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Free and low cost tools toledo-20101006

  1. 1. technology navigation Michigan Nonprofit Association for n on profits
  2. 2. Free and Low Cost Tools Andy Wolber andy@highwayt. org @highwayt
  3. 3. http: //highwayt. org/ resources Services Training Membership Resources Resources 1- i Here are a few of the web resources we find very helpful to nonprofit professionals seeking information technology resources. TechSoug. org - for artides, discussions and discounted software NTEN. g;g - for sector-wide technology dialogue, research and convening m — for software reviews and research National Council for Voluntary Organised ons‘s ICT Hub publications - planning guides Negwgrk fgr 699g‘; Lgarning Qen tg - for web, email and online strategies The Case Foundation‘: Social Media Tutorials for Nonprofi ts If you‘re looking for resources on a specific topic, we suggest you go to our online bookmarks at n fig; / / wwvqggig'gg§, gg_m/ hjghwgyg. WORKSHOP LINKS and RESOURCES Social Media: Keep it Simple and Strategic Web Workshop - October 22, 2010 For the U. P. Non profit Conference sponsored by the Great Lakes Center for Youth Development View the e. View the hgngggg hgrg. Follow Us About rAcu Contact Related links: Bookmarks Archived Workshog ‘ll
  4. 4. www. s|iderocke't. com D Q I . Elm-tin-Ii '§I)l! lII9lIl~‘ 3I1|| !Wr'! |-. '< Reinventing presentations. SIIUEROCKGI is changing presentations for good, Learn More Slideflocket Presentation Tips / ~?1'Jfl9X-xii Now Playing = t§mun A-kiln‘ ‘ml: '1! an ', -n' 4:191; mm, Watch a Tour > t i :3 E11 -- D Master the Art of A Storytelling to Make , Your Presentations §, come Alive ‘L-
  5. 5. www. checkvist. com Checkoist online collaborative outliner and task list manager a, ,;¢Gb5’/ T 'daM"’ I” Create hierarchical task lists, share them with your team, print out or publish online. Capture ideas fast during brainstonning sessions using intuitive keyboard shortcuts. Work concurrently, notify your peers about changes, import and export to other formats. Sign in ¢', ,‘k, ,“ Wolcavn. mm tznemn - 5-nines mm mm nan: Oil IE1 G-QZI and nowermichianor , c,, vEus, _,__, __, _m, __ sashilnrs nfiesttodoz . ... ... . KlR‘s nearest / TODO l_l remember me forgot’ Teamclty 5.0 Idea °"°°““’”“’°'“" . .[llHt m caanmbanflfqn Words aid Phrane Checkvist: Mobile Ul/ IPVione Create free account cuicx Usability Checklist 10.04.09 - My Activity Ul rid Dashboard Xnrismn: command line Ul Chockvist: Test Plan "ldea trap": brainstorming with online outliner Speed of data input is critical for a brainstorming session It you ever worked in any desktop outliner. you already know how to use Checkvist's keyboard shortcuts Enter} to add a new task. Shilt—Enter| — a subtask. Del — delete. F2} or double-click - edit Switching between the lists’? Press ll Adding note to an item’? Press nn Easy to remember. easy to use r~i. .nm» nag . nn= p-I-. u-. s hnlnc . -nm~¢nn—. .o. nn An -. i»-. .—i, -.50 hand '
  6. 6. Desktop Basics
  7. 7. Login . .Ioirr Techr}-otip at-‘e techsoupimg Get Started Home Learning Center Get Products Community Blog L| Dl’a| 'lES Donate Technology Contact Us Techsoup Global Find Your Country Select VI Inside Techsoup . ,, symantec. Request pi oiliict (I0lIi1ll0IIS. Get Hardware LJ - 2 1. Request refurbished computers for nonprofits Learning and resources for libraries www. TechSoup. org About Ter_hE-oup Register Cirganization How To Use Techiloup A Global Team Bringing tech to the world TechSoup and our partners work to distribute - technology resources to nonprofits around the globe. Currently in 31 counlries, we-‘re actively working to add new programs and partners, like TechSoup Egypt, ioiningthe global network in December Lenin alroiit our glolml partners Know How Community Vi-‘antto be .3 Techsoup ‘ Whatiree and opeii/ source ‘ intern or volunteer’-‘ tools are you thankful for”-‘ Techsoup now serves U E: Check out our latest round Territoriesl crfatcessibility Shouldvou upgradeto fl 9"“3"C'? '””9m‘3 L] i Libraries FILE Global ‘a'L'{: Go Green / .,- Forums | —— Network ‘v my _ _. Products and information to save money and the Earth Visitour partners aroundthe world. 5('«L'[l>1l= lr t-i "I-I-l! |'l«ll-llI: In'IIt‘ Find Products We carry more than 600 donated and discounted products atlow administrative fees Search our catalog to see ifwe have whatyou need i r i. —1- What problems do you need to solve? Search by categoryto see what we offer Ililrowse by Category vl Ifirowse by Partner vl Subscribe to Techsoup pr By the Cll| ) Technology served the way nonprofits need Weekly p New Product D0lld1l0llAIel1 Get the latest productinfo at Techsoup Bi-weekly l Enter Email Hi‘ > - F6605 & Feed All TechSi: -up RS5. Learn, post, and participate on the Community Forums Join Us l. l? ‘. Remixthe Web for social change
  8. 8. http: //hwyt. me/ OfficeAtHome C Idealware uomsi | | D_Ur1at_el Bios I éflflilii Tuesrlay. Navernliei 17. 2009 "'9 '‘'9NW-'| '° 3'09 _ _ Thoughts and resourcesto help MICl'0S0ft S Secret Giveaway nonprofits choose sot'Iware_trom‘ by Peter Camvbell fitsysfleshman Petercamghall r n -M r M volume Licensing Sometlmesitfeelsllkeihe bane ofmy existence is my office Qhone. it's so bad that I rarely answer it, preferring to forward itto Google Voice where I can peruse the barely readable transcripts Just well enough to lllter outthe 90% cold sales calls I receive. So what a pleasure itwas to answer my desk phone on Thursday and have an illuminating conversation with my Microsott Licensing representative. He called to tell me thatl own some awesome beneflts that come with my Software Assurance program. I'm betting that I'm not the only one who was clueless about these benefits. Microsoft Licensing, as you know. is the littlenknown tenth circle of hell. It's a conceptual s""‘°'"’° '° ""5 B'°° labyrinth otterms and conditions thatwas likely conceived by a team ofthe writers ofthe B aubscribe through original 'Pl|50l’I9l" series with the advice of contract attorneys that graduated from law school F r r 30 years ago and have never since seen the light ofday. Software Assurance is the taxwe pay on our Mlcrosott purchases that allows us to upgrade to the newest versions without paying upgrade fees (as long as weve paid our sonware Recent Posts assurance fees, of course). I assume thatthis is of interest to ldealware readers because most or us pick up a lot otour MS software from Techsoup Stock, and the Techsoup Stock donations come with Sottware Assurance. not without But Microsoft l§l1‘l evil; they're just bureaucratic. and every now and then a few smart people step up out ofthe morass and do things thatl appreciate. These Sottware Assurance benetlts include: the Mlcrosolt Home Use Proqmni provides statiwlth ridiculously steep discounts on MS Office. Reglsterthle benefit, and the allowed number ofusers (which I'm unclear as to howthey calculate) atyour company can purchase MS Omce 2007 Ultimate Edition (or gtrice 209$ tor Mac) for 89.95. That's not a trial edition, and it's the opposite of crippled -- Ultimate is the "everything but the kitchen sink" edition and It comes with a license key. Microsoft ELearning is a series ofonllne classes in standard MS products like Word and Excel, and Server products like MS SQL Server or Windows 2003. I did note that the list of available classes thatmy rep sent me looked a little behind the times; no 2008 or 2010 products covered, but many or us aren't on the bleeding edge anyway.
