Hawaii Pacific GIS Conference 2012: Esri ArcGIS 10.1 - What's Coming in ArcGIS 10.1


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Hawaii Pacific GIS Conference 2012: Esri ArcGIS 10.1 - What's Coming in ArcGIS 10.1

  1. 1. Welcome What’s Coming in ArcGIS 10.1 Ken Blankinship Jennifer Hughey
  2. 2. Our Work
  3. 3. ArcGIS Is Advancing RapidlyIntroducing Many New Capabilities Crowdsourcing Open Data Place Based The Web Workflow Science Geospatial Platform Sharing Cloud 3D Portals Experience User GIS Solutions Geoservices Standards Social Networks Very Large Spatial Databases Facility Management Location Based Services VGI Data Quality Visualization Common Infrastructure Networks Discovery Temporal Templates Hosting Data Management 10.1 Integration of Imagery and Remote Sensing Web Based Content Mapping Applications Transparency Access Security Generalization Citizen Engagement 10.0 Education Mobility 2012 2010 Improving Quality, Performance and Usability
  4. 4. ArcGIS Patterns Enterprise Pervasive Desktop Server Online Web / Cloud Supporting Geospatial Professionals and Knowledge Workers
  5. 5. ArcGIS 10.1 Themes • Online Cloud • Desktop Web • Server • Mobile Mobile Server • Developer • Solutions Desktop
  6. 6. Online GISIntegrating and Expanding Access
  7. 7. ArcGIS Online Is a Cloud Based SystemAn Emerging Platform for Mapping and Geospatial Content Management Applications Online and On Premise . . . For Individuals, Departments and the Enterprise
  8. 8. Intelligent Web Maps Are the New MediumIntegrating Services (Data, Maps, Models . . . ) Accessible Easily Created and SharedSupporting• Information Pop-Ups• Dynamic Web Services• Temporal Data• Spreadsheets Services and Data• Spatial Analysis• Annotation and Sketching . . . Publishing and Sharing Good Information Products
  9. 9. Intelligent Web Map
  10. 10. Desktop GIS Creating, Managing andAppling Geographic Knowledge
  11. 11. ArcGIS for DesktopImproves All Aspects of GIS on the DesktopMapping &Visualization Editing Editor Tom Bill Joe Spatial Analysis V1 V2 V3 V… V1 V2 V3 V… ¼ Mile 1 Mile ½ Mile V1=f(V2)+f(V3)+f(V…)
  12. 12. Esri is Advancing 3D GIS Adding 3D Content Generation and 3D Design Tools ArcGIS CityEngine Editing Analysis RulesVisualization Content Creation Integrating GIS, Urban Design and Advanced Visualization
  13. 13. Improves Image Integration and ExploitationSupporting Visualization, Analysis, Management and Dissemination Highly Accurate Analysis MeasurementFast Visualization Advanced Processing Integrates Video (FMV) DynamicAny Imagery Mosaicking Massively Scalable Automatic Enhancement Simplifies Workflows and Automates Processing
  14. 14. Integrates and Manages LidarTransforms Lidar Data Into Useful Information Products Rasters TINs Dynamic PointLAS Files On-the-Fly Clouds Integration . . . Supporting Improved Visualization and Analysis
  15. 15. ArcGIS Simplifies Sharing Your WorkMaps, Data, Tools and Models . . . Packages Server Desktop Services Online (Cloud) . . . Automating the Process of Creating Services
  16. 16. Sharing Demo
  17. 17. Server GISFoundation for Geospatial Infrastructure
  18. 18. ArcGIS for ServerProvides an Open and Productive Platform Improved Standards WMS • Much Easier HTML WCS JSON WPS • Improved Performance WFS REST WMTS Web Printing KML • Native 64-Bit Server • Highly Scalable • Strong Linux and Windows Server On-the-Fly Symbology Dramatically Improving GIS Infrastructure
  19. 19. Web Applications Are An Important PartMany Web Viewers and APIsFlex Silverlight JavaScriptExplorer SharePoint Office Easily Configured and Deployed . . . Fueling an Explosion In Accessibility
  20. 20. Server Demo
  21. 21. Mobile GISPlatform for Connecting Mobile Workers
  22. 22. ArcGIS Supports All Popular Mobile DevicesRuggedized Devices, Smart Phones, Tablets Windows iOS(Phone/Mobile) Android ArcPad ArcGIS Connecting with Field-Workers and Citizens . . . . . . Supporting You Anytime You Are Not at Your Desk
  23. 23. DevelopersGeospatially Enabling Applications
  24. 24. ArcGIS Empowers DevelopersSupporting Multiple Platforms and APIs Applications iOS JavaScript WPF APIs Silverlight Flex C++ Qt Java .NET Platforms Mobile Web Desktop Geospatially Enabling Applications
  25. 25. ArcGIS Can Now Be Embedded AnywhereNew Lightweight Runtime Platform • Easy to Deploy • Fast • Small Footprint • Windows/Linux Server Runtime Local Data Provides Rich Geospatial Functionality
  26. 26. Solution InitiativesA Program To Organize Best Practice Solutions
  27. 27. ArcGIS for . . .New Initiative - Solutions and Communities of Users Land records Water Utilities Military—Land Operations Emergency Management Intelligence Telco
  28. 28. Solution InitiativeArcGIS Based Solutions Reflecting Best Practices Components • Organized Knowledge • Accessible Maps Web Apps • Easily Configured • Community Driven Information • Open Source Model Workflows Analytic Models • Leveraged by Partners Mobile Apps . . . Templates and Ready-to-Use Applications
  29. 29. Esri Also Provides Complete Ready-to-Use SolutionsProviding Workflows and Tools Social and Community Analysis Defense Redistricting Ready to use Maps Data Models and Workflows Logistics Mapping and Charting Business Analysis Geo Portals
  30. 30. ArcGIS Resource Center
  31. 31. What’s Next?Many Development Initiatives Users • Post Ideas ideas.arcgis.com • Discuss • Vote
  32. 32. http://ideas.arcgis.com
  33. 33. Thank You Questions?