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Oral systemic connection


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  • It is truly amazing how dental hygiene or oral care has a direct connection with some diseases. It is worth looking for and practitioners of both the medical and dental fields should look more closely between the oral-systemic connection. Source:
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Oral systemic connection

  1. 1. New Paradigm in Dentistry Presented by Dr. Hye Park
  2. 2. 1725 Duke st, Suite Gr 03 Alexandria, Va 22314 www. (O) 703549-1725
  3. 3. New Paradigm in Dentistry Old Paradigm  Treat tooth  Dx of disease via clinical signs and symptoms  Non- ecofriendly environment New Paradigm  Treat whole body  Dx of disease via genetic make up  Eco-Friendly environment
  4. 4. Outline  Two Most Prevalent Oral Diseases 1. Tooth Decay 2. Periodontal Disease  Systemic Link of Periodontal Disease  Risk Factors  Prevention  Green Dentistry – Environmentally Sound Wellness approach  Green Dental of Alexandria Services Office Tour
  5. 5. Tooth Decay  Transmissible bacterial infection of the teeth that leads to net mineral loss in the teeth  Teeth constantly go thru deminieralization and remineralization.
  6. 6. Appearance of Tooth Decay
  7. 7. Risk Factors  Current decay condition  Current bacterial challenge  Decay history  Dietary habits  Saliva flow  Medical conditions  Presence of oral appliances or braces  Oral hygiene habits  Crooked teeth
  8. 8. Prevention  Remove plaque - brushing, flossing, regular professional teeth cleaning  Reduce consumption of sweets, carbohydrates, and acid  Strengthen enamel - Floride toothpaste, Calcium & Phosphate gel  Stimulate Saliva – xylitol chewing gum, drink enough water
  9. 9. Early Detection • Diagnodent (laser decay detecting device) • Routine Oral Evaluation
  10. 10. Gum Disease  Bacterial infection of the tissue surrounding the teeth
  11. 11. Periodontal Disease (Gum Disease) Gingivitis Inflammation of gum tissue. Reversible Periodontitis Inflammatory disease causing bone loss Irreversible
  12. 12. Incidence of PD (Data reported by CDC) 50% Americans >30 y.o have PD 70% Americans > 65 y.o have PD PD is one of the most prevalent chronic diseases, similar to CVD and Diabetes.
  13. 13. Bacteria travels throughout the body  Periodontal disease can trigger High BP Sugar Level in Type II diabetes Cardiovascular disease
  14. 14. Oral Systemic Connection of PD
  15. 15. Periodontal Disease and CVD Mortality in Type 2 Diabetes  Examined effect of PD on overall and CVD mortality in Pima Indians with type 2 diabetes  628 subjects in a prospective study ; medial follow up of 11 yrs  204 subjects died  Cardio-renal mortaility: no or mild PD – zero deaths severe PD – 3.2 times risk Saremi, MD, et al., American Diabetes Association, Diabetes Care, 2005; 1-9
  16. 16. Signs and Symptoms of PD  Bleeding gums  Sore or swollen gums  Loose teeth  Bad Breath  Gum Recession  Pus around the teeth  Pain on chewing  Recent bite change  Spaces between teeth  Food accumulation in gums
  17. 17. Risk Factors of PD  Poor oral hygiene  Smoking  Family history of Periodontal disease  Ill fitting fillings, crooked teeth, food impaction areas  Medications  Other systemic disease
  18. 18. Oral DNA Lab  PD is complex genetic disease. It is determined by both genetic make up and the environmental influences of the affected individual.  Sample of saliva in affected area is analyzed for specific pathogen bacteria and genetic make up.  Helps diagnose of the disease, determine appropriate treatment and evaluate and monitor the result.
  19. 19. Green Dentistry  High Tech, Digital  Reduces Waste and Pollution  Infection control, sterilization  Saves energy, water and money
  20. 20. Dentistry’s 4 Big Wastes  Conventional x-ray Systems * 28 million liters of toxic x-ray fixer * 4.8 million lead foils  Amalgam Waste * 3.7 tons according to EPA  Infection Control & Sterilization * 680 million infection control barriers * 1.7 billion instrument & sterilization pouches  Dental Vacuum Systems * 9 billion gallons of water
  21. 21. High Tech  Digital x-rays  Intraoral Camera  Paperless charting  Laser caries detection  Soft tissue laser
  22. 22. Reduce Waste and Pollution  Digital x-ray This eliminates all disposable products such as film, chemistry and silver collections. In addition the benefits of this technology allows the dental office to see better image clarity and detect issues in a manner far superior to original film processing machines.  Amalgam Separator collect any amalgam that might have been collected throughout the vacuum lines & keep it from entering the sewer lines. The separator has a collection canister that when full is picked up and disposed of by the company’s waste service to be properly disposed of in a safe environment.  Mercury Free restoration  Oiless compressor provides clean air without any residual oil  Water Purification being used to create in office sterile water to be used for the office sterilizer & bottle water systems. This enables the existing water to be directed into the system and create sterile water utilizing the facilities existing water
  23. 23. Saves Energy, Water, and money  Dry Vacuum eliminates the need for water to be used versus a typical wet suction system. This saves approximately 1 Gallon per minute verus a conventional wet suction vacuum pump office.
  24. 24. Office Tour
  25. 25. What is unique about Green Dental of Alexandria?
  26. 26. Comprehensive Dental Care  Great with children and adults  State of the art equipment  Prompt and attentive care  Laser detection of invisible decay
  27. 27. Comfortable, Convenient Dental Care  Anxiety free oral sedation  Relaxing atmosphere  Internet station  Beverage bar  Massage dental chair  HD Tv in treatment rooms  Friendly, attentive Staff  Early morning, evening hours
  28. 28. Green Dental Care  Digital dental imaging  Mercury free restorations  Amalgam separator  Dry vaccum  Oiless compressor  Water purification system
  29. 29. Cosmetic Dental Care  Cosmetic orthodontic braces  All tooth colored restorations  Office/home whitening  Dental implants- no dentures or missing teeth
  30. 30. New Patient Specials Free Whitening for Life After new patient exam, cleaning and x-rays In the absence of gum disease and tooth decay $500 off Cosmetic Braces Invisalign Six month smiles Non- insured patient $99 for New patient ex, x-rays and cleaning Free Consultation