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March 17 2017 Inbound Lunch Bunch: Building Digital Ecosystems that Deliver ROI


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Inbound marketing is so new to the association market that it might make you feel like you're back in elementary school where everything is new. We're embracing the idea of starting fresh and learning new fundamentals by coming together with other association professionals who are interested in inbound.
We're taking a lot of the standards of elementary school---we're keeping it simple, making it fun and creating a super positive learning environment where the only dumb question is the one you don't ask.

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March 17 2017 Inbound Lunch Bunch: Building Digital Ecosystems that Deliver ROI

  1. 1. Welcome to the Inbound Lunch Bunch March 2017
  2. 2. Building Digital Ecosystems
  3. 3. • Housekeeping: • Tons of resources available: • All of last year’s Inbound Lunch Sessions available on demand: lunch-bunch-page • Toolkits: • If I suddenly drop off the call, hang tight, I will dial back in! • Post any questions in the Chat window and I will try to answer as we go through the presentation
  4. 4. • Agenda • What’s a Digital Ecosystem • Who’s Doing It • Why Are Organizations Changing • What Are the Components • What Are the Considerations
  5. 5. Define Ecosystem
  6. 6. • A complex network or interconnected system • Keywords • Network • Interconnectivity What is an Ecosystem?
  7. 7. Marketing Technology Stack
  8. 8. • +Plus Connector bridging the network of marketing applications together to simplify the flow of buyer’s data for marketers. Integrated Stack AMSEMS Email EPC Email MA +Plus Connector +Plus Connector Landing Page CMS
  9. 9. State of Digital Marketing • Marketing portfolio consist of dozen tools. • With associations, email and social are widely used. • There’s a lot of tools and you need software to track all the channels to keep your brand and voice consistent.
  10. 10. Tools in the Ecosystem
  11. 11. • Email Marketing • Landing Pages • CMS • eCommerce System • Webinar System The Tools You Are Using What the Customer Sees and Does • Reading a Newsletter • Downloading eBook • Reading your Blog • Buying a Product • Attending a Webinar
  12. 12. Who’s Changing their Digital Ecosystem?
  13. 13. Associations are changing their digital ecosystem! Trends We See: • Throw it all out and start over • SaaS, Cloud-based • New AMS, CMS, LMS, marketing automation
  14. 14. Why Are Organizations Investing, Reallocating & Rethinking their Digital Ecosystems
  15. 15. • Multi and Omni are Not the Same • Two Different Schools of Thought • Distinction is With the Strategy of Your Ecosystem Multi-Channel vs Omni-Channel
  16. 16. Multi- Channel • One-way silo communication on each channel that causes inconsistency in tracking ROI and managing your overall voice. Source: vs-multichannel-customer-experience/
  17. 17. The strategy is operational and to broadcast communications through each channel independently. Issues with Multi-Channel • Doesn’t answer: • How is the ecosystem connected? • What if a buyer has multiple touchpoints (they always do)? • How do we buy, implement and measure each one? • Silo communication between departments.
  18. 18. Omni- Channel • Onmi-channel keeps the user at the center of the ecosystem and captures all touchpoints. Source: vs-multichannel-customer-experience/
  19. 19. Strategy is buyer-centric and creates a two-way communication between you and the buyer. Benefits with Omni-Channel • Answers • Ecosystem connects through all software application and channels • Buyers journeys tracked regardless of the channel • Measure each channels performance • Communications have a consistent voice.
  20. 20. • Research by McKinsey & Company • Digital Relevance, Ardath Albee “56% of all customer interactions happen during a multi-event, multi- channel journey”
  21. 21. What Are the Components
  22. 22. Marketing automation
  23. 23. • Additional Components • Online Community Platform • Event Management/Registration Platforms • Learning Management Platforms • Advocacy Platforms • Benchmarking Platforms • Survey Platforms • Call Center Software • Direct Mail Software Plug-Ins • Inventory Management Platforms • Abstract Management Platforms
  24. 24. Key Considerations
  25. 25. • Connectors, Connectors, Connectors! • Pre-built & configurable • Available connector to integrate? • Available through Zapier? • APIs or web services? • Add codes to websites? • What will it cost? • Additional licenses to AMS?
  26. 26. • Particular Gotchas We Need to Watch: • Platform charges you to connect each new system • Custom integration by company that doesn’t have platform expertise or only expertise in one platform, but not both that are being connected • Web-based platforms that don’t allow for putting in codes to allow for interconnected tracking
  27. 27. • Case of the Mondays: • We’re not there yet • We need to crawl, walk, run • We want to do this….someday • I don’t think we’re ready for this • We are going through a web redesign and then will do inbound afterwards
  28. 28. • So You’re Telling Me: • You can wait for revenue • You are fine with running your organization through guessing • You’d rather not know • You’re scared to know • You would rather stay comfortable • You don’t know how to lead change effectively
  29. 29. • Summary: • Stop waiting…do a pilot of inbound marketing platform • Stop waiting…try adopting a technique of inbound • Stop waiting…it’s really not scary • Stop waiting…start today