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Inbound Lunch Bunch- 2016-2017 Wrap Up


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This webinar will discuss the highlights from the 2016-2017 Inbound Lunch Educational Year.

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Inbound Lunch Bunch- 2016-2017 Wrap Up

  1. 1. Welcome to the Inbound Lunch Bunch 2016 – 2017 Wrap Up
  2. 2. Introductions Maneesha Manges, Director of Consulting • Over 15 years of experience in digital marketing • Consulting experience in the association world around digital strategy, field and social media marketing and change management • Expertise in lead generation Ways to Connect: • Twitter: @maneeshamanges • LinkedIn: • Email:
  3. 3. • Housekeeping: • Tons of resources available: • All of last year’s Inbound Lunch Sessions available on demand: lunch-bunch-page • Toolkits: • If I suddenly drop off the call, hang tight, I will dial back in! • Post any questions in the Chat window and I will try to answer as we go through the presentation
  4. 4. Year in Review
  5. 5. Month Inbound Lunch Bunch Toolkit September 2016 Using Interactive Content to Convert Prospects to Customers (Application) Web Content Audit October 2016 Using Banner Ads to Attract Customers Competitive Product Sales Reference November 2016 Gaining New Leads through eBooks Blogging Maturity Assessment December 2016 Personalizing the Member Experience Customer Engagement Plan Methodology
  6. 6. Month Inbound Lunch Bunch Toolkit January 2017 Using Webinars for Lead Generation February 2017 Ecommerce for Associations Shopping Market Methodology March 2017 Building Digital Ecosystems that Deliver ROI Online Advertising ROI Calculator April 2017 Using Marketing Automation to Grow Marketing Automation Metrics May 2017 Using Digital Advertising for Membership Growth Advertising & Budget
  7. 7. Major Topics: • Conversion • Metrics for Success • Content Marketing for Lead Gen • User Journey and Experience • Lead Generation INBOUND MARKETING
  8. 8. Inbound Refresher.
  9. 9. Smart MarTech Stack for Retention (Communications)
  10. 10. Smart MarTech Stack for Growth (Recruitment)
  11. 11. Lead Generation
  12. 12. Why Do You Need Leads? • Growth • Revenue • Membership Base • Exposure of your Brand • Find your People / Tribe • 20% of your email list will degrade each year
  13. 13. Why are Leads so difficult to acquire? • Perception • expensive • sales-oriented function • Lack of awareness • Digital Marketing • Audience segmentation • Personalization / Persona identification • No one fishes where the fish are • Social Media • Heavy reliance on email alone
  14. 14. Why Should We Consider Using Banner Ads to Attract Customers? • How can we get in front of people who don’t provide their email address?
  15. 15. So where should we be placing banners to attract customers? • Emails • Blog Notification Emails • Website • Social Media • Ecommerce Receipts
  16. 16. Social Media • Best way to get in front of those who don’t know you • Sponsored content gives you opportunities to extend your reach • Select your targets based on data
  17. 17. Smart MarTech Stack for Growth (Recruitment)
  18. 18. American Payroll Association – Case Study • Campaign Goals: • Collect insights and contact information for targeted personas • Provide an offer that is compelling to the persona • Collect initial email address and then initiate workflows for additional follow up • End-goal is to get qualified leads and eventually convert to members
  19. 19. Target Audience / Personas • Young professionals in Payroll who are looking for specific information on basic topics in the field • Don’t know who APA is • Likely tasked to get something done but with not a lot of internal, hand-on training • Generation: Millennial
  20. 20. Landing Page • Visual Branding • Web Page – SEO optimized • Offer is clear – note positioning of message
  21. 21. Their Ask • The Form – the most important element of the campaign • How much data can you get away with asking? • What will you do with the data?
  22. 22. Thank You Landing Page • Thank you page is to the point – not too overwhelming • Secondary user journey back to a section on the site • Automated email on its way
  23. 23. Email with Download Link • Automatically sends when form is submitted • Get to the point – give them the offer!
  24. 24. Extra Points: Automated Workflow • Build branches – for those who clicked on the link to download – wait 1 week and send next offer • Those who didn’t – wait 3 days and remind that the offer is waiting to be downloaded
  25. 25. Measuring Success? • Identify your metrics: • # of email clicks • # of landing page views • # of form submissions • # of download clicks • Page referrers – where is your traffic to your Landing Page coming from? • Direct Email • Organic Search • Direct Traffic • Referrals
  26. 26. Call to Action • Please provide feedback for 2017-2018 •School is back in session in September •Happy 4th of July!