 1 1/9 1.2 L 25 X 25 X 3 1.11 1.5 30cm,45cm,60cm, 90cm,135cm,150cm,165cm 180cm,210cm,240cm “T” and “L” Post L 25 X 25 X 3 1.11 2 T 30 x 30 x 3 1 1/3 0.75 Available Coatings: T 30 x 30 x 3 1.33 1 1) Black Bitumen Dipped T 30 x 30 x 3 1.33 1.2 2) Yellow Painted T 30 x 30 x 3 1 1/3 1.45 3) Hot Dipped Galvanized T 30 x 30 x 3 1 1/3 1.75 T 30 x 30 x 3 1.33 2 Hole Punching Specifications: T 30 x 30 x 3 1.33 2.25 1) Australian Standard T 30 x 30 x 3 1 1/3 2.5 2) New Zealand Standard * Contact us for availability of any other weight, Length, or anyT 30 x 30 x 3.5 1.55 1.25 other coatings.T 30 x 30 x 3.5 1.55 1.5T 30 x 30 x 3.5 1 5/9 1.75 T 35 x 35 x 4 2.07 2 T 35 x 35 x 4 2.07 2.25 T 35 x 35 x 4 2 2.5 T and L Posts
  12. 12. Available Coatings: 1) Black Bitumen Dipped 2) Green Painted 3) Hot Dipped GalvanizedPosts-Smith Hole Punching Specifications: CustomizedWaved edge “Y” Post * Contact us for availability of any other weight, Length, or any other coatingsAvailable materials:1) Recycled Steels2) New Billets3) Railway SteelsAvailable Weight:2.0kgs/m (Nominal)Available Length:30cm,45cm,60cm, 90cm,135cm,150cm,165cm180cm,210cm,240cm Waved Edge Y Post
  13. 13. CUSTOM STEEL FABRICATIONYo u r s ource f o r p rec i s e c u s t o m m e t a l fa b ri c a t i o n By virtue of our expertise in steel production and mouds extension, we are able to carry out custom fabricated components or kits to meet your job requirements precisely... We are equiped to do custom fabrication in cabon steel and stainless steel alloys,and the staff includes national certified professional engineers and mold extension expert,quality assurance inspector and CWA ( CHINA WELDING ASSOCIATION) registered welder. We are experienced in the following lists, but we are eager for your custom project, and we believe you would be impressed by our professional approach to any of your inquiries and needs,we promise we would deliver your needs on time and on budget! Vineyard and orchard trellis materials ; Diversified components for commercial agricultural growing system; Multi-bay high tunnel structures, Plant supports; Multi-purpose Carts Fencing materials Contact us to tailor steels and wires to your custom specifications info@hi-jato.com info@hi-indsupplies.com
  14. 14. Vineyard and OrchardTrellis In vineyard and orchards, fruits cannot be grown satisfactorily without some form of support. There are multiple reasons for training vines onto a trellis, including maximizing light interception, reducing labor cost, avoiding delayed bearing, minimizing disease pressure and developing a strong, straight trunk, making it essential to have suitable methods and materials for the trellis system. Here below are some parts we can make for your choices, or if you are interested, please contact us discussing with us further our capabilities and your needs, we are eager to help you.
  15. 15. Trellis Crossarms For most typical designs of vineyard trellis systems,crossarms unit is an important consideration in the planning,which works as wire and vine support for easy vineyard management and increasing grape yield. Our knowledge on mouding and tooling ensure all fabrications are pre-patterned and it comes out all kits would be easily assembled in field without any trouble for sure. Types of materials are available for your options to your specified needs,we welcome any of your inquires, and we are getting ready for any of your custom fabrication. Roll Forming Angles Stud T-Post Gable
  16. 16. Trellis Stakes Line posts and End postsWe produce different steel stakes to meet the trellis applications of line posts and end postsfor various trellis systems, stakes are custom fabricated by roll forming or hot rolling. Contact us for fabrication of trellising accessaries or tools Reference to see our hardware sector in the last pages of this flyer.
