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Imagery for the Nation


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HIGICC Data Discovery Forum
September 25, 2009
Vicki Lukas

Published in: Technology
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Imagery for the Nation

  1. 1. Imagery for the Nation Phase 1 – completion of initial plan this fall Phase 2 – begins after completion of plan and is in effect until full funding is in place Development of Program Management Office Joint funding from ExCom agencies Establish governance Further develop budget initiative for FY11 Refine prioritization for incremental funding Phase 3 – full funding, dependent on success of budget initiative
  2. 2. The National Map December 3 – roll out of new viewer with capability to download all TNM data in one location and options for using TNM web services GeoPDF maps – beta maps coming online now (more than 12,000 available now) Advancement of GeoPDF maps to include contours and hydrography – next month GeoPDF maps for Hawaii – planning and potential imagery acquisition in FY10, with production potentially beginning in FY11