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Hawaii and US Pacific Basin Orthoimagery Update


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HIGICC Conference 2015
October 14-16, 2015
Tony Kimmet

Published in: Data & Analytics
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Hawaii and US Pacific Basin Orthoimagery Update

  1. 1. Hawaii and US Pacific Basin Orthoimagery Update HIGICC Conference October 15th, 2015 Anthony Kimmet USDA-NRCS National Geospatial Center of Excellence Acting National Imagery Leader tony.kimmet@ftw.usda,gov
  2. 2. Discussion Points - Imagery Status of Hawaii and US Pacific Basin - Satellites Information - Distribution of Imagery Data – How do HIGICC/GIS members receive these datasets?
  3. 3. Hawaii Orthoimagery Availability 1997 - 2015 Camera/Sensor Resolution Islands Covered Years_____ - Aerial - CIR 1 Meter All / 70% 1997-2002 - Aerial – USGS/NGA 1 Ft GSD Oahu 2005, 2008 - Satellite/DG-QB2 .6 Meter All / 100% 2003-2008 - Satellite/DG-WV2 .5 Meter All / 100% 2009-2012 - Satellite/DG-WV2&WV3 .4-.5 Meter All / Started 2014 - 2015 Camera/Sensor Resolution Islands Covered Years_____ - Satellite/DG-QB2 .6 Meter All / 100% 2005-2009 - Satellite/DG-WV2&WV3 .5 Meter All / 100% 2012-2015 US Pacific Basin Orthoimagery Availability Version 3 Version 2
  4. 4. 4 - Since the early 1990’s, the Federal Government has worked together to acquire Orthoimagery for the United States via an inter agency coordination committee called NDOP. - NDOP strives for “one payer, many users” model and too avoid duplication of Imagery purchases. - NDOP including USDA has advocated new Orthoimagery for Hawaii-US Pacific Basin on a 3-5 year cycle. More frequent updates for areas with land use or environmental/disaster issues.
  5. 5. Hawaii and US Pacific Basin Orthoimagery Acquisition - USDA-NRCS acquires when possible, Imagery for Hawaii and the US Pacific Basin from DOD-NGA with High Resolution Commercial Satellites. - USDA-NRCS does acquire Imagery from USDA Satellite contracts if not available from DOD-NGA. - USDA-NRCS is upgrading the license of all Hawaii/Pacific Basin data distribute to Enterprise Premium. - Satellite tasking requests are submitted by USDA-NRCS to DigitalGlobe in advance of possible. - The newest version of Hawaiian Islands was submitted for “speculative” tasking in 2013.
  6. 6. Imagery Collected at an Altitude 617 km above Earth’s Surface Swath 13.1 km Scene 13.1 km x 14 km DigitalGlobe WorldView 2 & WorldView 3 Satellite Sensors DigitalGlobe WorldView-3 Imagery Collected at an Altitude 770 km above Earth’s Surface DigitalGlobe WorldView-2 Scene 16.4 km x 14 km Swath 16.4 km DG-WorldView-3 Sensor Maximum Pan Resolution = 30 cm/.3 m Maximum MS Resolution = 120 cm/1.2 m SWIR Resolution = ~ 370 cm/3.7 m Bands = 16 Revisit = < 1.0 days Capacity KM2 per day = 680,000 DG-WorldView-2 Sensor Maximum Pan Resolution = 40 cm/.4 m Maximum MS Resolution = 160 cm/1.6 m SWIR Resolution = N/A Bands = 8 Revisit = < 1.1days Capacity KM2 per day = 1,000,000 DigitalGlobe can effective combine WorldView 2 and 3 datasets together.
  7. 7. DigitalGlobe WorldView 2 & 3 have the same band layout for the first 8 bands!
