How Member-Centric is Your Chamber?


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Practice the characteristics of remarkable associations by becoming member-centric.

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How Member-Centric is Your Chamber?

  1. 1. ©2011 Hight Performance Group How Member-Centric is Your Chamber? 1How Member-Centric isYour Chamber?How to move from being a“good” Chamber to a“great” Chamber
  2. 2. • Performance improvement consultants for• Marketing, sales, customer experience & loyalty,productivity, membership development• 2008 named ACCE Consultant on Demandfor membership development• The nation‘s member retention specialist• Developer of The Member Retention Kit (over450 member-based associations use the Kit)• Cathi Hight – U.S. Chamber instructor forInstitute for Organization ManagementHow Member-Centric is Your Chamber?©2011 Hight Performance Group2
  3. 3. ©2011 Hight Performance Group How Member-Centric is Your Chamber? 3Session Objectives• Rate Your Chamber with the Member-Centricity Scorecard• Explore what it takes to excel in the newMembership Life Cycle• Recognize the ingredients of a ―great‖Chamber based on the 7 Measures ofSuccess• Explore 6 Strategies to Create a Member-Centric Chamber
  4. 4. ©2011 Hight Performance Group How Member-Centric is Your Chamber? 4The Member Centricity Scorecard• Read each statement• Rate how well you use each strategy todevelop a member-centric Chamber• Add up the value of each statement• Total your score for all statements• Compare your overall score to thelegend
  5. 5. ©2011 Hight Performance Group How Member-Centric is Your Chamber? 5Collins‘ 7 Measures of Success• The ASAE/Center forAssociation Leadership 4-Year Study• 1,000 ASAE execs invited tonominate top 5 associations• 506 associations nominated• 104 associations mentionedmost frequently• 51 associations participatedin the study (20 yrs+operation)• Analyzed 15 years ofperformance• Only 9 identified as ―Great‖• AARP• American College ofCardiology• American Dental Association• Associated GeneralContractors of America• Girl Scouts of the USA• National Association ofCounties• Ohio Society of CertifiedPublic Accountants• Radiological Society ofNorth America• Society for Human ResourceManagement
  6. 6. ©2011 Hight Performance Group How Member-Centric is Your Chamber? 6The 7 Measures of Success• Commitment to Purpose• A Customer Service Culture• Alignment of Products and Services with Mission• Commitment to Analysis and Feedback• Data-Driven Strategies• Dialogue and Engagement• CEO as a Broker of Ideas• Commitment to Action• Organizational Adaptability• Alliance Building
  7. 7. ©2011 Hight Performance Group How Member-Centric is Your Chamber? 7A Customer Service Culture =A ‗Member-Centric‘ Organization• ―Remarkable associations build their structures,processes, and interactions—their entireculture—around assessing and fulfillingmembers‘ needs and expectations.‖• ―We measure success by how relevant we are tomembers. Are we meeting their needs? Are weanticipating their needs?‖--7 Measures of SuccessWhat Remarkable Associations Do That Others Don’t
  8. 8. © 2011 Hight Performance GroupThe Ongoing Membership Cycle8How Member-Centric is Your Chamber?
  9. 9. • Acquisition Effective value-propositions focused on benefits, Special promotions, incentives Recruit for retention• Integration Onboard members into the ―community‖ Provide additional ‖touches‖ often Live up to the brand promise• Engagement Offer multiple and diverse opportunities formembers to engage based on interests or needs Provide positive, exceptional experiences Monitor engagement levels and target memberswith low engagement levels• Renewal• Make it easy and convenient to renew• Make it automatic• Offer renewal incentives• Stop providing benefits with lapsed memberships• Market to past members and win them back© 2011 Hight Performance Group 9Where Do We Need to Improve?How Member-Centric is Your Chamber?
