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Refresh your Creative Process: Best Practices to Get Teams Moving Faster


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A new creative campaign can be an emotional rollercoaster. But with a few simple changes to your creative process, you can move projects faster and without frustration. Get best practices for how teams can spend more time on the creative output, and less time on the process. To view the on-demand webinar, visit

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Refresh your Creative Process: Best Practices to Get Teams Moving Faster

  1. 1. Refresh  Your  Creative  Process Best  Practices  to  Get  Teams  Moving  Faster 1
  2. 2. #createbetter The  Dreaded  Triple  Constraint Fast Good Cheap
  3. 3. #createbetter The  Dreaded  Triple  Constraint Fast Good Cheap But  this is   what  I  want!
  4. 4. #createbetter …and  MORE!!! 73%  of  marketers  expect  to  produce   more content  in  2017  vs  2016 Source:  Content  Marketing  Institute
  5. 5. #createbetter Creative  output  is  the  bottleneck  to   your  marketing  execution
  6. 6. #createbetter of  marketers  say  producing   content  is  a  top  challenge 60% Source:  Content  Marketing  Institute
  7. 7. #createbetter One-­third  of   creative   projects  are   late or  over budget Have you missed a project deadline (or   run over budget)  in the last 12 months? Yes 33%   No 67%   Source:  Hightail  survey
  8. 8. #createbetter Poor  project   management  is   top  reason   projects are  late   or  over  budget Unclear  client   feedback Inefficient  review   process 39% 66%   64%   Poor  project   management Unclear  approval   process 32%   26%   34%   2%   25%   Why  do  you  miss  deadlines  or  run  over  budget? Source:  Hightail  survey
  9. 9. #createbetter A  broken  creative  process  has   tangible  costs  for  your  business
  10. 10. #createbetter Managers  spend  30-­60%  of  their   time  in  coordination  meetings Source:  Boston  Consulting  Group Lost  Time
  11. 11. #createbetter 30%  annual  employee   turnover  rate Source:  MediaPost “Too  many  rush  projects,  poorly  planned   projects,  and  lack  of  project  direction.” Lost  Morale
  12. 12. CONFIDENTIAL Digital Designer $137/hrArt  Director $178/hr Chief Creative  Officer $861/hr Creative  Director $283/hr Account  Exec $98/hr Lost  Money Over  40% plan  add  more   agencies and  freelancers   to  help  create  contentSource:  4As  Survey  &  AdAge
  13. 13. #createbetter Improving  creative  efficiency  is   imperative  to  your  success
  14. 14. #createbetter The  Creative  Process  is  Complex
  15. 15. #createbetter Source:  Content  Marketing  Institute of  marketers  don’t  have  an   effective  creative  process 75%
  16. 16. #createbetter Team  Dynamics  Contribute  to  the  Problem ManagerMaker Stakeholder Unique  projects Heterogeneous  teams Asymmetrical  power Different  needs Physically  dispersed No  shared  solution
  17. 17. #createbetter
  18. 18. #createbetter 66%  of  creative   teams  mostly  get   feedback  in  email But  only  30%  think   email  is  effective for  getting  feedback
  19. 19. #createbetter
  20. 20. #createbetter “Stop  ‘collaborating’   with  me!” Prioritize Conceptualize Compartmentalize
  21. 21. #createbetter “Why  doesn’t  anyone update  their  tasks??” Organize Summarize Catalyze
  22. 22. #createbetter “Are  we  going  to  land  this  thing?” Analyze Mobilize Evangelize
  23. 23. #createbetter Five  tips  for  refreshing  your  creative  process and  getting  the  most  out  of  your  team
  24. 24. #createbetter Clarify  Roles Consider  RACI Assign  deliverables Delegate  creative  control
  25. 25. #createbetter Consolidate  Feedback Specify  feedback  desired Capture  and  process  comments Filter  and  articulate  next  steps
  26. 26. #createbetter Define  Templates Articulate  ideal  project  plan Establish  clear  milestones Automate  repetitive  projects
  27. 27. #createbetter Get  Agile Hold  regular  stand-­ups Deliver  rounds  frequently,  iteratively Self-­organize  teams
  28. 28. #createbetter Standardize  Your  Tools Make  accessible  to  full  team Eliminate  information  silos Establish  consistent  usage
  29. 29. #createbetter of  marketers  have  a  process  in  place  to  aggregate,   organize,  and  manage  visual  assets  being  used   across  their  marketing  teams Only 27% Source:  CMO  Council
  30. 30. #createbetter Precise  feedback
  31. 31. #createbetter Precise  feedback Assigned  tasks
  32. 32. #createbetter Precise  feedback Assigned  tasks Updated  versions
  33. 33. #createbetter Precise  feedback Assigned  tasks Updated  versions Clear  approvals
  34. 34. Reduces  review   turnaround  times  from   4  days  to  1 Saves  4 hours   per  shoot Saves 5-­10 hours   per  project Speeds  up  review   process  by  35% Gets  feedback   on-­time Saves 10  hours   per  week Improved  Creative  Efficiency
  35. 35. #createbetter More  information