How Big Brands Do It: Your Email Future from HighRoad Solution


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John Brandt & Skip O'Neill provide case studies from corporate clients as to how big brands use email marketing for lead generation & customer retention. The presentation was originally presented at HighRoad Solution's first user group conference held at the headquarters of ASAE in Washington, DC on June 6, 2013.

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  • BlueHornet – Email Done Differently
  • Who is BlueHornet?We’re an enterprise email service provider that well-known brands work with to do email differently. We partner with our clients to ensure their digital marketing campaigns deliver the right message to their customers – when they want it, everywhere they are.
  • Why are we different?Not only do we have powerful technology, but our email marketing platform is intuitive and easy to useOur service is built on a unique two-tier model called Support2No other ESP provides proactive deliverability management
  • Leading brands choose BlueHornet because we’re an elite email service provider who understands their needs and their business. We focus on empowering you and your brand to grow and succeed, understanding that loyal fans will choose your brand over the competition.Our marquis customers have been engaged from the very beginning - driven by continued success and a way of engagement that is truly honest, open, and authentic.
  • Done right, email is a conduit that transmits your freshest content directly to fans and customers who want to hear from you. That’s why email tops the list of marketing channels that produce dependably high ROI. Add in the fact that it’s also the “star maker” behind the success of your other sales and marketing efforts, and it’s easy to see why email remains unrivaled when it comes to high impact and great results.
  • Challenge – Raise the Bar on Holiday Email CampaignsWhen you’re as good as Bare Escentuals, the bar keeps getting higher. So how do you consistently reach and exceed an email marketing campaign to keep your fans loyal and anxiously awaiting their next email?Need – Drive higher holiday engagement and SalesDuring a time when subscribers’ inboxes would be overflowing with more email than usual, increasing email could risk subscriber burnout and unsubscribesSolution – Create anticipation and urgency with a Cross-Channel “Flash Sales” CampaignThe “Pretty Big Tuesdays” Campaign was implement in November and ran until Christmas. Sending an email-only message every Tuesday which was only good for 12 hours.Results – 50% increase in overall sales, Tuesday Sales jumped 35% in November and 118% in DecemberDuring the campaign, customers expressed excitement for the sale on Facebook. Post-Campaign, customers were clamoring to bring it back!Lessons Learned – Testing Pays and Timing MattersBare Escentuals used BlueHornet’s A|B Testing to optimize their email creative.
  • Challenge – Capture Lost Revenue in Abandoned CartWhat do you do when the revenue from your website isn’t matching up with the high click-through rates to your shopping cart?Need – A Real-Time Automated Cart Abandonment Remarketing SolutionEmail messages needed to be sent in real-time with dynamic content in order to remain personalized and relevant to the individual visitor.Solution – Integration of SeeWhy with BlueHornet Transactional MessagingThis partnership allowed Boot Barn to remarket and reach out to the people who were interested enough to add something to their cart, but not complete their transaction.Results – Lift in Captured Revenue with Minimal EffortDuring the peak season, their initial abandonment campaign generated a 12% increase in captured revenue.
  • TURN SUBSCRIBERS INTO FANSIt’s not enough for fans to follow or “like” you on your social channels; you want them to buy your products and recommend you to their friends. Social networks provide a place for brand-to-fan relationships to develop, but email is what keeps those relationships top of mind when it’s time to make a purchase. We’ve built the social email solutions you need to integrate your social media and email marketing programs in a way that engages your subscribers, fans, and customers at every stage of their relationship with your brand, from acquisition to advocacy.
  • Challenge – Capitalize on Existing Social MomentumOnce they recognized that their most active email subscribers were sharing news about KFC on their social networking sites they saw an opportunity to find more brand advocates who may be interested in their email program.Need – Tap Existing, and Create New Social InfluencersThey wanted to turn as many existing Colonel’s Email Club subscribers into social influencers by encouraging them to share news about KFC on social networks.Solution – A Two-Pronged Campaign Increases Email Engagement and Social ExposureStep 1: Use Email Marketing to Drive Social Sharing – A simple email highlighting their sandwich with a specific call to action: share the news with your friends via social media.Step 2: Use Social Media to Drive Email Subscribers – Using BlueHornet’s SocialLoop application, KFC implemented an email signup widget on their Facebook page, and then segmented their emails based on that acquisition channelResults – Opens, Shares, Web Traffic and Opt-Ins Dramatically Increase“Double Down” quickly rose to #2 on Google’s Hot Search list and #3 on Yahoo’s Buzz Index, and social now drives 3% of all email signups
  • How do you guarantee great looking emails, anytime, anywhere?Mobile devices are always with your customers, keeping them connected to everything that matters most to them in real time. That means they can open your emails at any time, on any device. Delivering a unique mobile experience is no longer a “nice-to-have” – it’s a must-have. We stay ahead of the rapid changes in mobile email, so that you’re always ready to send great looking emails to each and every subscriber.Making your emails look good on every device is just the first step. What if you could create a unique experience for on-the-go consumers, as well? That’s what we call tapping the mobile opportunity, and with BlueHornet’s Mobile Email Toolkit, it’s possible. The toolkit combines automated mobile identification, targeting, and segmentation tools to help you deliver a personalized mobile experience to customers during key purchasing and loyalty-building opportunities.
