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Democracy poem


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Democracy By Langston Hughes

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Democracy poem

  1. 1. Democracy - Langston Hughes
  2. 2. • Democracy will not come….. ………. Today, this year Nor ever.
  3. 3. Through Compromise and FEAR
  4. 4. I have as much rightAs the other fellow hasTo standOn my two feetAnd own the land.
  5. 5. I tire so of hearing people say, Let things take their course. Tomorrow is another day.
  6. 6. when I’m dead.
  7. 7. I cannot live on tomorrows bread.
  8. 8. Freedom Is a strong seed.
  9. 9. Planted,In a great need.
  10. 10. I live here, too. I want freedomJust as you.