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Inbound Lunch Bunch: Using Digital Advertising for Membership Growth


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You need Millennials to join. You need Gen X to spend more & get engaged. You need Boomers to stick around. How do you do this in today’s digital world when you can’t buy email lists, fax doesn’t work & direct mail is so expensive? Join this session to learn about digital advertising growth strategies and how associations are using it to deliver top-line growth in their readership, product categories, membership & event registrations.

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Inbound Lunch Bunch: Using Digital Advertising for Membership Growth

  1. 1. Welcome to the Inbound Lunch Bunch May 2017
  2. 2. Digital Advertising for Membership Growth
  3. 3. Introductions Maneesha Manges, Director of Consulting • Over 15 years of experience in digital marketing • Consulting experience in the association world around digital strategy, field and social media marketing and change management • Expertise in lead generation Ways to Connect: • Twitter: @maneeshamanges • LinkedIn: • Email:
  4. 4. • Housekeeping: • Tons of resources available: • All of last year’s Inbound Lunch Sessions available on demand: lunch-bunch-page • Toolkits: • If I suddenly drop off the call, hang tight, I will dial back in! • Post any questions in the Chat window and I will try to answer as we go through the presentation
  5. 5. Inbound Refresher.
  6. 6. Smart MarTech Stack for Retention (Communications)
  7. 7. Smart MarTech Stack for Growth (Recruitment)
  8. 8. Digital Advertising
  9. 9. What Is Digital Advertising? • aka Internet marketing • Use of digital technologies to reach and convert leads into customers and retain them • When organizations leverage web technologies to deliver promotional advertisements to consumers • Social media • Email • Search engines • Banner ads • Mobile sites • Web sites
  10. 10. Digital Advertising Used to Grow (Leads / Revenue) • How do you generate leads? • Need a really good offer (call to action) • Need a way to digitally connect all of your digital properties to work in tandem • No longer about the platform • CHALLENGE: How do you get in front of people who don’t know you?
  11. 11. Paid vs Un-Paid Advertising Above the Line (ATL) • Paid Media (TV, print, events, sponsorships, etc.) • Google AdWords • Sponsored Content • Sponsored Social • … Below the Line (BTL) • Website • Social Media • Blog • SEO • … Amplify / Accelerate / Expand Reach
  12. 12. What is Out There? • Social • LinkedIn • Twitter • Facebook • Retargeting • Contextual Advertising • Google AdWords
  13. 13. Evaluate
  14. 14. What is Retargeting? • aka remarketing • Form of online advertising that keeps your brand/content in front of bounced traffic
  15. 15. Why Consider Retargeting as part of your ATL Portfolio? • Focuses spend on prospects already familiar with your brand • Helps to increase conversion • BUT: can’t drive prospects to your site • Works best as part of larger digital strategy – in conjunction with inbound & outbound marketing lead gen strategies
  16. 16. Contextual Advertising • Intelligent Contextual Email • Behavioral data • Interest areas • Push/pull marketing
  17. 17. Google AdWords • Base minimum
  18. 18. Metrics
  19. 19. How to measure conversion? Tracking Pixel Code • URL used in creative to record an impression Who has them? • LinkedIn • Facebook • Twitter • Adroll
  20. 20. Recap
  21. 21. Why Do We Need to Spend on Digital Advertising? • Only way to get in front of people who don’t know your brand or what your association has to offer • Amplifies your Below the Line activities to get to quicker results – get leads quickly! • Don’t go it alone.
  22. 22. Do Good Work. Make Today Great.