  • Challenge – How to Grow Email List in Store LocationAfter building a database of over 3 million valid and active opt-in subscribers, what could be missing? How do you get your in-store guests to register for your email program?Need – An Immediate, Automated Registration ProcessWelcome letter coupon delivery needed to be immediate upon signup, which was not happening through inefficient manual registration. Solution – Instant Registration through Text MessagingBy texting their email address to a number assigned to Chuck-E-Cheese, customers receive an immediate thank you text message in response, along with a delivered email to being the double opt-in and welcome letter process.Results – Text-to-Join Method Grows Email List and Increases EngagementGuests love the instant gratification they get from the text-to-join process! It has also proven to be more efficient and delivers better results and the original manual signup process.
  • So what is responsive design? The concept is simple.  A designer can change content based on the WIDTH you are viewing it.  The design is responding to the width of the viewer's device (not the type of device)... hence "responsive design." BlueHornet is truly a thought leader in the industry and our designers are experts on the subject, and are available to implement responsive design coding into your current email strategy.Slacker Bio:Slacker has the most personalized content of any radio service. They combine the knowledge of the nation's leading music experts from every genre and their listener’s own personal taste to create perfect radio stations. Listeners have access to custom music, news, sports, and comedy stations for free, while subscribers have on-demand access to specific songs, albums and playlists. With Slacker, you can personalize your content and listen everywhere.Due to the massive mobile opportunity, Slacker uses responsive design to specifically target their subscribers on their mobile device; offering mobile only offers and discounts when their emails are opened on a mobile phone.
  • On average, inactive subscribers comprise 35 to 65 percent of every legitimate email list. If you make a habit of cutting them from your strategy, and don't replace them with a larger number of new subscribers, you will effectively obliterate your list within five years. – Subscribers with Jobs stop Visiting the SiteWhen hourly job holders change jobs every 9-12 months, how do you ensure site visits and maintain subscriber engagement with workers, even when those workers are currently employed?Need – Keep Top of MindThey needed a program that would be highly relevant to people in two different stages – people actively looking for a job and those who are thinking about a change but are not actively searching just yet.Solution – A “Win-Back” Email Program Aimed at Re-Capturing Latent SubscribersWorking with BlueHornet’s Strategic Services Team, 3 primary reasons why hourly workers begin looking for a job were identified and used as content for their win-back email program to re-engage subscribers.Results – A High-Rate of Re-EngagementWith a three-touch win back email campaign, they were able to re-capture 10% of their initial target population back into their email program.
  • WHY SUPPORT2 ?The standard industry model for self-serve or collaborative engagements is support on an as-needed basis. That usually means that it’s your responsibility to identify an issue with your program and once you get your ESP’s attention, they’ll work with you on a resolution. Most brands tell us that the as-needed support they get from email service providers isn’t what they need at all. We developed Support2 because we believe that:Ongoing proactive support delivers better program results than reactive problem solving. We see this all the time.Your business needs should always drive your email strategy. We learn your business first.Two is better than one. You get an account manager and an account coordinator, both of whom know your business needs.
  • You don’t send email for the sake of sending email – you do it to drive bottom-line results for your business. But it’s getting harder to be heard. Email needs to do more. Our solution? Built-in strategy tools to help you work smarter, not harder. We make it simple to create the right email program for the right business result, so that you can make every email count.STRATEGY BLUEPRINTS: Personalize, Target, Trigger, AutomateMaybe you don’t have time. Maybe you don’t know where to start. There are plenty of reasons why you don’t have advanced email marketing programs in place, but we make it easy to make the transition with Strategy Blueprints. These marketer-friendly email program creation wizards reduce the time and effort it takes to set up personalized, automated email marketing programs that trigger targeted messages to the right customers at the right time. You decide the message, timing, and segmentation criteria, and we take care of the rest. It’s that simple.