  9. 9. www. idea| ware. org Helping rlonprolits Make . dea| Wa e r Smart Software DECISIONS Donate Custom Resources l eaiued Tiaiimg May 12. 2010 - 1:00pm — 2:30pm Getting Staned with Email Fundraising How do you design and write an email campaign that vvlll work? What tools. “ May 20. 2010 ‘ 1:00pm A 2:30pm Building An Eftective Email List How do you build a list at constituents truly interested in your cause? We. .. May 21.2010 - 1:00pm - 2:30pm Fundraising through Social and Personal Networks Recruit your statt, volunteers. or committed supporters to tuntralse for. .. May 26. 2010 ~ 1:00pm — 2:30pm Getting Staned with online Conlerenclng What tools can help you conduct meetings or training over the web’? : est Amalie: as Re; :.u: :i: tS Streamlining Online Grant Applications: A Review Of Vendors April 2010 Adventures in Email Fundraising By Ancrea Berry, April 2010 A Few Good Broadcast Email Tools By Laura S. Oulnn‘ March 2010 Reaching out To a Wide Audience: A Twitter Case Study By Kaitlin Lacasse and Laura Quinn, March 2010 Using Social Media to Meet Nonprofit Goals: The Results ot a Survey March 2010 MUTE Our Own Social Media Response Rate By Laura Quinn Creating a video? A new things to consider betore you shoot By Debra Askanasa All or Nothing By Andrea Berry The Cloud is Not Sate. Check. By Johanna Bates Microsoft Office versus the World. Round 14? By Steve Backman MOVE Managing Consfituents Websites Em Social Media Graphics 8. Multimedia Events 8- Meetings Collaboration Fundraising Advocacy Back Office & Operations How to Choose Software Subscribe to 011 eNews| etter Enter email address Sign Up Pdsttiewstemers This Month's Sponsors E Pnuoz technology Ill
  10. 10. hitp: //www. microsoftcom/ Security_Essentials/ United States Change | All Microsoft Sites Sgcwurity Essentials °‘'‘9 * “Prov-ow a. v»h'MLru4« pro! -wliow for free? Tlmafly wlaal-I much. ” Get high-quality, hassle-free antivims protection for your home PC now. "‘ Help and 3t. lpp0I‘t 1 .1 Help and M. -.i-to guides Q . Installation Video See gust l'o. -. 255.‘ it IS About R»; -soul ces Support l'{; y F , -.. tLii _ . _ About Microsoft Security Essentials 4’ Comprehensive _ y _ . _ ‘ maiware protection Microsoft Security Essentials provides real- time protection for your home PC / that guards against viruses, spyware, and other malicious software. , Simple, free download‘ Microsoft Security Essentials is a free‘ download from Microsoft that is simple to install, easy to use, and always kept up to date so you can be assured . » Easy to use your PC is protected by the latest technology. It's easy to tell if your PC is J’ Automatic updates
  11. 11. '330ffiEE' 4 1» ~ home *-ii_ii : products Office. Microsoft. com images in‘ Calendar contest ' Learn FHOFE > Office 2010 Products Compare suites Piiung and upgrades Word 2010 Outlook 2010 ALL PF’OD-C'S Support and Help Activate O"i(e Find your product key Fina Omce commands Ge! stanea wllh Oflice 2010 -‘-LL SL. DDOP' -'-LD HELD ® Ding templates V Stay con nected Try Outlook Social Connector > Images and Media All image categories Speual ouasicins Business Cartoons . '4_LI'. !.‘. .'. r.D'JEDl-'- Follow us: BI omce Blogs Fatebook C Tivifiu“ YouTutie downloads CI‘ Sign In <5 United States Gm skiitvd . ‘.lIh Offi( 1‘ / V(‘l) Apps. more V Make it great with Office 2010 69 Free Templates . ii xempiace talegones Resume templates Presentation templates Letter templates -‘-ee 'E'ADL-'-'ES Ready to buy? Get Office 2010 today > Back to school Free academic templates - Downloads POWQIPIVOI lo! Exzel eBay seller adddfl iov Exui Mi(rosoVt Mathematia addrin Bing Tiavel add—m Vol Ouliook LLL D04‘/ KLO-'-D5
  12. 12. www. microsoft. com/ atwork/ microsoft at work ! Jifila“el~_1:ii-+. - ! imi: L< l flllmlu-n-tI¥1'li§~ i want to: V Get organized > Manage my e-mail D Prepare for a meeting D Update my files and notes D Collaborate with my team iK‘i‘is_'F- 4‘ Qlgimilulflsii r | - l 'i'Is 31-; ;|ita. .i-it-ii; » ‘ welcome! I Looking to streamline your work life, so you can spend a little more time on your life | i‘e? Technology mightjust help you get there. We hope the 0 information gathered here will help you get—and stay—ahead at the office. 7 a 10 ways to work lll<)lL‘ M , ‘ - ' GPfll| Ely P‘ F. or‘; -_r Use these 10 tips to help protect K‘ . §_-. u' ' your computer, your data, and 1;‘ your company's network. ’ ; 1l. Miuosofl wnamia-ciiM Begin managing customer relationships in minutes Free online trial D «F = Cloiitl miiiptitiiiq (. in help you net ahead See why Steve Ballmer, Microsoft CEO, sees the cloud as one of the biggest opportunities in decades « for the tech industry. Piiiiip up your sk ~ ' April ‘-»(‘(lll'l y ll[, )(lrIU“i L: -n- _ V ’ “” " Polish your presentations and I «R Install today and help protect your ' dazzle with your documents. ’ P I computer. 56- ' _ , ._ '35 l : featured m
  13. 13. chrome. google. com Google chrome Eng"-°'“ El Browse the web, Chrome Fast Google Chrome runs web pages and applications with lightning speed, ’m""'”'“' °1°"L"" ""'“”' f C n "3 - It's free and installs in seconds ynumm . .. » For Windows XP, Vista, and 7 Google Chrome Speed Test: O°OoIo¢nr«vio --saw. . 5.». --»-. Fast start—up Google Chrome launches immediately. Fast loading Google Chrome loads websites quickly, Fast search Search the intemet directly from the address bar, Leam about Qgggle Chrome 5 T the latest ET version: : E‘ F l p———fi——— ” *“%? fl'W"‘ ' r ' ARCADE FIRE l'l “an . Chrome Extensions Add useful features to the browser with Chrome Extensions Chrome Themes Personalize your browser with Chrome themes ‘Tau 7 , ,'. L; ~), £r. z_»JI-.37‘ ‘C Doom (2 l«JN It Chrome, HTML6 8» Arcade Fire Watch an HTML5 Chrome Experiment created by writer/ director Chris Milk with the band Arcade Fire. and Google
  14. 14. Open Source
  15. 15. 4 Put Ubuntu to the test Want to make Ubuntu 10.10 a 10 out of 10? The release candidate is ready for your feedback. Download the Ubuntu 10.10 release candida: V’ What's Ubuntu like? Why not take a tour? . . . ) . . ) Super-fast and great-looking, Ubuntu is a secure, intuitive operating system that powers desktops, servers, netbooks and laptops. Ubuntu is, and always will be, absolutely free. Get help Fast from Ubuntu user documentation and forums, or get professional support from Canonical. Be Dart of something amazing. Join our community and help bring better open-source software to the utinrlrl in Type to search Created by the best open~soLirce experts from all over the world, Ubuntu is available in 24 languages and ready for download today. 1010 days left
  16. 16. http: //wwiv. clocumentfoundation. org/ download/ T" ‘ The Document Foundation Welcome Foundation l-l - : l I . i- —. Develop contribute Supporters Contact FAQ LibreOffice Productivity Suite About LibreOffice YE! --7-‘*_—: —-3 V, A ‘ I Libreoffice is a productivity suite that ls l’ ‘ ‘, /.-= ,7 compatible with other major office ' ' ‘ suites. and available on a variety of platforms It is free software and therefore free to download. use and , ’ ‘ distribute _. _ -lffl-Inlnl . rrt.1nl[lf l_t I I I ’IIu' -- — - (luv u. I ll Download l_ibreOffice The following software packages are intended to give you a first impression of what Libreoffice is, Currently we are in the process of combining the work of many contributors. and improving how to make the software available to our users There are known issues. so please consider reading the '< r r in S 1 below for a list of known issues being worked on. the most obvious being the missing language packaging situation This beta release is not intended for production use! Be advised that the current beta might replace your OpenO1flce. org Installation. 1- Download and install this for the English ‘ Download L'b'eO“'“’ 89” (°' version to be used on Microsoft Windows Windows version to be used on various GNU/ Linux 1- Download and install this for the English ‘ DQWfV|0.ld l_il. Jft‘(_)“l(t‘ Ben. luv D G N U/ Li n UX 32-bit distributions
  17. 17. Mobile Devices
  18. 18. hunch www. hunch. com Signed in as anc, ~woI: u-er viatwitter Inscx Settings il'lv| T-32-ifl| €FlC Home You V Topics V Explore ' Community V - cell Phones Electronics '34’ . lg, 3- Results personalized for you Where In the world do you live? _ 1 _ as lghone 4 GSM Llke . ._ , . . I hone 4 is a cell phone with a high-resolution ’ North Amenca . -— “ - display. FaceTime video calling. HD (720p) video V EU”-799 - " ‘ recording, a 5-megapixel camera. and more It is [. Asia _ _ the fastest. highest-resolution iF'hone yet Learn >- Latin America ‘ more V Australia/ Newlealand $33 33 Em" fig: :°'""”: " g'"9”: a': ‘ roni ormer y ingu ar P south Afnca 5299 00 from AT&T formerly Cirigular ' P Middle East Slip this question I3) :5 Looks like a pretty major step forward over the existing iphunes Csris CE): The Apple haters are still not going to like it 2_ Google Nexus One Like The Nexus One is a smartphone from Google that uses the Android open source mobile operating system The device is manufactured by Taiwan's HTC Corporation. and became available on Learn l'7‘lUl-3 5530 Amazon > Help Sign out I : ,—P: l7l3I-ii Dlsllke Dislike iii
