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Census Geographic and Data Products


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HIGICC Data Discovery Forum
September 25, 2009
LInda Akers Smith and
Timothy McMonagle
U.S. Census Bureau

Published in: Technology, Economy & Finance
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Census Geographic and Data Products

  1. 1. Census Geographic and Data Products 2010 HCPO/HIGICC Conference Data Discovery Session Sept 23 - 25, 2009 Linda Akers Smith and Timothy McMonagle Los Angeles Regional Census Center - Geography U.S. Census Bureau 1
  2. 2. Topics 2009 TIGER/line Shapefiles Future TIGER/line Shapefile release schedule American Community Survey Data 2010 Decennial Census release schedule 2
  3. 3. 2009 TIGER/Line Shapefiles • Release date October 2009 • Additional Shapefiles available – More State-based files • Changed Topological Faces Relationship file to a Shapefile • Improvement in clean-up of feature distortion • Improved Documentation 3
  4. 4. Future TIGER/line Release Schedule • 2010 TIGER/line shapefiles – Contains census 2010 geography – State by State in early 2011 – National in early-mid 2011 • Post 2010 TIGER/line shapefiles – 113th Congressional Districts – Urban/Rural, Urban Areas, Metropolitan – TAZ, ZCTAs,SLDs
  5. 5. Most Frequently Asked Questions • Where are the streets?: – The streets are in the county-based All Lines (edges) file. There is a Road Flag attribute which indicates if the feature is a road or not • Where is the demographic data? – The TIGER/Line® Shapefiles do not contain demographic data but have all of the necessary information to join the data to them. American FactFinder ( is the best resource for electronic survey data from the Census Bureau
  6. 6. Changes Under Consideration • In addition to the all lines layer: – Roads only shapefile – Rail only shapefile – Linear hydrography shapefile • In the metadata: – Unique description for each file type – Including the file layout inside the metadata – providing direct links to the file on the Census Bureau’s website – Provide link to the technical documentation on the Census Bureaus website
  7. 7. Questions about the TIGER/Line® shapefiles? 301.763.1128 • Free public download from our website (see handout):
  8. 8. Census Demographic Data 8
  9. 9. Census Bureau Demographic Data • Decennial Census • American Community Survey • Other Surveys and Censuses 9
  10. 10. Census Geography 10
  11. 11. 11
  12. 12. American Community Survey • A large, continuous demographic survey goes to 3 million addresses every year, covers every county in U.S. • Produces annual and multi-year estimates of the characteristics of the population and housing • Produces characteristics, not a population count • Produces information for small areas including tracts, block groups and population subgroups • Full implementation began January 2005 12
  13. 13. ACS Data Product Release Schedule Data products are released in the year following the single-year or multi-year period in which data are collected. 13
  14. 14. Current ACS Data Release • 2008 ACS data released Sept 22, one year estimates, for the first time includes estimates on health insurance coverage, marital history, and veterans’ service connected disabilities • 2006-2008 ACS Data will be released Oct. 27, three year estimates. 14
  15. 15. Hints (Warnings) • Know what level of geography you need data • Know what tables you want • Download size limit when using Excel format option • Use the “Down Load Center” for large downloads- up to 50 tables 15
  16. 16. Contact Information Linda Akers Smith Timothy McMonagle Los Angeles Regional Census Center 9301 Corbin Av. Ste 1000 Northridge, CA 91324 818-717-6701