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  1. 1. Roman peopleBy: Zachary & Ryan
  2. 2. Julius & Augustus • According to history they are the same person.• Some people think Julius is Augustus’s uncle.
  3. 3. Continued• Not only was he an emperor but he lead Rome in inventing aqueducts which transport water into the towns.
  4. 4. Hannibal and the Carthaginian wars• Carthage and Rome had never liked each other, but they had, for the most part, left each other alone in the past. Hannibal was a who fought for carthage and was a military genius.
  5. 5. Hadrian• He was born in 76 AD and he died in 138 AD. Hadrians father was a cousin of the emperor Trajan, so that put him in a possible position to become emperor.
  6. 6. Cicero• Cicero was born on January 3, 106 BC and was murdered on December 7, 43 BC. His life coincided with the decline and fall of the Roman Republic, and he was an important actor in many of the significant political events of his time. He was, among other things, an orator, lawyer, politician, and philosopher.
  7. 7. Romulus & Remus• The twins Romulus & Remus were the founders of Rome. They were raised by a female wolf for a matter of mouths. As soon as they were born, her husband abandoned them in a remote location. This practice was a form of quasi- infanticide tolerated in many ancient cultures, including the Roman and Greek, when children were unwanted.