  19. 19. http: //www. google. com/ mobi| e/maps/ Google Mobile Home at» Google for Your Phone Mobile Apps Blog Google Maps for mobile Use Google Maps on your phone. and never carry a paper map again Features My Location See your location on a map. even ifyou don‘! have GPS D Watch video Help D Watch a video Illnov at actlde has tuffk luck: Get Google Maps for mobile Visit this URL in your phone's browser: m. goog| e.comImaps Send to Phone L_n_. .L.4I; .1. Buzz View what's happening nearby at a glance. Leam more ill
  20. 20. Microsoft‘ Exchange Server 2010
  21. 21. www. sherweb. com rius English ~ Open 247 Ca| |us1888567661D Cloud SEMCES Email 8. Collaboration 2: Sherweb -0- Your selection: *9 The Perfect Plan for 50% men‘ VclOllCd 5iii, ip. _iit §pt: Ll-iiliil Please choose the service(s) you're interested III. "The human touch is an added value to our services. It's what sets us apart I ”°‘"‘e“E‘°'”"9e and I'm proud to pass it on to you. " . I HO'= lE-G ShaieF‘ciinl Best—ln-class support with all Hosted Exchange packages T3795 : .:: .. Latest Newsli Blog Posts 20100915 The People Behind the Code Fa"roLis Programmers ‘i7/lio Hare influenced Computer F’rograr‘i'i‘irig HOSTED MOBIUTY Freedom in the palm of your hand with an on—the-go access to the office HOSTED MICROSOFF DYNAMICSQ The hefty CRM tool you need to support your customer ‘ relationship management ‘ Hosted Exdiaiige 2010 E h 2010 X: ange s WGPH 'I‘3rIV: lX 25 Gb mailbox storage 2-1i‘7l9i: l'*:4 zi <: ':*1 ) tr-3 ii “’r~= $ 3995 £1‘ 0 Instant aCl| /all CID Our Tailored Hosted Services Why Choose "Wed 3“¥*'°l’0"“ *3“ ’ "‘°"‘h SherWeb J Hosted Miciosori cm 53985 r month per user Customization and answering your particular ~ Virtual Private f*l/ ('l< 51955 / month imerirm namie am a VlI(IrI'll at QhmiAIah DC > i ri v r- * i'‘i’‘1 ill
  22. 22. www. evernote. Com WHATISEVERNOTE? DOWNLOADS Q 9 memogr Emamg happy birthday, EVERNOTE ii-‘Jit 'ii' l‘V1V<T‘I"v‘d—u(l'V"l: . News 0 Updates Evernole Gets Funding —~-. ii—2.-ii r i. - lh' siriii lJf‘_lVU'r-I A Quick Introduction to Evernole H V The New Evernote ’ * ‘k ‘A’ * ‘Ar LCi. .iiLi, iALi
  23. 23. Dropbox Home Install www. dropbox. com Email l ‘ Password $ Dropbox Sync your files online and across computers 0 Download Dropbox Free [Of Windows. Mac and Linux ' Sync files of any size or type ‘ Share large files and photos easily ° Automatic online backup ° Access your files anywhere ° Sync between operating systems ' Track and undo changes to files Take a tour of Dropbox. Community Support About Us Dropbox Blog Help Center Our Team Wit-: i Forums Politics on u_i E] Remember me
  24. 24. ePrintCenter PRINTERS LPPS .2ESOUL'. CES NEWS Vvelconte Unlock the power of your web-connected printer! What is a web-connected printer? HP 5 new printers connectto the internet‘ enasiing these Fev 3»: -netits 0 Pnnt apps: instant ai: i:e: ~' tn releyant orintazle wen content from iciur printer screen 0 ePrint Print trorn annwhere xi sending to iotir printers E"V1.3ll accress. no driters cir;1pei: iai software required 0 ePriIitCeriter: See iour printer status add and rernove print acne. and manage ePrrnt settings and to: l1lSlO| 'vllCit‘13i“lvW€'U :7l| :i4/ SET at home or on the go In order to use the feature: «DUI printer must Der: -:irir‘IEC1EdtDa netwi: ir> with internet access Wxflvifi Don‘t have a printer? sign In y. Learn more and buy . :.. ... [.5 FAQ 81 Help New Print Apps i eReader eReader l New Year 3 / I , V}: A P _. .--i 217. - / ’ . .". _. .4ttb‘1%5i. ‘xto. Happy New Year! by HP Creative Studio What's New
  25. 25. Multiple Machines
  26. 26. IE Enghsh v “E L= wti. '*; I-1:1 -x-*-we-)e*_ L] HOME FEATURES WHY LASTPASS? ENTERPRISE NEWS SUPPORT ABOUT US -‘.17U‘r~‘: -Hr:17-: -:I"z: m — PCl.1ag com — ZDNet Lhcrosofl Report Twp 1 A: - PC World ', mm - BESTCOVERY The Last Password You'll . — Q33’ jmwnlcrm A. :L'1ir"= }-'9-' Have to Remember! ’* LastPass us a password manager that makes web browsing easrer and more secure Get Lastpass Premium! , S "' 5, K " 4/ "2 5: EASIER SAFER FREE EVERYWHERE SECURE MULTI-PLATFORM
  27. 27. -''O a Simply Connected 5' Access your computer lrom your iPhone or iPad. C<)p', 'ng'1t@2CC3—ZC1C L. og”eIn I1: AI YIQNS resenec 3 Sabes Complete remote access for Windows and Mat. I sunpar. English (US Irm filters -I reate an ar: rr_umI . forum your pa: -~:1vn: »ru 1 - log tn lo Re-. v m at r nun! Try It Free Support remote computers and slmnpbooes. F1
  28. 28. www. OpenDi! Ell . l:0lll ili-Imiiiiiviiii "! i,iliiiiiiIi¢' : i1i1or reaeacccuw. our 1 . .1. I. fiflp DNS I ‘ "g c t r V ID as 40 6’ so ilil“ , _ | “ ll', i|T~I'EI i"ii: iIiIIllli . li‘§; . llI: =l: !i': ll: il . “.: IiIlll. ‘I i. ,_ — W; “W” “°“‘°“““°"°'i . ... .i- Io. ... .u. w« SEE PLAIIIS Si PRICING i Y-33. llieies a fee ‘. ‘r': 'S|3lI c-ruin-nap; n.4, . . -m. m~pu». .-«mm E4l'1h'‘I, lIl' c. . '. x ll| Ii'i| § ~‘l| l_llIIlIlll«‘ ll-'19. iI: «I_1.‘| |llI-‘ Illl-'iI| li'i| ?lIt~“ €*lII'J:1IlIIi‘ : lT-I| I|I“| I~‘ Used by millions around the world 0penDNS Blog to Every day the world's most trusted brands rely on OpenDNS to make their networks more secure and more reliable. MITSUBISHI [Elf lIeImllPlIllIil: SflHIl| ]IS ? ”EMJ°f‘, L iiirr We're the leading provider of intemet navigation and security f_ Event Calendar: SysAdmin for a large f 7 installation? Join OQEIIDNS at LISA ‘ilk by Allison Rhodes {Oct 25, 2009) I . .1 Press & News Oct 21, 2009: ClgenDNS Announces the Immediate Availability of New Entergrise and Deluxe Services I Ultra-reliable, globally—distributed network Sep 14, 2009; New premium, cloud-eased ans I Industry-leading web content filtering Infrastructure and Security Services for Enterprises and I Easy to use forfamilies, schools, and businesses of all sizes SUBS C°”""' SW“ .31. Ch. .. tn "Winn. .'. ..-. ..L '1r'Inn l')I. I-l-. T—. p.l. El. -.. -ll. -.. -.. TVUJHF C. ..-
  29. 29. www. mozy. com/ non-profit as mozy What our customers think ‘It makes sense to have our critical information stored ollsite and tar away from the olfice Compared to the solution we used previously. MozyPro saves us 75 percent on our backup costs while increasing our ad| 'I‘ilnlSIf3U/ E COHLIOI ' Simple. Secure. Affordable. Use promo code NONPROFIT” to receive 10% off your MozyPro purchase 0 E” ' '"" # DEIHCK BTCIWII. United Way ol The National Capital Area Request a FREE Quote Fill outtheiorm below anda online MozyPro sales associate will contact you shortty Protect your non-profit Why take the chance? Sign up today & save! Fir m S‘ N3 e Chances are you have a lot olirnponant inlormation on your Dom lettneft, hard drive crash, or natural disaster destroy your organizations computers. like administrative materials, donor critical information Sign up for MozyPro and start protecting your Last Name information. employee records. and more Your non-profits data today Enter promotional code NONPROFlT1o at checkout success depends on proteding your data and keeping costs to receive 10% on your MozyF'r0 purchase down ""°”° N”"‘°°' Read our customer stories: MozyPro provides businessgrade backup at consumer-Ievel . Amman Red cw“ Nasmme Area cnam" Ema” prices so you get the best data protection at a price you can . UM” way of me Nafional came, "ea allord Backup solutions start at less than $5 per month’ 0 Women for Sobriety 2“) Code Feature Set: Easy-to-use interface o Automaticlscheauled backups . Mordable Wang . Powerful aammisflawe For more inlormauon, Contact a MozyPio account executive at Sabmfl o worldclass data capabilities 877‘669‘9776 or Send Us an em“ centers o Higheslsecurity standards a sewer and network o 24/7 technical support Sign up Now suppon news Conllct us terms biog alfihates plrtners ste map '
  30. 30. htlp: //hwyt. me/ WHS4upto1O United States diange l AIMa'osofl Sites Ar windows [VSea7=r: i- . ’i. 'c'osc. ii‘. ' corn blflg L Home Explore Windows Products Shop Downloads Help & How~to I VW'IfidOW$ Home Sewer Community Read the latest stories and join the discussion. Add~Ins Expand your windows Home Server's capabilities with Add~Ins 5.“) Product Resources and FAQ Find answers and get help with product questions ‘ ‘Iii-— ~: a.uai -’ii"l- Ii ! TLefl‘r-ll mm Hnluo I-uiruu OIL-(rum-4 fit-ir: What is Learn Buy one Small Office ‘. ‘.‘ir*oci. xs Home Sewer more about it for you’ family Home Office «flan = _l1(§l-$‘- Everybody needs Windows Home Server 3" "“m Power Pack 3 is now available! Learn more. , fi Erna: ‘ I ' 1 _ . - Your life has gone digital A it is time to simplify your life so you can easily access your ‘ files, photos, videos, and music from any PC or TV in your home, or even while away ' from home. Windows Home Server was designed for households and home-based businesses that have more than one personal computer. a. —__. .- r. .. Windows Home Server at a glance — much more than NAS .7VIl7=! J.. .. C ]_I_l I0 e_.