  17. 17. Multi-purpose stakesRoll Forming “W” Posts or “V” PostsPosts are rolled forming to custom specifications inculding shapes,weight ranges, length ranges,and holes punching.Contact us with your production drawings, we would approachyour needs. U channel posts-roll forming Weight available 2.0lbs/ft Length available upon specified needs Posts could be bare steel or paint /Hot dipped galvanized or PVC coated Spade available upon request. 3/8” holes punched 1” apart or made to custom specifications “U” type posts- roll forming U-channel construction for maximum strength Ideal for lightweight, temporar y fencing around trees, bushes, flowers and gardens Powder coated finish-green color Posts could be produced for light or heavy duty with different gauges
  18. 18. Growing tunnels Growing System Plant Support Gardening We carr y components and accessaries for agricultural growing tunnels and greenhouses with tailor-made solutions to catch up industr y standards, and for various commerical growing needs. Here we highlight part of our range to show you our current production invloved for your evaluation on our processing capability and production capacity. We welcome any types of your customized designs, we would get back to you with our professional approaches.Multi-bay Spanish High Tunnel Components Spanish Tunnels, also known as high tunnels or hoop houses, can effectively be described as inexpensive "large walk-in plastic tunnels". Spanish tunnels consist of a light yet strong web of legs, hoops, strut-ends, wire, rope, plastic film, clips and clamps. The legs , also named as “ hoop house platforms” , are made of steel tubes with lengths depending on specified need of hoop house height, e.g. walk-in comfortably and to grow tall, trellised crops Legs have helix anchors at their bases for screwing into the ground... To minimize the usage of tubings, most multi-bay high tunnels are designed with a U-shaped Top or Y-shaped top for inserting the hoop tubes, and the top could be attached with or without rope ties depending on the hoop house designs. To ensure a life-long usage, we provide value-added production development ser vice of Zn-tek coating to protect all weld from easy rusting, pictogram of our Zn-tek as per CORE COMPETENCE sector.
  19. 19. Growing systems and plant supports We wo rk t o s u p p o rt t h e g row i ng! th e pla n t s , a n d yo u r b u s i n e ss... Looking forward to fabricate what you need for: Components or kits of commerical growing system Plant supports Gardening Green House Shade House ....
  20. 20. Wire Fence A comprehensive range of galvanized or black steel wires are available to suit the needs of Fencing Construction Agricultural/Trellising/Gardening Tying/Packing FabricationSmooth Wire for fenci ng or trelli singSmooth wire range includes High tensile,Medium tensile and Soft tensile. Whetheryou want to install an electric fence orneed a strong smooth wire for fencingor braces, or vineyard and orchard trellis, We would be able to ser ve you with ourqualified wires which are manufacturedto specification.Contact us with your technical specifications, we would makeit to meet the features.Wires could be packed into big coil of Max 800kg each orhandy coils or reel rolled. Wire Dia Break Strength(lbs) Tensile Strength (Gauge) (Inches) Soft High Tensile Soft High Tensile 9 0.148 860 2925 70000 170000 10 0.135 787 2433 70000 170000 11 0.121 690 1935 70000 170000 12 0.106 529 1500 70000 170000 12.5 0.099 462 1309 70000 170000 13 0.092 399 1130 70000 170000 14 0.08 352 903 70000 170000 Tie WireRange of galvanized or black steel tie wires are availableupon request to suit your needs of tying barbed wire, wirenetting, chain wire, hinged joint etc to strainer wire, trelliswire or garden wire. Wire materials for straight cut wire canbe bright iron wire, annealed wire,electric galvanized wire,PVC coated iron wire or painted iron wire.
  21. 21. P roduced for its reputationB OB
  22. 22. B OB Premium Barbed WireBest Barbed Wire Made in China Contact for much more varieties or any other of your custom barbed wire production!