  • Challenge – Re-Defining Loyalty and Value for Affluent International GuestsHow do you implement a scalable and valuable loyalty program across almost 300 hotels and 14 unique brands?Need – Communicating LuxuryTheir communications needed to not only build relationships and engagement with members, but they needed to convey the same level of luxury and exclusivity that members receive in their hotelsSolution – BlueHornet Dynamic Content to create Exclusive, Individualized Email ExperiencesFor each subscriber, GHA emails use dynamic content to personalize the level of rewards the GHA Discovery program member has reached and the Local Experiences that await them at their achieved level. Results – Over 1,000 Content Variations in Seven Different LanguagesSince July 2010, GHA has accumulated 1.7 million members worldwide, with approximately 2,200 members joining each day.
  • Challenge – Low Delivery Rate to Gmail SubscribersBlueHornet Deliverability Management Services Team identified an issue with iHire’s Gmail subscribers (even though their messages weren’t being flagged as spam at any other major ISPsNeed – Restore Gmail Delivery Before a Critical Sending PeriodiHire needed to prove to Google that they deserved to be back in their Gmail subscribers’ inboxes, especially before one of iHire’s upcoming busy seasons.Solution – Strict Segmentation of Gmail SubscribersThe plan was to “Shock” Google: show them that iHire was paying attention and reacting by sending to only their most engaged subscribers. This drastic move and strict segmentation cut out almost 86% of their Gmail subscribers.Results – 100% Gmail Inbox DeliveryiHire has enjoyed 100% inbox delivery at Gmail for four months and counting, allowing them to be in front of their customers during their busiest season.
  • Some brands even come to us specifically for our services, outside of Email. Porsche, for instance, uses the BlueHornet strategy team to help drive their brand ahead of the rest.
  • You may have noticed I didn’t go in to detail on most of BlueHornet’s Technology and Program Features.We know you have choices to make. We know that there are plenty of email service providers out there courting you aggressively. They’re promising lots of sexy things—maybe stuff you never thought you needed until they happened to tell you that you need it. Most Email Service Providers are similar, offering many of the same functionality:A/B TestingSegmentationWelcome and Win-Back ProgramsReportingDeliverabilityList ScrubbingOf course, we offer all of this and more, and we’ll discuss your brand’s unique needs during our next meeting/call.Today I wanted to focus on what makes BlueHornet a great choice for your business.In addition to having all the knowledge and experience required to help you reach your business goals, we also like to think that we know a little something about relationships that keep our partners happy long after the deal is sealed. We know this because that’s what our clients tell us.So where do you start? There is an overwhelming list of potential programs that your company could implement. For marketers, this list can be daunting and sometimes prevents companies from moving forward. That’s why we deliver technology and services designed to take the work out of strategic, effective, and profitable email marketing programs. We simplify complicated strategies and make you look amazing, always keeping your brand at the forefront of the program. We make sure you’re saying just what your customers want to hear from you.
  • How Big Brands Do It: Your Email Future from HighRoad Solution

    1. 1. • “Pretty Big Tuesday” holidayflash sale campaign• Tuesday sales jumped 35% inNovember & 118% inDecember.• 2012 ClickZ Winner: Best Useof Email Marketing
    2. 2. • Initial abandonment campaigngenerated 12% lift in capturedrevenue• Emails contained no incentives,but focused on brandreassurance to encouragetransaction completion
    3. 3. • 40% open rate• Traffic to increased29%• 3 million additional impressions• 12,000 shares onFB & Twitter in 24 hours• 30% increase in email opt-ins
    4. 4. • Subscribers who join theChuck E-Club via textmessage account for 5% ofdaily sign up volume• Open rate of text subscribersis typically 10-20% higherthan that of all othersubscribers• Coupon clicks are 8-10%higher for subscribers thatused texting as a sign upmethod
    5. 5. • Implemented a content-basedwin-back strategy• The program re-captured over10% of dormant subscribers
    6. 6. • International luxury properties:Doyle, Kempinski, Omni, and more• 14 brands, 1,000+ content versions,7 languages• BlueHornet scales with them as theirloyalty program grows – over 1.7million members worldwide
    7. 7. • 85% of Gmail subscriberswere excluded from listsbecause they had not openedin 30 days• Slowly adding more Gmailaddresses over time + closemonitoring restored deliveryto 100%