  31. 31. Website Tools
  32. 32. http: //vwirw. dreamhost. com/ hosting-nonprofit. html Current Customers Login. Panel lwotnnnll Iili‘ii'I-_] i'mltl. Ill' osting wen Hosting Free Hosting for Non Profits VPS Hosimg DreamHost proudly otters free web hosting to non-profit, charitable organizations registered in web pane] the United States F93“-"'9 G'°553W Non-profit organizations have dedicated themselves to making the world a better place - all g7_Day Guarantee without expecting anything [like a profit) in return! DreamHosl recognizes their noble sacrifice and is happy to provide cost-free hosting to these groups which do so much with so little for Affiliate Program so many! Non-Profit Hosting This discount applies to a single hosting plan per non-profit, hosted within only one account. (or US-based 501(c)(3) organizations. Domain registrations (other than any included with the :1 up V‘ 0 , i plan) are not eligible for any discounts Groups must be able to furnish DreamHost with an IRS—issued 501(c)(3) determination letter to qualify For more inlormation on how your organization can take advantage of this otter. be sure to check out our wilu Web Panel I Web Mai | Terms of Servrcei Antpspam Policy| Unlimited Policyl Privacy Policy] Whois Demo PnrIeI| Hashing | Dorruma | About Us | Support | Jobs | Contact Us Dreamflost '5 0 registered trademark ol New Dream Network, LLC 6 1997-2009 Drearrflosl
  33. 33. quesfl Home Browse Mysliclespace Community Widgets. Using WordPress to power your non-profit website _ 1 Share . ,--Favorite ‘Download $¢GroupJEvanI IN iasonkmg 3 win & Embed 928 views 0 tavs 2 embeds [none Presentation by Jason King at l. -taking Links 2008 Related Presentations More by user How YOBIWor1rl Can Help ‘ Your Non4Proti. .. '3-5‘: l‘»lE‘. V5 Jump Start Your Nonfirofit Marketing am 1!]-5-‘a »i>E. i : ‘ Using WordPress to power your non-profit website Great fundraiser for your N ‘A ‘ Non Profit 0.. . ' Presentation by Jason King at Making Links 008 More Info sn: iic- i1 4 [> > DI i iwr ri“ tLil'i V_/ Post to E Bloggier M . ‘.'ordPress '3 Facesooi t Twitter more sharing option 5 Post a comment Comments 1 Favontes 0 Downloads 17 1 comments Cornmenls1-101“! All embeds 50 views on httic ' NW -ing_ason -; o L! ‘ 1 VI£I'ilfl: An hHr ‘(Cl 7)‘) M20 131 gueslc33a69 5 rr irrru. at-: .; Thanks King Jason‘ your slide Show was very nelptull Login Signup 1«llLari-; ;iiag= .-s Categories Templates 8. Forms Technology lags nonprofit npte-: h ixorittpiess Groups LUEIIIS l‘lPTEr: h L‘. -'oraPress
  34. 34. :lIt. '.l: =I: (Il'i'kt= . '1UIi‘Ill? l“I‘1: V http: //hwyt. me/ Razoolnfo g ,1ol: d.‘(! lt‘l:1:{9l= llI- ! 9l!31lt‘l How Donations Work Donor makes a $100 donation using a credit or debt! card our processing partner, Network for Good. processes the donation securely M . C“ K Network for Good issues a receipt " and charges a 4.75% transaction ‘~ tee to the nonprofit Razoo issues a grant to oover the ' ' transaction tee‘ Nonprofit receives a check rrom Network tor Good for the “” full $100 0 1. Razoo covers transaction costs with the help of partners and funders so that 100% of donations go directly to charity. Contact support@razoo com if you are interested in partnering in this way. 0 . N'’A I 34.75 Network/ i torGood About Razoo Our Organization Our Team FAQ Contad Us Job Opportunities Nonprofits How Donations Work creating a Page Project Pages Telling Your Story Activating Supporters Managing Donations Premium SOILIIIOHS FUHGTBISEFS How Donations Work Fundraising Ideas Creating a Page Telling Your Story Promoting Your Page Managing Donations DOHOFS How Donations Work ": qo| -i: .i-I:
  35. 35. www. ConstantContact. com IN YOUR AREA USER C OMMUIITY CONTACT US C USTOIER LOGIN .3} ' a We're here to help: l48GiH57(i4-1464 con5unt(3o, mxt' Ready to say? 1B00.Z21.2705 Home Email Marketing Online Surveys Event Marketing ‘ ' ‘ Learning Center — Home . B1 lnduary A i'~li: irii'-ii: -rt: ‘ miuouuy Overview “T519 Byhdustrv Home See how it works! Associwons l. il<ix. i | )lt)i'lI. <1i()IIl consultants Emenahn-em FREE 604tay Trial am” No credit card required F’ °S_ Looking to troop your monitor: in the know M9'"'°°‘""V°"“°‘S"**1*= " and up-to-onto? In any. ran. and rionpronrs affordable with constant contact. Personal Services _ _ _ Pr ' “Miser _ ' With Email Marketing, you can create and send ° “S "ms professional email newsletters, fundraisers, Real Esta: renewals. and more—for far less than direct Relfious Organizdions mail. R°"“"""" ' Online Sun/ ex lets you easily and cost- Retaii effectively track member satisfaction. get event gyms and 5,35 feedback, and evaluate programs. SD0rts&fIdRe0redi0I1 ' Use Event Marketing to set up, promote, , Travel and Tourism manage, and track the success of events, wsflme conferences, and fundraisers. ugggmgrorum In our Community in minutes. you can: Inuit tornptatos for Nonprofits: ' Inform members ofthe —_ Youll get a wide _ . .- latest organizational news selection of email and information templates including newsletters, conference ' Generate | ow—cost, high- invnations and imnart fimrtrai<inn anneal:
  36. 36. www. a|| i"orgood . org/ posting '/3'i~’ ir i«' About Blog Help FAQS Apps API Posting Listings Privacy Policy Terms of Service Content Policy -Thin Ii ‘. 'llll :17-L. ‘-; !.kNL.1I‘lQ§. £.§N! :r: ‘ ‘EL-ii: . S>3C~llCltl-E'll‘E E-tgi. Ellllililiillli '-‘lzizlllit i‘t—. Iuii: t = I|IIl5['-ii TlYl= )0}~‘fll: . ttziiil-in : uliuirll- Submit your volunteer listings to All for Good All for Good can help your organization find volunteers and reach a wider audience by spreading volunteer activities on our website and across the web All for Good functions like a typical search engine - we list a "snippet" than direct people back to you to learn more about your volunteer activity and to sign up The process works best when your full volunteer activity is available on a webpage that All for Good can list We work with existing organizations and companies like Vo| unteerMatr; h. Idealist and MeetUp to gather and distribute volunteer activities listed through their websites If you are an organization with fewer than 10 volunteer activities lfyou only have a few listings to post. the easiest way to get them on All for Good is to post them to one of our partner web sites. These sites have already integrated their listings with All for Good. so anything you post there will automatically appear on All for Good. (Note that this won't happen immediately, so don't worry if your listings don't appear on All for Good instantly ) lfyou'd like to use this option. we recommend you post your activities on one of these sites a i ll r o wvmsefl gov o wwwvolunteermatch or o www m m o www craigslist org lfyour listings are already posted on one of these sites or any other site we already receive listings from (see the Iigg hgrg)_ you don't need to submit again! If you are an organization with 11-500 volunteer activities: The simplest way to submit your volunteer activities is by using the All for Good online spreadsheet template Online spreadsheets let you easily coordinate volunteer opportunities across olfices and within a single team by inviting others to collaborate on the same spreadsheet. instructions in. . L. .. n. -.. .1 ___. :_m_____; _ . i.__. __; :_u_ . ..i__ -__. _._. :___ __ . i__ _i___. : i-. ii-
  37. 37. Move to the Web
