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How Big Brands Do It: Your Email Future from HighRoad Solution


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John Brandt & Skip O'Neill provide case studies from corporate clients as to how big brands use email marketing for lead generation & customer retention. The presentation was originally presented at HighRoad Solution's first user group conference held at the headquarters of ASAE in Washington, DC on June 6, 2013.

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How Big Brands Do It: Your Email Future from HighRoad Solution

  1. 1. • “Pretty Big Tuesday” holidayflash sale campaign• Tuesday sales jumped 35% inNovember & 118% inDecember.• 2012 ClickZ Winner: Best Useof Email Marketing
  2. 2. • Initial abandonment campaigngenerated 12% lift in capturedrevenue• Emails contained no incentives,but focused on brandreassurance to encouragetransaction completion
  3. 3. • 40% open rate• Traffic to increased29%• 3 million additional impressions• 12,000 shares onFB & Twitter in 24 hours• 30% increase in email opt-ins
  4. 4. • Subscribers who join theChuck E-Club via textmessage account for 5% ofdaily sign up volume• Open rate of text subscribersis typically 10-20% higherthan that of all othersubscribers• Coupon clicks are 8-10%higher for subscribers thatused texting as a sign upmethod
  5. 5. • Implemented a content-basedwin-back strategy• The program re-captured over10% of dormant subscribers
  6. 6. • International luxury properties:Doyle, Kempinski, Omni, and more• 14 brands, 1,000+ content versions,7 languages• BlueHornet scales with them as theirloyalty program grows – over 1.7million members worldwide
  7. 7. • 85% of Gmail subscriberswere excluded from listsbecause they had not openedin 30 days• Slowly adding more Gmailaddresses over time + closemonitoring restored deliveryto 100%