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Skip O'Neill and John Brandt present the keynote session that covers what's new in digital marketing and explain how organizations can take advantage of new features & technology to better engage constituents and prospective members/donors.

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  • Skip -- First, We would like to thank Ryan Solutions for inviting us to talk with you this week. For the next 45 minutes or so, We hope to share with you some Share:Email Industry Trends andhow to leverage your Email technology to drive more skier visits to the mountain and thus additional revenues.
  • Introductions Skip 11+ years in the email industry, 8 years with ET and the past 3 with BHJB
  • Skip --Here’s our agenda for today. share with you some results on a survey that we recently completed that will shed some light on consumer views of email.Next, we’d like to discuss strategies that everyone should be deploying. And finally, we’ll discuss some of the cool things that we’ll be releasing this year that you’ll have to keep an eye out for.
  • JB - Sometimes we lose sight of the fact that the email that we are sending to people is going to people just like us. Skip – The theme of this pres
  • JB -- It seems like a no-brainer, but you have to occasionally step back and ask consumers what they want out of email programs. Because what was true 2-3 years ago, may not necessarily be the same now. And that’s essentially what we’ve done for the last 2 years. We’ve asked consumers the same exact questions 2 years in a row so that we can easily identify trends.
  • Skip -- the last 2 years we worked with Flagship research to learn what going out in the consumer worldAnd surveyed over 1,000 urban and suburban consumers in the USbetween the aged of 25-4077% employed 76% with a household income of greater than $35k
  • Skip - Also, 70% of participants were 25-35, 65% resided in a suburban area, and perfectly split down the middle male and female. And an important note, we asked the same exact questions this year and last year to ensure we could compare apples to apples.
  • JB - Let’s dive into the first section of the report, which provides insights on the subject of email acquisition.
  • JB —We asked our survey participants to indicate which of these methods of email sign up they’d used over the past year. Options include more typical methods, like entering their email address on the brand’s website, to some of the less common options you see here.As you’d expect, signing up from a website is the most common method used. But consumers do indicate a level of comfort signing up for email programs using a variety of acquisition channels, including ones that they can tap into while they’re on the go, like from within mobile apps and via text to join, which you may have participated in during Manny’s presentation on Tuesday.
  • JB —In addition to asking how consumers sign up, we also asked them why. And for two years running, “to receive discounts” is by far the most important reason cited by the consumers we surveyed. In fact, 11% more cited discounts as the main reason why this year, than in 2012.Discounts are important, but don’t feel like your email program needs to just be a coupon distribution channel. It may be an integral part of acquisition, but focus on other types of marketing strategies once they are onboard.
  • Skip - how consumers engage with email via mobile devices. I’m sure that you are all very interested in the mobile results.
  • Skip - We asked consumers WHERE they most often read their emails—where from a hardware perspective. 43% selected either a tablet or smartphone—so on a mobile device. Subscribers are no longer glued to their home or office to read your emails. Email today is almost instant.When people are on site within the resort, I’m sure these percentages increase significantly. So, it is obviously incredibly important to have your email look good in a mobile device.
  • Skip - Brandt Mtn email – We had 64 attendees participate in Manny’s txt to join program. So far you have received two automated emails, How many of you viewed those emails on you mobile device? How many of you deleted it? No don’t answer that 80% of survey recipients said they delete emails that do not look good on their mobile device. So designing email to render properly for mobile devises is really important. 30% of subscribers unsubscribe. So it is doubly important. 48% of marketers do not know what percentage of their emails are read via a mobile device e consultancy 2012 census
  • JB—Let’s look next at how consumers engage with your emails.
  • JB - In the past Send time optimization was the buzz-word. Predicting when a subscriber was at their desk to view the email. today we do see that consumers are reading personal email all day long, vs carving out specific time at one point each day to tune into their inbox.Emails sent between 8pm and midnight get best results a week ago emarketer reportedIn everyday life, most people don’t want to be bothered late at night. But the opposite seems to be true when it comes to email. According to a Q4 2012 analysis by Experian CheetahMail of its North American clients’ email campaigns, emails sent late at night outperformed emails sent any other time of day.Experian found that emails sent between 8pm and 12am generated higher open and clickthrough rates, more transactions, larger orders, and greater revenue per email than emails sent during any other time of day—and by a significant margin.Read more at Smartphones and tablets are playing an increasing role in consumers’ off hours, and many of these emails will see clicks from mobile devices.Read more at 
  • Skip - The last section of the report that we’ll be looking at today is an important one.
  • Skip - For two years running, we’ve asked consumers this question: “When you unsubscribe, what is the primary reason.” The top 2:Relevance – perceived value of the content of the email. - cutter and buck exampleFrequencyWe just shared with you about 25% of the survey results, if you want the whole survey, you can go to an download the whitepaper.
  • JB – Many of you may be thinking, okay, that’s great. Some or all of that I already knew. But now what?
  • JB - But wait. There are so many strategies out there that are solid performing strategies, but who has time to implement them all?
  • JB - What we all need to do is identify the strategies that are important in your niche, and get them up to speed. So the first step is understanding where you are now and working from a crawl, a walk, and then a run. And in some areas you may already be up to a sprint. And maybe in other areas you might be crawling or maybe at a dead stop. Tennis. Forehand vs. backhand compensate for weaknesses.