  38. 38. www. MeetingWizard . oom 9 ° _ Reserve People & Rooms Seamlessly 8r ‘ Never Overbook Again. Free Trial. online scheduling solutions W Loyn About In! FM: Resources Contact In Wednesday September 22, 2010 curremuseu» Ievtllootiig irmvuoniigs Exams nyopiinnu Ami-onoooii lnpon New Users Iv Quicksurl Sign»Up Tour Schedule your meetings and events with ease Put an end to email and telephone tag Get Started Now Propose Times '$ Review Responses ~—a Confirm a Time Meetingwizard is simple and free Need to write an agenda and minutes? We are committed to providing a free service as Try the online meeting template from MeetingMix. the best way to encourage new users to explore You can create your agenda, take minutes, and what our sewice has to offer share with attendees I Simple to use See the AgendaIMinutes Tool I No downloads required I Save time, save money, eliminate hassle
  39. 39. www. tung| Remember me : Forgot Password’ T" n Home Learn More Buzz Blog u ‘”"“—"""””"“ 4 l Signupfree Accelerate your calendar. "Tangle Inaka it mud: quidrer and eahr to schedule and book meetmgs. " - Paul Taybr, finandai‘ fines Schedule Publish Share
  40. 40. www. FreeConferenceCall. com FreeConferenceCal| .com® Free l{r= siJrvallJiili-as Plioiii: Coiiirzrciiciiig Free conference ca 15 are simple and easy to use, reqi. ing onlr a rarite and an E-lT‘& l address to VEEENE an llT5[ai"ll account. Once you enter your name and e-ma‘ ad: -ress. you » be Ir"i$tBl’7l5i'790'JSl'}' DfD‘. ‘ldEd an a dial-in ! ‘lU'll3E<l' and access code for immediate phone conferencing. Your teleconferencing ii-we lS at-ai ‘able to you 2-Wane there l$ no need to SCl‘lt3dLlr3 or make reservations. Each COl’1f&l'€l’CE cal ECEOUFV azcaomocates 96 ca"-zrs on an u"‘i1ited nU‘tlJEf of 6 hour free conference ca 5. FREE Conference Call Account RQIIIEWZ-ll r'w; —e C 2 L” Rllul8). .‘>l‘. ’2lI l . ./i- lloriu: . i I‘-in I I- I; ‘ 1- I‘. .e, ,, . ,. ,; Cy _l‘I[o. I{'_. |;.2 Freeconlerencccali. si““’Iv7fi7'u__ i’ . y A [ . ,_ EMCn)| .l3ausiriiess §iIIIuIe’F£zm; zb" iiiiirilc-Yaiaaziiiii" i. n.n. iii‘eYeieaL’enu: " sirllmefvenl" l"‘l"‘l‘ l"""‘l"A‘l‘ Entrepneneurmm *‘ '2; ; ."‘/ viyill i 2. Slmnlexfiur‘ International Numbers : cim: ~i mailli‘ vi “mini: ]l‘| Fl'_« i ‘ L F: i 3 l. :' 3 flmyspace Youfifia Fr: -:: -r: ii; only normal domestic long distance rates are charged by he pa'bcipam‘s long distance carriers for the length oi the call. Teleconfererices can have up no 96 parbcioants for 6 hour period of me per session. Eadi Freeconferencecall account remains safe and secure and is never or sold. gur free oonfererioe call 5e‘rV_| Ee‘DfO'V| .d€5 you a great 0DPOfh. .fItY. t0 Vconnect inany people on a conferericecall. Loaded with great
  41. 41. www. skype. com Download Ilunitv Krnl t: IVI k'ng just the uxypo Ian’: just aoout vroo jngp_g_-_gg_-_; tg_ng_ggug aha oaoy. low-cook can: to Iandllnoo and con phonon. arouna tho worto. You can also do n| ucI"I_ much more Fol starters why not sena a u: -:1-recuy trom Sky? -5 H. » '. vr. u ‘.1 . . . .m to your nlcxbue or set up an u_fl11J' tor Irle. -nus larrnly and colleagues ID rrlake a IOC al call rrorn their aid-fashioned phone IO your sxypc. wherever In the world you are put you need to get gomg wan these snazzy products :2 a ume pay as you go snxngnneuu Anernauvely you can get unllrnlleu calls to Iandnnes‘ ano a great bundle of uselul lealures wun a aux-M Huh. qt — us one neat nttve Package tor a low monthly tea Grant valu- calls can phones and ceu phones anywhere at new rates Qrlllrlo nurnbar Frlends call you irorn a regunar phone and reach you on skypc — anywhere SIRS se-no text messages cnreclly tram Skype [Do lTI©l'(. ‘. Get rnore. Save tt1ot'<; -, Volcornall never muss a can call forvuardlng Get your cans rorwaraeo when you're on-nne 909 W Pay As You Go or Pay Monthly — tho cholco II yours There are two ways to start using these great proclucls There's our pay rnonthny sun: . slrnpllclly of a pay as you go opllort wum s. tsu. u:__<: ;a_q_u u. Ilu_: rr: - or the Add Skypc crean lo your account to pay for calls as you make them. unurru ea calls to a counlry or region vv . - No tohg—torm conlracl or conneclloh tees ‘ -~ K1Lfl --r-I . ¢Engn. h; -— 5lI(JLIlIlI -u. .m. ... . 4.. .. : ~.. ... . : ... ... ... an. -oau ha». I-yt-v to-Ir Snatch -3 tree easy an-.1 QUICK to get on Skype S A. an. i How to can wnh sky». 3 “'3 QE§XJQ UPON’! Skype Rolatou u umna1 u 1’<. )1. 'v. tr-Inn-J 0000 IflflI(C (PIG lflefil 97 any-pg can u. watn (VIC HID‘! ICCCIIOFICIV Headsets webcants and more $'a‘La. D_§_czI: I:te_§| .eaz i No omorooncy con: vtII skyou swan us no! a ruolatornuru nor your memory lolltphorta anti csrn an un-d rev om runner c-ellmcl | ..natn_cnnt. n A-. .u. ..—» I4uIu. -y - nun:
  42. 42. Real-Time COHEDOIBUDH Made Real Easy di°v1di°v1 31¢‘-ll 7'1: Iflzlr 1 -978-735-211 0 www. dimdim. com -'1'. -u lt| J-. h-.4 rmu : , -‘it iv-l. ‘ _-: -_rl_-l1-. :1lll-4-_ ‘:1 Hold live FHEBIIDQS 8. events using Just your web browser and Drmdnm 0 CO"i1bOldIe1!‘ r>e. «"-trw»- W» -frat: ~r~ -,3 . ——¢— " thew ‘rIr1L1'W‘yL‘1’: aw, ‘ ”r>: >: .¥‘U1rEu§rfM __ V‘ 0 Share :13’; .h'. ’ba3rds tr ' 'C , ‘CrLlf ' 3-': ~3rr: ms— ‘. Hr: , 4'|7 I ‘H - Save money 3r‘C| traxei V11 rnciudéd , r 141:! I , xr1r-{l ,3?-2 and ; ‘hr]h»2 : <1¥’rf-Ur-: '1“H] ’er,1ue»:4 "nee amt at the to rE£. | pr Forlndividuals For Groups Forfiusinesses For Education — PC Magazine
  43. 43. http: //hwyt. me/ Wi| dApctToo| s Get your sanity back ”°""""°’ Wild Apricot’s non-profit technology blog ? Apricot Member Ma nagemont Magic This blog is tor volunteers. webmasters and administrators ot associations and nonprofits We discuss issues and trends in web technologies that help your organization do rriore with less. The blog is brought to you by mumm Our web soriware helps you manage the ‘boring stuff like membership and contact records. payments. donations. website updates. event registrations. mass emails and more. Brsisjgeydy. ii Wild Apricot starts a[_| ,IJSl $25 3 month (flat monthly fee; tech support and version updates are Or get update: i. --. email; "°°’ Take 10 seconds to §_tgLup_fQr_a_ti'_Q_Q_m_a[ and see tor yourselt. 100 Online Tools for Non—Profits how‘ Tight in the budget and short on stall. non—prol'its are atways on the lookout tor new ways to get things done — and the intemet is a real treasure trove of useful tools We write on web technology Here are 100 ditterent applications to help you out with a vanety of tasks from protect tracking and and social media tools for collaboration to donor and membership management, and from building your non-profit website to fl°n'Pf9fit5 - Chamlei tracking its effectiveness Some tall into more than one category of purpose. but most are web~based 355°°'a"°"5~ ""95 3"“ °"‘er software-as-a-service tools. so you won't have the hassle of troubleshooting. maintaining and Organizations updating software and sewers J How web masmrs and u ' ' t t d with We're shooting tor variety here, across a range ot price points — so. although some or these apps will f; S'; ""'5 '3 °r5 ca" ° "We be tamillar to many ot you. we hope that everyone will find at least a few new tools to explore! Q‘ Web 2.0 and Social Media trends V‘ Ease of use ~ technologies that delight you and those that tnistrate Accounting, Time-Tracking, Invoicing, Billing you . ., , . .. it i Q‘ Industry news and upcoming events 3 V . . 9- V‘ Case studies and best practices You will also see nrrasinnal nnsts