  8. 8. - With increased water penetration with the “Coastal Blue” band of WorldView-2 & 3, USDA has requested larger AOI’s for areas with shallow water reefs. New Orthoimagery Acquisition Goal Molokai 2010 Molokai 2015
  9. 9. - With increased water penetration with the “Coastal Blue” band of WorldView-2 &3, USDA has requested larger AOI’s to include complete atoll/shallow water areas. New Orthoimagery Acquisition Goal FSM-Chuuk Lagoon 2010 FSM-Chuuk Lagoon 2014
  10. 10. Hawaiian Islands Update Orthoimagery Status, Version 3 October 2015 Successfully acquired and delivered to NRCS Acceptable Imagery – Still Tasking Niihau Kauai Oahu Maui Lanai Kahoolawe Molokai Hawaii Island Goal for USDA-NRCS is cloud free Imagery!
  11. 11. Areas with higher rainfall totals (Dark Green to Violet) usually are much difficult to successfully acquire Imagery.
  12. 12. Temporary USDA-NRCS Imagery… Replaced in 2015 Imagery Acquisition Dates: March, 2013 to May, 2014. Quality similar of commercial map services.
  13. 13. 1-11-2011 2014-07-14 7-15-2014 8-12-2013 7-15-2014 2-16-2015 1-11-2011 12-24-2014 2011 Imagery Since 1/12/2011, DG has acquired at least 192 scenes in this area. Image Quality that is more typical of USDA-NRCS released Imagery.
  14. 14. Kauai and Niihau Kauai Imagery is a combination of WV 2 & 3
  15. 15. The new Maui and Lanai Imagery datasets are some of the best Imagery we have ever acquired!
  16. 16. Hawaii Island Prototype Version 3 October 2015 - Over 80% of the Island will be acquired in 2014-2015. - The areas outlined in orange have updated Imagery. - East end of island will be post Hurricanes Julio and Iselle. - Kona and south will be clear for first time on USDA released Imagery. - North-West end near coast will be nearly cloud free. Areas with Updated Imagery
  17. 17. SW Hawaii Island Scale 1:1,500
  18. 18. US Pacific Basin Orthoimagery, Version 2 • Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands* • Guam • American Samoa • Marshall Islands • Federated States of Micronesia • Palau • Minor Outlying Territories (Palmyra, Wake, Kingman’s Reef etc..) • North West Hawaiian Islands (Available from NOAA) • All areas above are available starting in late October, 2015. • FSM-Pohnpei and Palau are still tasking along with selective areas of FSM/Marshall Islands • Most Orthoimagery is DG-WV2&3 (.5 Meter GSD, All 8 bands except a few areas in the Marshall Islands). • Total dataset size is 7 TB. The compressed files (MrSID. ECW) are less than 500GB. • *USDA-NRCS-NGCE upgraded all DOD NextView License to USDA Enterprise Premium. This action will result in better usage of DOD Imagery and help with any GAO inquires. • ALL HIGICC members can acquire the datasets above.
  19. 19. Guam 2013 DG-WV2 Guam 2013 High Resolution Aerial and High Resolution Satellite/Astrium- Pleiades Agrijan, CNMI 2013 DG-WV2 Alamagan, CNMI 2012 DG-WV2 Anatahan, CNMI 2012 DG-WV2Asunction, CNMI 2012 DG-WV2 Guguan, CNMI 2013 DG-WV2 Tinian, CNMI 2012 DG-WV2 Sarigan, CNMI 2013 DG-WV2 Pagan, CNMI 2012 DG-WV2 Farallon de Medinilla, CNMI 2011 DG-WV2 Farallon de Pajaros, CNMI 2012 DG-WV2 Rota, CNMI 2013 DG-WV2 Saipan, CNMI 2013 DG-WV2 Agrihan, CNMI 2013 DG-WV2 Rota, CNMI 2010-2012 DG-WV2 Pacific Basin Orthoimagery USDA-NRCS-NGCE Maug, CNMI 2011 DG-WV2 Kingman’s Reef US Outlining Territories 2013, DG-WV2
  20. 20. Distribution of Imagery Data - Hard Disc Distribution - Web Map Service (Hawaii) from State of Hawaii/Pacific Disaster Center - USDA Gateway (MrSID, ECW Compressed Mosaic)
