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GIS Expo 2014: Web Map Tool for Coastal Management


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Presentation by Jim Potemra, PacIOOS

Published in: Technology
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GIS Expo 2014: Web Map Tool for Coastal Management

  1. 1. Web Map Tool for Coastal Management Updates from PacIOOS Jim Potemra, HIGICC 2014
  2. 2. • PacIOOS is one of 11 regions of IOOS and is responsible for providing information about the ocean environment to a wide variety of users • Built around different themes • Rely on “standard” services for data
  3. 3. Example of customer-driven, research- enabled tool that combines estimates of sea level changes, and a map-based collection of property layers  Collaboration between UH/SOEST, NOAA (CSP), State (Coordinator for the National Flood Insurance Program within DLNR), City and County  Leverage “delivery mechanism” infrastructure of PacIOOS (regional association of IOOS)
  4. 4. Technical Details  GeoServer and OpenLayers  PostGIS database  Leaflet.js for fast map interaction  Javascript, html
  5. 5. Search by address, TMK (property ID) or transect (Coastal Geology Group) Compute setback: Change rate x years - buffer
  6. 6. Show parcel details including: • DFIRM: FEMA Flood Hazard Zone • Erosion Hazard Save as report
  7. 7. Pan/Zoom map Inundation: • Specific inundation in feet Confidence: • Blue – High (>80%) • Orange – Low (<80%)
  8. 8. Present Status  In evaluation stage  Full-screen version  More functional print option