  44. 44. http: //hwyt. me/ SocSrcCommons Social Source Commons Blog Nonprofit Tech, Tools and Social Media A program of Aspiration , Ioriim Looking at Communications Tools as C°"“°C* With 559 Organizational Processes Written by Matt on September 9, 2010 — View Comments C We spend a lot of time on this blog and on the interwebs in general talking about the Good that software tools can do for an organization. Whether it's a tool that makes collaborative editing easier or a piece of code that automates a repetitive task, software has the possibility to be a big value-add to an organization with 12 balls juggling in the air. However, I wanted to talk today about the goals of these tools. In Search T other words, I wanted to take some of the tools that we advocate for and show you 00! how they correspond to organizational processes that are tool independent. Because one goal of a good technology plan is working toward best practices so that your Featured ssc Blog organization is protected in the long term from changes or problems with the tools selected. As long as the process is defined, agreed upon and in place, the tool can be switched out but the organizational communications process remains the same. Let me explain with a few examples you may have heard me yammer on about around this ~ 0°55 p°st'"° °" Facebook Org Pages . - 2 . | 5 blog: ‘-—: Don't Be Scared of Publishing Matrix Rss At the end of the day, a Publishing gezpmq your pnvacv Matnx, as a soitware tool, is just a n "e spreadsheet. Columns are your __ Nonprofit Audience channels and rows are the content Assessment types that you prigmote. You can ‘gut 1 Expomng and one together in a out 5 minutes F Backma up 5063' you throw something down on some Made scrap paper. However, that five minutes may balloon into 30 as you p“'b""'""‘° M‘°""‘ think about each channel that your T°°" organization maintains and how each has a different purpose and audience. It may ' is
  45. 45. Cloud Applications
  46. 46. www. goog| nonprofitsl Google for nonprofits You are changing the world. We want to help you. Leam how Goog| e's tools can help expand the impact of your nonprofit, Home Rea h more onors ’ L‘, s , Imitxznate V r‘ i i , , / ‘ , _, 3 V” ‘J ’ if S99 3" '°dUCl5 Reach and engage lmgove how your Raise awareness for supmrters organization operates your gause The IICOSI fI’OI'V| Ollf IIEWSIQIIQY Lei"! I'l| Ol’e - New! Agflgrgle Small Bgsingss gggntgr launched 0 Read the latest news from the §_o_Q_ql3_G_rfls_Blm o Build a website easily using Gogle Sites 0 Connect with other nonprofits in our discussion forum a Get noticed on the web with Gogle Places 0 Need product help? Visit our help center, 3 §ign up for gur monthly newsletter : ;L1L
  47. 47. Google Appslorwolbeiworksoom ~ Pr--nu--r Edition andy@wolberworksoom Qaljflgigi flay; ;3i_. qri_<3ii_t CO08i€ GDDS l Search accounts ‘ Search Help Center To open the Setup Glide, go tothe help cerler. l I. *.i: ‘iIi: -r. iiii The Wolber Family wolberworkscom J All services are runnhg smoothly Ll snap-3 account | l'7iOl"‘"EllOl'l C-3""l3Jl1 nanes _ »—. .g ‘ Seven-dayactve users ‘> : :in~; -r~ w’ r ~' av _3_. ,.;9r5 overthe | ast90 days —. ,_ 3 3 You have reached the 3 user Iin1‘l lorlhis dorrein_ Eu, _"7l*3l>C‘_,3CCC". ll'llS L. 'i"', i': :“'. : i: :—'I I; I': L.earr‘_ri1cr_e Service settings so: niore senices ’ . » [V] Email’ A I? ‘-9 b Docs -9 http . ':'r“all google cmv3‘i. v3|: er. '.orl's cmi http “docs goagie con‘i'ai‘; vol: ~2r‘. .'orl:5 co m (3 calendar ~: ts. e (1 Sites - +21 .9 http «‘. -'-iiwiv googie corn‘: al-: —nCar‘ho5teG ‘rVOl: -‘: ‘r‘. VCn"5 con hm: “sit-: -5 google Cori’ai‘wol: er. vor+'3 co ni Q5) chap -- : fi. ~? Video-~. ’?i. *; Users can sigi in D; _C;3._m_l@; ang Gv3c‘. ~."l-: —_l’a| _-' mtp ‘udeo google ccmla “ii. ” 3-: —r. w~: rr-'3 cam ‘if Posiini Services A 712? (9 Mobile Fuller action is reqjied to activate this service. Get Google Apps on you mobile device Action required = i- Change -2"“-Ell C‘-I‘l| i‘>Cfi Tip: Want help managing a successfu deploymert? L€;3ll)j‘i_li3f_§
  48. 48. www. rapportive. com pportive . “1r; i; «: .r_»; «:11. w». .'W«; I.. - «ta vi- ra ‘ 1 L ‘ I 1 I Rapportive is simple social CRM built into Gmail av rang! «-13-»- ljitfi lIjI1Jb| ‘| lIl&|1I&fl ' ' : —--. . 1--an .311 -an n-u. — an Inn mo: sun. - 1 Invlx n-un. .1._¢ y. _-. .. .,. ... ,. o-nova-u rm. » nu. -n-no. -oun- Rlll vlpuwvwrdfcuiwulvrvlrwvi ___. . . ... —.r 3 . , _ social : -nan»: -I-nu-nnanmugm sonuxau. -yzosotun Ixihtu lab-than . ._. _.. CRM insta| | | faq
  49. 49. www. grexit. com Login - Sign up Your shared emailmemorv Q ’ How To Use - About Security - Support - Blog Grexlt is your shared Grax" Mm‘ mm Vaulhooodouulllluvnoty ' How‘| ’o Use ' Support ' Bloc _ '[ ' b 2 - e mai I n OX . ‘'s. .«; ... ... O . .n. nyn-sting. “ _. ‘ dd ema'| [5 to Gre)(| t_ "' F r m, .. .,. .. . ... .. (1) . ... ,.. m.. .«. ... m.. .. A. » no U ; .v°u, ".. —' mu s-mun mom :2) j —— swim-y ovoxuu um on Aug 2: B our Coueagues can access_ : ». ., nu-ws loot ll) —I>ou< Iwc . o. ~.. w.¢m m M is .0 Labolct . Mu) lripn lam in auto: use: -seed fov O| n1uppvo}e<I Aug 2-. Q, . , .., ,, mi, : ». .., -. .,. . -0.. . (2, . ... . to may. Ankh: M 2. . » ~ - -0.. 2 -—-p C-cot: -<-Aes he-< V saw how: 2 £1 ‘ V‘ . A*_, ‘ ' 1lb'| )0' it) run v K 5 Mai mer your Google Apps email Id J0! I mm. .,. o., . ~ vov-in-ru-n Ioui U) n—-— —L| fIillC¢5v$1efV| Ana is M)“, “W mu, Ilanyui Raul in on. .. Dan: Canvnnudl Aug is . ‘www’ mu Au-pa loo! is) -mu oounx and mu um Aug I6 P van, ll-vunn new in new: aw. -u: Aug 15 r ». .., I-vuuv -. ... .. in Dom: -i rum: 5.. ... . Aug I5 ’ Dmlinuiylnlo-Alli) inn -0--iuuqnuoccr-n Aug I6 L_r ». ., . ... ,.. . Roma! 0, c. ... .u. . mo. .. M . . Share Stuff Find Stuff Quick Video Tour of Grexlt V From the Blog OW‘ Tweet Feed ‘ Wliau keeping us busy an 9"" Z rexlt we're working on a lot of cool features. A 9 quick si. irnmary: Add labels while adding a discussion to Grexlt - Yes, .. Grexlt ‘ whats keepng "5 [WW ' , d m , l'ittp: _/lblog. grexK. corn/ w.. . ‘§§““2‘q 16 cars :90 Grad‘ "°"ks °" Chrome "°w Those of you have tried Grexlt, would be We are thrilled with the amount of positive great ‘f You Could post Your rewews °" the response we've received from our early Hacker "'eW5 fell-lm here? users. Since we launched, the Grexlt hi-TD3./ /DE-N, /bUhXU€ plugin/ extension . . 23 ca-.1 ago ’ r rn r ’ _ Grexlt featured on pluggd. n: '
  50. 50. www. grep| in. com Emil Dassiucr: Q rancygwolberworksc Z l E the search bar for your life. .%I% Q mveumerii banker Find anything Get it anywhere Search at lightning speed v‘i: ii. r data i so ‘ad across the xiieb. Greplin wcirks with nearly every computer, browser and Find things ‘-‘Mill BFFIEZIFVQN “'3 3J'J3*Ci2WiDl>‘: ‘.IFiC1 WI’ Seaith thiciugh C at lust like you search youi hard— mobile device in the market. search. Up to 1,i: Ii: II: ix than Gmail sea drive. I~~ l ~ » » See it in action We're oversubscribed. Thank you for the tremendous responsel If you aren't regzstered akeady, enter your emal and we'll add you to the queue. Emai: andy@woIi: >erwori<s c c Q i‘! fillllfllflfl FAQ I Jobs I API I Contact I Blog I You should follow us on twitter
  51. 51. URL API
  52. 52. $91112 Google apps Google Apps Admin Help Google Apps Setup Guide 1-'""°“"°“°" Are you ready to switch your organization to Google Apps? Lcflamusflfi Most organizations transition their users to Google Apps alone time. This is the simplest and most eliioient method Other domains optto transition their users overtime via a pilotor a phased deployment This allows larger enterprises to evaluate Google Apps before rolling outta the entire organization. orto deployin phases to subsets oftherrorganiatron 4 Setup mail Pilots should be run on your production domain. Yourpilot can run simultaneouslywith your old system, without causing service disruption Eomads and groups Subsequent secltons olthrs guide wrllwalk you through this process 6 Migrate old data Please choose an option: 7 set up Mrjosofl Yes, |'m readyto switch all of myusers to Google Apps now (mostcommon) “-1‘-‘"19’ No, I'd like to set up a pilotand deployGuugle Apps for some users desktop clients iL$sLun. motzile_deur. es Back 9. Configure Eostigi J. Q_S! .u1n9.rLtrain1nd launch E”! ‘lfil will ill . J‘1| ©2009 Goocl-2 - Gooale Home - PnvacvPolicv- Admin Terms ofservioe - UserTerms of Senrice