  • Skip – so let’s dive into these strategies
  • Skip - As we just mentioned. Having a properly formatted email on a mobile is essential. Today: do more with less. How: through automation. can’t stress enough that testing is a huge component of anything you do in email. And last, we are going to talk a little about opting down as a strategy.
  • JB – Okay, so let’s talk mobile. Everyone wants to hear more about mobile.
  • JB -- How many of you have received the Brandt Mtn welcome message on Tuesday? Hopefully none of you have already unsubscribed. You may have noticed that we sent it to you as a responsive design. This is so super important for you guys. I mean, who brings their laptop on a ski vacation? Hopefully if you do, you aren’t stuck looking at your email. But more than likely you are checking your email on your mobile device. That is incredibly powerful. This market has one of the strongest cases for mobile. It’s so important. And it goes beyond just a responsive welcome message. If you stayed in the program, and hopefully you did, you should have received a couple of other automated messages. What I tried to simulate here is the resort subscriber while they are here on site. Think about what you can do here, and some of you may already do this. But how can you drive customers that are subscribers to you hill. And once they are there, how can we drive their decisions to come and get a cup of coffee at the chalet, or eat dinner at the on-site restaurant or a restaurant that you may have a strategic relationship with. Say for instance they buy some advertising space on your email that you send to folks once they’ve checked in. But, most importantly for your subscribers especially, these messages should be in responsive design.
  • Skip – I’m sure that many of you have several different types of automated or triggered messages going out. Like daily snow reports or lodging confirmations or a rebooking email 12 months from their last booking. Set it and forget it (almost)Share with you Strategy Blueprints
  • Skip – Campaign not just a single message Look for:Not just a single message to say thank you, but a series of messages spread out that reinforce the brand. The strategy blueprints welcome campaign allows you to easily do that. [Next]
  • Skip –Using dynamic segments and recurring messages you can automate anythingtriggered messages. Set up over a month ago. You can set up dynamic segments, set a recurring message., the system automatically goes into the system and runs that dynamic segment and sends the message to those subscribers.Examples:Membership renewal notices – 60 days out, 30 days, 15 days, final notice…..Rebooking email 12 months after the last bookingBirthday emailPre-stay emailJB - Microsoft example
  • JBIt’s really that easy. Remember our theme. Put yourself in the shoes of your subscribers and your first few touches can set the tone for the relationship.Welcome campaign set the tone of the relationsheip
  • Skip - rather than have an all or nothing unsubscribe actions, why not give your subscribers a choice to change their preferences by changing what they get.Here is example of opt-down pg.Opt-down gives your subscribers control and you can retain 40% of those people who were otherwise going to unsubscribe.
  • JB -- How many are do it it today? Skip - I mentioned automation earlier. Automate you’re A/B testing. It can increase open by 2-5%
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  • Skip72% of all shopping carts are abandoned. Do you have a means to recapture those shoppers?Who here are already doing a real time cart abandonment program.Simple email inviting them to come backYou don’t have to offer discounts, just invite them to come back and complete their transaction.
  • JB – we have some exciting stuff planned for later this year. And theirs no reason to wait in any long lines.
  •  SkipPut yourself in the shoes of your subscribersSend them what they want rather than what you think they want.
  • Trends in Association Email Marketing Presented by BlueHornet

    1. 1. Membership-Driven EmailStrategies for Not-for-Profits
    2. 2. So what exactly areyou hoping to gainfrom today’s talk?
    3. 3. @skiponeillSkip O’NeillVP, ChannelJohn BrandtDirector, Channel@johnbrandt25
    4. 4. • What’s going on out there?• Strategies that allassociations and non-profitsshould be deploying• What’s new and what’scoming
    5. 5. Put yourself in the SHOES of your subscribers.jb
    6. 6. jb
    7. 7. • 1,002 consumers across the United States between the ages 25 and 40• Live in urban or suburban areas• 77% of whom are employed and 76% with an income over $35,000.
    8. 8. jb
    9. 9. jb
    10. 10. jb
    11. 11. jb
    12. 12. jb
    13. 13. jb
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    15. 15. jb
    16. 16. • Mobile – Rendering & Acquisition• Automated Campaigns• Opt-down instead of opting out• Test, Test, Test
    17. 17. jb
    18. 18. jb
    19. 19. Welcome Campaign(not just Welcome Email)• Does it come right away?• Does it say thank you, use my firstname, is it mobile optimized?• Send out more than one
    21. 21. • “Pretty Big Tuesday” holidayflash sale campaign• Tuesday sales jumped 35%in November & 118% inDecember• 2012 ClickZ Winner: BestUse of Email Marketingjb
    22. 22. jb
    23. 23. Coupon Distributionjb
    26. 26. • Initial abandonment campaigngenerated 12% lift in capturedrevenue• Emails contained no incentives,but focused on brandreassurance to encouragetransaction completion
    27. 27. • Unique Identifier• Email Content Uploader• Revamping the standard sign-up form• Streamlined User Interface –WYSIWYGjb