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Hawaii Statewide GIS Program


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Data Discovery Day
Craig Tasaka
State of Hawaii, DBEDT
Office of Planning

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Hawaii Statewide GIS Program

  1. 1. Discover Geospatial Data State of Hawaii
  2. 2. State GIS Website • 150 Data Layers • Updating as time and staffing allow • Agencies contributing new data layers • Counties have been sharing layers which are re-projected to UTM NAD 83 • IMS Application
  3. 3.
  4. 4. LiDAR Acquisitions • Oahu: Kakaako, Turtle Bay area and Dillingham Airfield • Hawaii: Kilauea Crater, Kona, Waimea • Lanai: Entire Island • Maui: Kihei area
  5. 5. LiDAR-Lanai
  6. 6. Imagery • Began filling in gaps in the DOQQ coverage using DigitalGlobe satellite imagery • NRCS has taken over this effort
  7. 7. Impervious Surface Data • Initial product produced to carry out the C-CAP analysis • Oahu and Maui Impervious and C-CAP being done by NOAA • Kauai and Niihau have been reviewed and accepted
  8. 8. Impervious Surface Data • Molokai, Lanai and Kahoolawe reviewed and accepted; metadata still needs to be developed • Hawaii soon to be released for review
  9. 9. Impervious Surface-Lihue, Kauai
  10. 10. Contact Information • Craig Tasaka: 587-2894, • Joan Delos Santos: 587-2895, • Dennis Kim: 587-2896,