  53. 53. docs. google. com Start Page M_afl Calendar Documents Web morev Create new v upload. .. iten-.5 3 v Snare v Folders v Delete Rename More actions v Owned by me Name opened by me YESTERDAY Shared mm me ‘Q Capital Area United Way Lansing (CAUWt IT Notes Starred Hidden EARLIER THISWEEK - ' - Trash La] Group Discussion - 20101004 Staff Meeting “ems by type _ 3 Marriott Core Va| ues. docx More ssawhes , 7:; Welcome to Memeo Connect /2.0.1.pdf '5 Quick Stan Guide ‘Q,0,1,pdf V My folders’ ‘ _n Record and Share Video HowTo I Aviary Files _ I Stall‘ Meeting Team I Folders shared with me J htlpsi -‘(lu( iogle. (i: rii‘a’liighu~. -a. t.riEt-‘ Search your Docs I l Search highwayt. net Docs Ea, All Stat? Seating 5 Recommendation Q] Kresge Tech Assessment Groups 2010 Lei] Tech Clinics Attendees EARLIER THISYEAR [E] Highway T Tech Donor Prospects [Q Home network devices $ VCM September 2010 3 VCM Notes September 2010 g exported 3; North-. iky_Serv'ices_Aigreement. doc 3 Program Modifications and Update La Northsky Task List E Website Developers conference call scheduledoc 3 Web Dev 2 5 Web Developers Interview Questions 3 Website Developers conference call schedule 5 Google Apps overview for Rotary Charities 5 Google Apps 2 _Q ferndale 2 yard Request-2010 New Features! | and Show Search oflions B rowse tem late alle 1-50 of hunaeds Last modified v flmet l- ii l ébmet: 9 5 ‘CH3 lg) Srs“l'e(. —lr; Tesri' meti - H lat: :ii9‘ H li, t ll'‘‘ 3 lil ll‘ ‘ 3') Sia""l’eélr; Tean‘ metr 9 9 ' — E ii l ‘llv“ vfimet l- ii “ i 9 met: 3 : : . — — §)met: 9 ' . =t: i 3 li t l lli ‘ ©met, ~ ‘i‘l ©met: 9 9 ‘CH5 3 li , ii» H lat éDmet:99u: :i'9 5) me to everyone. 5 collalmrators H lizt ' ai-3" Q lfli ’iir‘ 3 met: l : i: H lat : ai9‘ ébmet , Qme , , , , r0Adam~«i —. i H li, l; : il~: ‘ hi hwa . net V I | Settings V I Help] Sign out Refresh llll an on Date 4 Oct1n-e Sep 29 me Sep 29 me Sep 29 me Sep 29 me Sep 29 me Sep 29 me Sep 28 me Sep 27 me Sep 27 me Sep 17 me Sep 17 me Sep14 me Sep14 me Sep 14 me Sep! ) rre Sept me Aug 27 Asnima Aug 17 me Aug 17 me Aug 17 me Aug 17 me Aug 17 me Aug 17 me Aug 16 me Aug 11 me iii
  54. 54. www. offisync. com fly I Sign in Google Apps Marketplace Google Apps ) Qocument l. lanaq_emen t a Otllsync - [FREE] Integrate Microsoft Oltlce ***** Add R now lgl n C with Google Apps by Offi; Syric_C<vrL Lii. In. mr. e watch the offisync Demo 0tfiSync extends Microsott Olfice applicaions with Googe Docs and Pricing Details bit, Google Apps Free e Extend MS Office with real-time collaboration 1&_Em_mgt_flgn3g3gg e Use Google search to find your files 0 Save your files online right from within Otfice Aboutthe Vendor 0tfiSync is a Microsott Olfice 2003, 2007 and 2010 addin that extends the core functionality of MS Word. Excel and oms inc corp PowerPoint with advanced collaboration capabilities powered by Google Docs and Google Sites seam; Seattle Once installed. users wilt find a new toolbar in their Otfice applications letting them save their files on Googe Docs just 93904 as ifthey were being saved locally, use Google search to find their stored documents and use the arhranced Unflgd 313195 collaborative features of Google docs right from within MS Olfice applications. comact@0m5 inc com Vendor website While Googe Docs might be a grea altemative to MS Otlice for some users, other would rather keep using Olfice but super charge it with new web capabilities provided by Googe - 0ffiSync brings those together Recent CUSIDIECF ROVKWS Read all 561 reviews I Sign in to write a FBVIEW fififfifi No Batteries Required! ~, Cm - ' étgt We're not technicd in any way and this just works. Give it a go you won't be disappointed. Report this Ill
  55. 55. http: //j. mp/ GoogleFormsArtic| e H "H: 3/ digital inspiration tech ‘a la carte 'lWiI'gII~, ‘I3’! ]9I! Il'gIl = t-wal--snll‘-, l=r-1 Era-I-ml gin-mllir-1: 'WIiLgr= IL-1 flaw-xilt-—IW= l§: -Ilia». -l £~‘I3'l'gI! |!l‘-I-‘I II-ui : _ Q EMFIIL Fl FRIEND Why F01'ms in Google Docs are Perfect for Creating Sign up for our daily email newsletter | Enter your email address Sign Up Add our headlines to your online news reader cg ‘ 67902 readers ll flCo‘ Iv: MYYI. ': "i: e"i. i RNER While there are plenty of web polling services around B‘ where can you create onnne polls and surveys for free, SMS Alerts: Get news headlines on your mobile phone for free. there are couple of reasons why the form builder in Google Docs rules them all. MEET THEAUTHOR Reason 1. You can create any number of polls and surveys using Google Docs for free and virtually unlimited number of people can participate in such surveys via the web browser. Ami! Agarwa is a professional blogger and persona technology columnist for a national newspaper. He launched this site in 2004 . .read more n Reason 2. The forms created with Google Docs are mobile friendly and people can therefore send in their responses from mobile phone browsers as well (perfect for conducting polls in a conference). Youlflgg "_ _ BECOME H FFIN FULLDLU @| ahno| SUBSCRIBE TD 0. , ‘ ' DN FHCEBEICIK UN TUJITTER YDUTUBE CHFINNEL I 7 u _, , |}‘. g|‘l‘r-, II, lu. :ynalitqm-Glsflilm c . 4 _ , Loading ¢- I "‘ 4’ 3 j t
  56. 56. www. sa| esforcefoundation. org/ resources Resources & Training 1% product. 0. Salesforcecom OWSTS extensive tree and paid training resources to ltS community 0' USGTS. Some 0' these resources can require a bit Cit translation [Of nonprofit customers. DUT they can also be incredibly helpful. TO access these resources. log in t0 Salestorce, and click on the Help 8: Training link at the top Ot your home page or check out the Salestorce om earnin Cen er. For nonprofit specific resources. please check out the links below. Talk to the Pros Find 3 Partner Find a partner who specializes in nonproms Get Tech Support Log n and cbck on Heb & Training to log a case. Sign up for Training Attend a Webinar . 5‘ ‘ Take a cuss and become a Attend a webiriar or event on a vanety ottopics Salestorce champion Join the Community Get an Answer 0 Questions answered by other nonprofit customers J0ln 8 USE! ’ Group Meet other nonproft salesforce customers In Twitter H Breaking news and updates from the Resource Center Sales force 4 Social Good New sletter Salestorce com Learning Center Saleslorce comTrainirig 5 Certification Saleslorce com Commonly Sales force com W ékékékéhéé . ilrtlii. s»1iiil leuiite zilrwil il. a'.1.i: — 2niiiir1sni"i— ‘ii ti Ill+L’ 'lii; ii: ,- ctt»3i: riw; - l‘ldl‘rtl]lllV] iii’ tr, rel ationsnips We nr llr, tVL‘ Lil lllt l-ii_i. l tut: rive l '31 tiiiilil /1 hitt‘ ii tern r‘ii: —lpini; l Ll‘: ll_) - - vr: Jnij lint: ,ii, .' ielli: i.i. l‘illCVl 'lllilI-‘ Hi: i"‘e A-. [pi. ti: r 3 p»'CGeld[‘Cl’l-3tlCll’l Ccii"irn. mit. Resources salezlcr-:9 i: r.. "i Q @165 rce. com _ on A community of good people doing great things. — Nonprofit Solution Higher Education Solution B Corp Solution flgggmgggjlrfingm Apply for Donation Nonprofit Starter Pack FAQ Noriorom Starter Pack
