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Innovative Chapter Communications


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Associations are thinking strategically about their chapter and component communication models and how to best employ digital marketing to get the biggest return.

Published in: Marketing
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Innovative Chapter Communications

  1. 1. Innovative Chapter Digital Communications Suzanne Carawan Chief Marketing Officer
  2. 2. Agenda Trends We’re Seeing in the Association Industry Power & Responsibility of Brand Exploring Chapter Models of Communication Project Overviews
  3. 3. Trends What’s New with Chapters
  4. 4. Trends Who Creates Leads Who Handles Opt-Outs and Data Measuring at the Aggregate Brand Power Struggles
  5. 5. Power & Responsibility of Brand Federal/State Relationships Who Has Bigger Budget and Brand Who Can Get More Done with Infrastructure How to Scale Who Has the Skillsets Who Has the Focus
  6. 6. Chapter Digital Models So Many Ways to Do Good Work!
  7. 7. Active Chapter Projects Innovation Underway!
  8. 8. National Making Email Easier to Protect the Brand Distributed Enterprise Know-How
  9. 9. National Creating Leads for Chapters Growing Faster
  10. 10. form National Landing Page Social Media Billboards, TV, etc Chapter 1 Lead List Chapter 2 Lead List Chapter 3 Lead List Chapter X Lead List Chapter Ambassador works the lead
  11. 11. Chapter Lead Generation with National Oversight Leave No Data Behind!
  12. 12. National AMS Chapter 1 Email Chapter 2 Email Chapter 3 Email Chapter X Email Send Own Email & Manage Brand with National Oversight Chapter Handling Lead Gen at Local Level through Events, Mailings, etc. Social Media
  13. 13. Power of National Brand with Respect for Chapter Unified Front
  14. 14. Power of National Brand to Increase Chapter Engagement Empowering the Network
  15. 15. Chapter President Chapter Leader
  16. 16. Summary Considerations for Organizational Strategic Goals Consideration of Governance & Component Structure Budget Considerations Workflow Considerations Centralized Analysis vs Distributed