  23. 23. Production Capability- An extremely versatile production capacility to meet various custom orders or regional industr y standards-Choose from Standard tensile strength steel or high tensile steel for different applications-Choose from Standard galvanized coating or heavy duty endure time and weather.-Available in roll lengths and package of custom designs upon request-Options of diameters on line wire and barb wireStandard Sized and ConstructionsPart No# Size, Steel Nominal Diameter of Diameters of Barbs Number of Spacing of Barbs Wire Gage Coated Wire,in(cm) Steel Wire Gage Barb Points in.(mm)US125-14-4-5 12 1/2 0.099(2.51) 14(2.03) 4-point 5(127)US125-125-2-4 12 1/2 0.099(2.51) 12 1/2(2.51) 2-point 4(102)US125-14-4-5 12 1/2 0.099(2.51) 14(2.03) 4-point 5(127)US155-14-2-5 15 1/2 0.067(1.70) 14(2.03) 2-point 5(127)US155-165-4-5 15 1/2 0.067(1.70) 16.5(1.47) 4-point 5(127)EU2-189-4-100 2.0mm 1.89mm 4-point 100mmEU16-145-4-100 1.60mm 1.45mm 4-point 100mmEU25-2-4-100 2.50mm 2.0mm 4-point 100mmAU18-14-4-100 2.0mm 1.40mm 4-point 100mmAU157-14-4-100 1.57mm 1.40mm 4-point 100mmTypes of Roll Packing
  24. 24. Hinge Joint Field FenceHinge Joint Field Fence are designed specifically for wildlife protection. it is a kindof woven mesh fencing which is produced with high tensile strength hot-dippedgalvanized steel wire. The weaving process makes the fabrics more flexible anduniversally without per forating or expanding operations. It can be easily fabricatedinto different shapes and designs, the opening can be square ,rectangular or spacing.Field Fence is effectiveness as a visual barrier for the animals, at the same time, itstoughness and flexibility against animals fierce crashing, it is an ideal fencing materialfor grasslands husbandr y and stock farm. 9”(228.90mm) 45”(1143.00mm) 8”(203.50mm) 49”(1244.60mm) 52.5”(1333.50mm) 7”(178.10mm) 56”(1422.40mm) 47”(1193.80mm) 6”(152.70mm) 39”(990.60mm) 32”(81.80mm) 5.5”(140.00mm) 5”(127.00mm) 4.5”(114.00mm) 4”(101.00mm) 3.5”(89.00mm) 3.5”(89.00mm)
  25. 25. Much more...Multi-purpose welded wire meshWe supply types of welded wire mesh to meet a widerange of applications such asfence guard;animals enclosure;agricultural;gardeninghorticultureconstructionetc...For different applications, it comes out producinginto mesh panel or rolled in custom length...Pre-fabricated mesh infilled panel for temporar yfence is also available.Note: Mesh galvanizing could before welding orafter welding upon request.Poultry Netting-Hexagonal design for superior strength-Reinforced lines equally spaced across netting-Made per fectly straight and flat-Ideal for poultr y cages or enclosures, garden fencing, insulation retainers, storage bins,decorative supports and stone wrappingSend us an email at info@hi-jato.com for your custommesh or netting production...Rural Steel GatesWe carr y any gates made of pipe or mesh ,Should you have any needs of steel gates, Please contactus without hestitation Mesh infill gate Mesh N stay gate Pipe gate
  26. 26. MiscellaneousIn-l ine wire st raine rHay- st yl e wire st raine rCrimp sl eeveWire tensi one rWire vi seWire dropperWire clampsRow Num bersSo d st aple and drip irrigation tub ing st apleSod staple also named as Ground Staple, are generallyused to secure and anchor landscape fabric,dripirrigation tubing and ground coverings.Lengths and widthcould be made to customized specifications.Hog ring st aple and muc h more...Hog rings could be used in countless applications such as nurser y,cages fencing, erosion control...Other types of staples and pins could be made upon special orders.
  27. 27. Earth AnchorEarth anchors are needed to hold down your trellis end posts. Helix/in Length/ft   Dia/in  Wt/ea    Pieces/bdl 4 2.5 0.625 3.2 200 6 3 0.75 5.5 200 8 3 0.75 6.25 200 6 4 0.75 8.1 200 8 4 0.75 9 200For production of any other types of earth anchors,just send us email at info@hi-jato.com ...thanks.Rebar electric fence postsStablizing spade is welded to aid installation, and postsare painted into orange or iron red.Standard size is 3/8”x48”Pigtail fence postsDesigned and produced for electro fencing.Materials :High tensile steel,white plastic insulatorPackaging:50 each per carton,in bundles of 10 cartonsto be put on pallets.
  28. 28. Contact us info@hi-jato.com production@hi-indsupplies.comThe Office:TIANJIN HI-JATO INTERNATIONAL INC.RM 1103-1105,11st Floor Dingtai Blvd,No. 18 Jintang Rd,Hedong Dist.,Tianjin 300171 P.R.C.Email:info@hi-jato.comWebsite:http://www.hi-indsupplies.comThe Factories:Xuzhuangzi Dagang Dist. , TIANJINWuben Daodi Dongli Dist., TIANJIN