  57. 57. hup: //www. vertica| response. com/ non—profi'is/ ll‘i. '. lzérticall-lesponse Email Marketing Surveys Postcards Pricing Partners & Developers Non-Profits Email for Free Promote Your Non-Profit Freely, For Free! Need to develop a dialog with donors, patrons, alumni or members? At Vertica| Response, we are inspired by the work you do, so we want to make it easier. Now you can save your _ donors’ dollars for other crucial projects, so that you can stretch that shoestring to achieve Q even more. ' What you get / erticalllesponse for Non-Profits is a program that enables Non-Profit Organizations (NPOs) to effectively communicate with their supporters via email. Once accepted into the program, NPOs will be able to leverage Vertlca| Resporise’s email marketing to send up to 10,000 emails per month. All for free! How it works Once you’re enrolled in the program, you’ll get 10,000 free credits at the start of each month. It's a ‘use-lt- or—lose-it’ system, so credits will expire at the end of that month. Not to worry — we'll give you 10,000 more the following month. Simple, right’ Getting started If your organization IS a 501(c)(3), then you're eligible. Simply fill out the , l,_ , we'll check to make sure that you're not flbblng about your 501(c)(3) status, and Hip the switch. You're ready to start sending professional looking emails. Take it to the limit Need to send more than 10,000 emails in one month? No worries. You can purchase additional email credits at a ‘ '. It's a pay as you go system, so you can buy more credits at any time. Extra credit Sorry, but we won't be providing refunds for credits purchased prior to ]0ll'lll'lg the program. You can either use up your existing credits before getting started, or hang onto them in case you go over your monthly limit. It's up to you. Existing terms and conditions apply. Wait, there's more! Why not use postcards to help grow your email list’ Or surveys to find out more about your patrons or members? / erticalRespcnse also offers a 15"‘: discount on Surveys and Direct Mail postcards. ' ~~. . L3r: ..: .._ . "~l . - -ilir-»v. .'> V-v ll, 'l ii '_l l ‘l"l M Education & Support About ''ll<'n 'l‘l'1*f] 1- . . . . . V’ _ ll(7lll‘llltl'llllt r_ iiiuntli. l I'lIC(llRt'. [)()llrt pub N in lriinl iifiiiir l'lI[(; "“. r Willi u. ls_' ll) ilxg ¢-"mil '7' " - / - iil: irkcliiig_" I Tum ii. -ii-p. -,_ I Thr i-‘mi (}u_ ’ [)('IIl'P. to l I Learn how we can help you } What is required? You'll need to ' Our Consulting team will approve you within 2 business days. What if I'm not a 50l(C)3? If you're a registered charity in Canada or the United Kingdom Just send us your paperwork from the relevant regulatory powers that be (Canada Revenue Agency or the UK's Charity Commission) What if I already am a customer? If you‘re already a customer, the discount Wlll apply to any "new’ purchases. If you have questions regarding the status of your application, call us at (866) 683-7842 6am-6pm pst. 0 F3 L? m. .. . . —, . c
  58. 58. http: //www. eventbrite. com/ n po ‘i'l: lilini ‘ii: ” l min: ‘ -.1: _, ':x: Eventbrite for Causes fifikfil 5-1;IIulF~T‘5L Eventbrite for Causes is a program for non- profits who want to manage, promote, and raise money through successful events. Eventbrite is committed to helping non-profits leverage technology and best practices to raise money and build sustainable programs. Publish: Promote: Create a customized DFOYESSIODBI Promote your event online and reach event page new GOHOVS Spread the word through a multitude of Easily collect donations social channels Create as many ticket types as desired Learn More Learn MOVE Non-Profit Rate 2.9% + $0.09 tax. (55; i- i‘té"‘3'i: -ial : .."e*: i5; Non-Profit Community Comect vwth other nonprofits who are tsing everts to achieve meir goals, receive dedicated newsletters and expert advice Leam more A">, )': }i'v i‘| fi. i', I76 = lI| kV_lIoLg| L1 -4*-l: |‘ = IIl-‘l -. :: Sell Out: Collect payments securely through credit card Paypal or Google Checkout Watch as your event sells out . ith real-time tracking and reporting Learn MOVE Cause to Comment Using E/ en! :)rrte for Crags‘ st For/ ndatron's 61.’) Amiga’ Boot Cami) was a great experrence Nori.9ro‘. ' orga'irza. ’ror7s 0.‘ a ‘ srzes ‘ : >ene. ’rr from me ease or’ use cos! e. ‘r*ecirwe. 'iess arid coii: ;3r'e! ierisr‘. re feature set not to merit on great customer’ sex‘. /rce‘ iii
  59. 59. < c L1l"‘tl1'iii/ <">ri": t<'i ii i"<Z: i rill &-,5» a rite),
  60. 60. www. beextra. org . _ ’ ‘i‘ ' L 77% i ‘ 44;» ' GOT SOME FREE TIME? Q‘; ,}_ , , I , _, J: 3; "T0-°J. ‘J>lI. ‘i'i. ‘.“ —— W? . . so In In .14 r (- -¢»lIi. i. ll-"II Iii ui-)-Ill: ,-hi-i-. II’ gi= io. v-ni-. l»-c-iuigiliu r Featured Micro-actions Tag images for the : =“‘ i fag Imago: ‘ 1 Library 0' Congress 1_ for The smithsonoan r Map playspacas tor Kaboom . Map IHCIUORKG , _"t. __= _,q. ! V at big cat abuse Quick stats Join our Mailing List 20000 extraordinary Volunteers Email Adurels: 200 Organizations _ 51”” UL. 12.8004» Micro-acllons taken “fa . 1i . i & um. i. l. -nllvilla-i. '; -iAi~-ru lull-Ii---'1a)I| lOl4"= 'b I-)v 'l0'H| i in-I-J-to HOMi -3:-‘-i . ‘Ir1I: -1.“ »t~| IIi '2 Q- . 1 an SOMETHING EXTRAORDINARY V')| lDlII<'4‘I‘- Click III‘ft" - E37 ’.3u”. ‘.3lE MICRO-VOLUNTEERS ou. iii[A<Il4)l r: u. «.ri What People Are Saying r'. .-i [ix -ll plum. -‘ xv - iodo wood - nu r‘. L1)rc'l! V., , T _ll). 1' i't: ii. :<l-, i.ur. - Ju1 . :—s. sr; Sari-'iaI'Icls¢ol1'I§T'EIE§3
  61. 61. www. kickstarter. com mcufflfn DISCOVER Pncursicrs LEAFIN MORE BLIZH} Login Slgnup A New Way To Fund Ideas & Endeavors KICKSTARTER IS A FUNDING PLATFORM FOR ARTISTS. DESIGNERS. FILMMAKERS. MUSICIANS. JOURNALISTS. INVENTORS. EXPLORERS. .. Iimgiiiiiu Sliakespeai e by Kevin Sprague "Imagining Shakespeare" ShOWS comprehensive look at all ofthe award-winning photography, design, and imaging WOYK by KQVI TOY Shakespeare 8. C0. - All r. ... ..r. . . . . ..". .. I‘ ALT; ’ PROJECT OF THE DAY P h ijtcig rapher iievi ii Sprague has spent the last 15 years '5l'u: iciting arid designing rnaterials for a : l: e-3peare : i:irrip. ai‘i'; ;', and lie _» r'e. ai: Iy‘ to i, i:irTipi| E his ‘tr-xorlr into a printecl collectiinn l~1e»‘in cliistusse-5 his wi: irlr and the t: icicila' in his i: iri: iJprt ‘-"| lIF‘I’I_ anti he's i2ilTE‘l'| l1g iji2i; Jli3‘E- ti) liiC1iZlir? l“Er ART Emu. rininrn r--nu-I-n Battle of Bi ooklyii by Purriui Battle of Brooklyn chronicles a six year communityfight against a massive real estate development that uses eminent domain to take people's homes. v art: 5 Interviews, updates, and tips from the KICKSISYTBYIEGYVI. ORA kill Screen Creator , l.‘, I4’ , .>: ,ii_r, B Facobook ’ Twitter FILM Battle of EIl'ljl: |I. I'y‘l'l exarriines the fig ht l: iet‘u‘»i‘een ’ | i:ipiE'lE~ .3l'ii; I IjltlIEl'i'Ei i: I"w“E‘l , aljlisiied Nwi Erpijits i: i:irrii Ev. right in the middle of r ieiitial Elinciirlji-'i‘i This. TlllTl i: li: ii: l_llTIEI'lt‘f- tl'i:1t right and — EiI'l| Jl. IICI all go "i'I'EII — Stop IIIE I: iI, ll| iZI l"3 MUSIC
  62. 62. www. de| icious. com/ highwayt Highwaylv '—2Ir‘: c< ,1 delicious i__ . . .. Ea. -2. Highway Ts Bookmarks 5. mp Bookmarks tlet, uor- Tags Su: a=: ri; :tii: vns inset , / e. - :3 Site: rtt: Mgr a_. t org 0) Em“ See more bookmarks in Popular, Recent, or look up a URL. 'i'-1. In Booljmarl-ts . Tags Sspa, ccticrs v vTop1Cl ‘Nordpress Extras My Favorites «< Amy Sampie Ward s Version of NPTech B°°“““ amysampIeward. orglit; Li Z: ' _. -t. i.: r‘es '. I‘*_s; a'. :l; J"€ 'mp°ne{ Wordpress D| Ugl'l plugins tools toms online How to repost content with Posterous | Sociatbrite mobile w-. r-. r.sociaEt)rite. org Ill‘ '11 ‘it I’: 'i: C. -'1—'-3L: s'-C: i’fiE"i-in '1‘-Les‘. -:—rc. : '. t"' ' ' Samoa, posterous sociaimedia howto web; 0 H phone Prism tr‘ tree prism. mozii| coliabor imported Bookmarks mo: ‘ta prism webdev webapps lirefox appiications desktop D Ali Tag Microsoft Mouse Mischief '. N.N. I.micr0sof! .Com "'. ‘it: "1 "W: imported Bookmarks microsoft powerpo int interactwe toois free Don't write a business plan wwx-. C i: . 313127 . ECC imported Bookmarks planning strategy business businessplanning Digital Age May Differ from Real Age '/ ww. marketingcharts. com': 9" ': r'-rea -a; i:- ‘€ ‘ "at-age-na, »:“e imported Bookmarks age generations digitai use adoption adoptionpatterns The state of social learning and some thoughts for the future of L&D in 2010 ‘ c4lpt. co. uk "a": t:: i <. '3t{- "tin irnoorted Bookmarks elearning eelearning social coiiaboration weo2 0 learning education First Steps With WordPress «. WordPress Codex " “' . -,aa. ... .a, a-. ,.-, . f>f‘= V'. .-.7" . . -~»i—ir—»»
  63. 63. _ . technology navigation for nonprofits Andy / /olber a_no! y@l-lighiiIayT. org @highiiIay’i