  21. 21. What Imagery data is available to you? - Original GeoTIFF files (Natural Color Pan Sharpen, 8 Bands Multi-Spectral) - ESRI Shapefiles - Erdas Imagine File - Natural Color (CIR for Hawaii) - Pan Sharpen, 8 Band Multi-Spectral - ECW Compressed, 8 Band Multi-Spectral - MrSID Compressed (Natural Color, Color Infrared-CIR)
  22. 22. Hawaii and US Pacific Basin Imagery Datasets Dataset Size: Hawaii, Version 3: (.4 - .5 Meter Resolution) - Complete Dataset (GeoTIFF, ERDAS Imagine, MrSID, ECW, Shapefiles = 6.5 Terabytes - Compressed (MrSID, ECW, Metadata): 50 Gigabytes US Pacific Basin, Version 2: (.4 - .5 Meter Resolution) - Complete Dataset (GeoTIFF, ERDAS Imagine, MrSID, ECW, Shapefiles = 7 Terabytes - Compressed (MrSID, ECW, Metadata): 75 Gigabytes Hard discs are available from the following: - Tony Kimmet, USDA-NRCS, Fort Worth, Texas, All Datasets, All Versions for Hawaii & US Pacific Basin - Craig Clouet, ESRI Hawaii (Oahu), Current Datasets for Hawaii & US Pacific Basin - Peter Gehring, County of Maui, Current Maui County Imagery Many or most GIS users can successfully use MrSID or ECW Compressed files for visualization purposes!
  23. 23. Arc GIS Server
  24. 24. USDA Geospatial Data Gateway Compressed mosaics in MrSID format are available online at USDA Geospatial Data Gateway!
  25. 25. Hawaii and US Pacific Basin Imagery Costs 2013 - 2015 • USDA-NRCS acquires most data from DOD-NGA. • USDA-NRCS has funded Imagery acquisitions in Hawaii and the US Pacific Basin in 2013-2015 for $ 325,000. • USDA-NRCS has upgraded all DigitalGlobe licenses to Enterprise Premium to enable GIS Users full access to Imagery datasets. • Costs of Imagery from DOD-NGA/USDA-NRCS for 2013-2015 is $ 1,000,000 + for Hawaii/US Pacific Basin.
  26. 26. Please let me know how USDA-NRCS can assist you? Thank You for your time! Questions?
  27. 27. Requested Scene August, 2015
  28. 28. Hurricanes Julio and Iselle Strike Eastern Hawaii in August 2014.
  29. 29. US Pacific Basin Web Map Services - USDA-NRCS-NGCE cannot host a public facing Web Map Service for Imagery. - USDA-NRCS-NGCE has completed Cache Tiles in ESRI-ArcGIS Server for most of the US Pacific Basin such as Guam, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, American Samoa etc.. - If you are interested in hosting a free Web Map Service for Hawaii and/or the US Pacific Basin, please contact Tony Kimmet.
  30. 30. DigitalGlobe Enterprise Premium License would allow the following. - Allows USDA to post compressed mosaics on the “Public” side of the USDA Gateway. All users would have access to these datasets. The USDA Gateway is also the compressed raster data distribution portal for Imagery for the Nation (IFTN). - Allows data to be hosted on a Web Map Service (WMS) available to the General Public if the site does not charge a fee for the service. - All Federal/State/Local Government, Universities, Non-Profit Organizations and the General Public would be allowed to use DG Satellite data.
  31. 31. DigitalGlobe Enterprise Premium License exclusions. - DigitalGlobe currently does not offer a “Public Domain” license for DG- QB2/WV2/WV3 data. The Enterprise Premium License is the most open license available from DigitalGlobe. - The only exclusion in broad terms of the Enterprise Premium License is that DigitalGlobe Imagery data itself could not be re-sold by anyone else (Vendors, Universities etc..). Please refer to Appendix C and D for more information on exclusions to Enterprise Premium.
  32. 32. Temporary Imagery… Replaced in 2015
  33. 33. Temporary Imagery…Replaced in 2015
  34. 34. Maui, Hawaii DigitalGlobe, WorldView-2 September, 2010 16 Bit, Original Values
  35. 35. Maui, New Version, 2/07/2011 16 Bit, 8 Band, Radiometric Balanced