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Bathymetric and Related Benthic Data


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Data Discovery Day
Susan Vogt

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Bathymetric and Related Benthic Data

  1. 1. Bathymetric and Related Benthic Data Susan Vogt, GIS Specialist, NOAA Pacific Islands Science Center, Coral Reef Ecosystem Division Joyce Miller, Oceanographer, NOAA Pacific Islands Science Center, Coral Reef Ecosystem Division Robert O’Conner, Fisheries Information Specialist, NOAA Pacific Islands Region Office
  2. 2. Data Sources – Lots! USGS 20-meter Main Hawaiian Islands bathy data USGS - US Pacific Territories DRGs SOPAC Map Servers Currents, SST, SSH, Opendap, etc Shorelines and Habitat for US Pacific Territories tm/data.htm NWHI IKONOS, bathy, habitat html CORIS - bathy and IKONOS Hawaii Bathy Grids (seamless) - ngdc Global Bathy Grids (etopo2 - smith and sandwell) - ngdc
  3. 3. Data Sources – Even More! NOAA DEMs NOAA Real Time Satellite Data IMS UH Coastal Geology Data- LIDAR, aerial photos, LANDSAT, DEMs Everything Nautical Charts - ENCs and RNCs NMFS GIS Committee Data BioGeo - habitat and imagery data NOS - bathy and remotely sensed data
  4. 4. How to make sense of it all? • Links will be up on HIGICC web site • Highlight three useful sites today – Electronic Navigational Charts – NGDC GEODAS – HMRG Main Hawaiian Island Multibeam Synthesis • Keep partnership opportunities in mind when scoping new projects
  5. 5. Electronic Navigational Charts (ENC®s) • Produced by the Office of Coast Survey • IHO S-57 international exchange format (non-proprietary, publicly available) • Not the same as a raster chart
  6. 6. Accessing and Using ENC®s Two step process: Select and Download ENC download ENC Data Handler data extension for ArcGIS
  7. 7. Accessing and Using ENC®s • Download ENCs from the Office of Coast Survey web site: http://nauticalcharts.noaa.go v/mcd/enc/download.htm • Select graphically or by text • Place, then collect order by downloading
  8. 8. Accessing and Using ENC®s • ENC Data Handler extension from Coastal Services Center products/enc/ • Easy to download • Comes with easy to follow instruction PDF
  9. 9. Accessing and Using ENC®s • Follow ENC Data Handler instructions to import downloaded data into geodatabase • Use ENC Data Handler extension in Arc to apply special nautical chart symbology to each of the subtypes • Please note that these data are Not For Navigational Purposes!
  10. 10. National Geophysical Data Center (NGDC)
  11. 11. Global Bathy Data - ETOPO2v2 Data Sources: • Smith & Sandwell • GLOBE (Global Land One-kilometer Base Elevation) • IBCAO (International Bathymetric Chart of the Arctic Ocean) • NGDC Coastal Relief Model • NGDC Great Lakes Bathymetric Data • Caspian Sea Bathymetry
  12. 12. GEODAS (GEOphysical DAta System)
  13. 13. Create Custom Grid
  14. 14. GEODAS - Create Custom Grid
  15. 15. Main Hawaiian Islands Multibeam Synthesis •The Hawai‘i Undersea Research Laboratory (HURL) •The Pacific Islands Benthic Habitat Mapping Center (PIBHMC)
  16. 16. Data Exploration - Microsoft's Virtual Earth
  17. 17. MHI Multibeam Bathymetric Synthesis • available for download at • GMT netCDF and ArcGIS ASCII format Great, but how was it created???
  18. 18. • open source software package for the processing and display of bathymetry data • widely used in the seafloor mapping community 1. Two years of SOEST money allocated to create a data synthesis starting in 2004 2. Compile all existing multibeam bathymetry for the MHI • Contact all PI’s who have collected multibeam data • Permission to release these data in an online synthesis 3. Master list of all data in MB-System format 4. Quality control - which files are “good” enough to include? • Time intensive and still not complete • Troublesome data edited in XYZ space using SAIC’s SABER 5. Data broken down into 1x1 degree boxes to grid them at 50 m resolution 6. Ongoing data addition and quality control
  19. 19. Let’s do it for this small area off of the windward coast of Oahu! Coordinates 22 N 158 W 157.5 W 21.5 N
  20. 20. Use MB-System to parse master list file based on coordinates: mbdatalist –Rcoordinates –Imasterlist >! parsed_list A few examples from the parsed_list: KM-em1002/km0302/jd070/gsf/KMMmbb030700356.d01 121 200.00000 Lidar/shoals/Oahu/ 162 250.00000 JAMSTEC-nuuanu99/sb1999908131531.mb41 41 9.00000 USGS98/oahu_98/gsf/OA03-980330759.d01 121 250.00000 FILE PATH AND NAME FILE FORMAT WEIGHT Format 121 = SAIC’s Generic Sensor Format Format 162 = Longitude, Latitude, Positive Depth Format Format 41 = SeaBeam 2100 series Format The list for the small area off of windward Oahu contains: • 460 files • 10 different file format types
  21. 21. Gaussian Weighted Mean Gridding Alogrithm in MB-System mbgrid –F1 –Rcoordinates –A2 –G3 –C2 –E50/50/meters –Iparse_list –Ooutput_file negative interpolation grid size bathymetry Put computer processors to work: 62200 data points processed in KM-em1002/km0512/jd159/gsf/KMmba051590626.d01.fbt 55800 data points processed in KM-em1002/km0512/jd159/gsf/KMmba051590641.d01.fbt 30982 data points processed in KM-em1002/km0512/jd159/gsf/KMmba051590656.d01.fbt 65829 data points processed in KM-em1002/km0512/jd159/gsf/KMmba051591400.d01.fbt 11479 data points processed in KM-em1002/km0512/jd159/gsf/KMmba051591415.d01.fbt 69254 data points processed in KM-em1002/km0512/jd159/gsf/KMmba051591418.d01.fbt 68793 data points processed in KM-em1002/km0512/jd159/gsf/KMmba051591433.d01.fbt 67351 data points processed in KM-em1002/km0512/jd159/gsf/KMmba051591448.d01.fbt 65939 data points processed in KM-em1002/km0512/jd159/gsf/KMmba051591503.d01.fbt 24686 data points processed in KM-em1002/km0512/jd159/gsf/KMmba051591518.d01.fbt …………Outputs a GMT netCDF grid file and a postscript image……….
  22. 22. …………convert netCDF grid to ASCII and import to ArcGIS………. …download DEM’s and imagery from
  23. 23. Issues – Filling in the Gaps
  24. 24. Issues – Filling in the Gaps