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HighRoad U Webinar: Using Digital Advertising for Membership Growth


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You need Millennials to join. You need Gen X to spend more & get engaged. You need Boomers to stick around. How do you do this in today’s digital world when you can’t buy email lists, fax doesn’t work & direct mail is so expensive? Join this session to learn about digital advertising growth strategies and how associations are using it to deliver top-line growth in their readership, product categories, membership & event registrations.

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HighRoad U Webinar: Using Digital Advertising for Membership Growth

  1. 1. Using Digital Advertising To Grow Membership Emily Wilson Client Success Manager Email: Twitter: @emilywilson360
  2. 2. Overview • What is digital advertising? • Why spend money through digital advertising? • How can digital advertising grow membership? • Who else is there? • What are other associations doing? • What kinds of things can you do with digital advertising? • How can an agency can help?
  3. 3. Digital Advertising • Investing marketing dollars into digital channels to gain ROI • i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google AdWords/Ad Grants • Creating experiences that are where your audience is, on the device they’re on, in the moment they’re there (micro-moments). • Shifting from ”Owned” media (email) to “Paid” media.
  4. 4. Facebook/Instagram • Can set up both Facebook ads and Instagram ads through Facebook ad manager • Detailed options for targeted audiences • Target by types of audiences users follow, age, location, gender, language, detailed targeting, Types of ads • Carousel, page post engagement, page likes, application ads, brand awareness, local awareness
  5. 5. Twitter • Twitter ads by keyword • Twitter cards • 8 – 24% higher click-through-rate than Facebook ads • *Source: Audiosense • Types: either objective-based campaign – such as gaining followers or driving traffic to your website – or create your own custom campaign. • Gallery card, Lead generation card, Photo card, Summary card (default), Website card
  6. 6. LinkedIn • Good for B2B marketing • Target by professional demographics • Reach business professionals and newly graduated business professionals • Matched audiences • Can use database of emails you already have • People who have been to your website / Retargeting • Account targeting – reach decision makers at your target accounts
  7. 7. Google AdWords • Easily set up text and display ads that are highly targeted • i.e. keywords, GDN placement, interest, etc. • Target to time of day and day of week to get most out of ad spend • Target device either mobile or desktop and ability to increase bidding • Attract new traffic, new leads, by showing up where your audience is on the web, on what device they’re using, in the moment they’re using it
  8. 8. Google AdWords / Grants • Non profits with 501c3 status are eligible for Google Grants which equates to up to $10,000 monthly in free text ads • Google lets advertisers upload and target email lists in AdWords with Customer Match • Available on Search, YouTube, and Gmail • When those users on your email list are signed in to their Google account, they see your ads as they use Google Search, YouTube, and Gmail.
  9. 9. Why spend money through digital advertising? • Highly targeted • Budget can be adjusted daily, at any time, across times of day and days of week • Meet customers in their: I-want-to-know / I-want-to-go moments • Where they are, When they are there • Casts a wider net on the digital channels available • Can measure conversions and ROI
  10. 10. How can digital advertising grow membership? • Carve out budget (and time) for emails and digital channels to drive membership • Digital advertising can be targeted so that ads are optimized for website traffic, conversions, brand awareness, or clicks. • Depending on goals, can load the top-of-the-funnel leads through digital advertising • Digital Advertising and Marketing Automation make for a powerful combination • Constantly attracting new leads to the website leads to identified prospects through marketing automation
  11. 11. What are other associations doing? • 2017 State of Digital Marketing in Associations report just released • Facebook and Twitter usage up year-to-year
  12. 12. What are other associations doing?
  13. 13. Who else is there?
  14. 14. What kinds of things can you do with digital advertising? • Promote events • Run membership drives / promotions • Continued Professional Education credit (CPE) offers • Promote resources available • Create better membership engagement
  15. 15. How can agencies help • Partners as your marketing team on execution across new digital channels • Cost to hire agency less than cost to staff in-house • More efficient • Access to business expertise with digital advertising expertise & Strategic partners to fill in the gaps! • Most up to date insight and knowledge for constantly changing digital advertising platforms and requirements
  16. 16. Thank You! Emily Wilson Client Success Manager Email: Twitter: @emilywilson360