  10. 10. ©2011 Hight Performance Group How Member-Centric is Your Chamber? 106 Strategies to Develop aMember-Centric Chamber1. Enhance yourmembers‘ experiences2. Every staff members is―member-centric‘3. Develop and supportcommunities of interestaround you4. Make it easy andconvenient to engage5. Solicit feedback, listen &act on members‘ needs6. Recognize and rewardmembers
  11. 11. ©2011 Hight Performance Group How Member-Centric is Your Chamber? 11Strategy 1: Enhance YourMembers‘ Experiences• Create a vision, mission and set ofvalues (or guiding principles)focused on delivering value for yourmembers• Measure and manage your‗Moments of Truth‘• Operationally, define ―member-centric,‖ establish success metrics,identify staff behaviors to reinforce• Be responsive to members‘ inquiries• Solve members problems timely• Thank members for their business• Realize that it‘s all about them!
  12. 12. ©2011 Hight Performance Group How Member-Centric is Your Chamber? 12Strategy 2: Every Staff Member is‗Member-Centric‘• Realize ―You can‘t send ducks toeagle school.‖• Don‘t put ‗square pegs‘ into roundholes—hire for intrinsic traits,attitude and self-accountability• Provide ongoing customer servicetraining• Spell out how each role is linkedto the Membership Life Cycle• Hold staff accountable to yourCustomer Service Standards• Recognize and reward customerservice ―inside and out‖
  13. 13. Strategy #3: Develop and SupportCommunities of Interest Around You• Connect members to oneanother via mutualinterests and needs• Task forces, councils• Special Interest Groups(SIGS)• Birds-of-a-feather(women‘s, YP‘s groups)• Live tweets at currentevents around topics• Share best practices andsolve common problems• Forums, panels, experts• Blogs, online resources13©2011 Hight Performance Group How Member-Centric is Your Chamber?
  14. 14. ©2011 Hight Performance Group 14Strategy #4: Make it Easy andConvenient to Engage• Offer self-service options on your web site• Ensure that systems work (e.g., links, onlineregistration, renewals, shopping cart)• Find ways to save members money and time• Think ahead for members• Go to members instead of making them come to you• Automate transactions and processes• Make products/services accessible on their terms• Offer payment options and discountsHow Member-Centric is Your Chamber?
  15. 15. ©2011 Hight Performance Group How Member-Centric is Your Chamber? 15Strategy 5: Solicit Feedback, Listen &Act On Your Members‘ Needs• Ask for feedback andsuggestions• Survey members byphone or online• Conduct interviews andfocus groups to exploredeeper meanings• Poll members on specifictopics or issues• Don‘t assume, ask!
  16. 16. ©2011 Hight Performance Group How Member-Centric is Your Chamber? 16Strategy # 6: Recognize andReward Members• Honor members at special events• Provide certificates for training orparticipation (e.g., Leadership program)• Congratulate them on their businessanniversary and accomplishments• Recognize their investments (time, money,resources, in-kind contributions)• Nominate them for community awards• Spotlight members on website ornewsletters (it‘s about them!)• Recognize ―Volunteers of the Month‖• Acknowledge members in press releases(help them be heard above the noise)• Send out handwritten, personal notes• Post kudos and provide recommendationson their social networking sites• Encourage and reward member loyalty
  17. 17. ©2011 Hight Performance Group How Member-Centric is Your Chamber? 1790-Day Next Action Step• What one thing will you explore orimplement in the next 90 days?
  18. 18. ©2011 Hight Performance Group How Member-Centric is Your Chamber? 18Session Summary• Take responsibility for your role in the MembershipLife Cycle• Invest in creating the best experiences for members• Remember that the ―great‖ associations have afoundation for being customer/member-centric• Spend time to know your members well• Help members integrate and connect in your―community‖• Reach out and ‗touch‘ members regularly• Make things flow efficiently for members• Collect, listen and act on feedback• Find ways to recognize and reward members
  19. 19. ©2011 Hight Performance Group How Member-Centric is Your Chamber? 19What Have I Done Todayto Retain a Member?• Contact us for support at (720)304-0747• Email me• Check out our web