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HighRoad U Webinar: Budgets, Roadmaps & MarTech Project Management


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Do you know how to develop a comprehensive approach to project management and how to build a roadmap with a realistic budget? Join this webinar and we will help you learn how to effectively track all your projects, assign ownership & allocate resources, document scope, budget and timelines from a digital & agile marketing methodology viewpoint.

Published in: Marketing
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HighRoad U Webinar: Budgets, Roadmaps & MarTech Project Management

  1. 1. Budgets, Roadmaps & MarTech Project Management Suzanne Carawan CMO
  2. 2. Agenda  How Do People Work in Today’s World  How Do We Think of Our Marketing Efforts  How Do We Think of Our Goals  How Do We Budget to Meet Our Goals  How Do We Project Manage All the Moving Parts to Achieve Our Goals How Do We Build a Roadmap to Our Goals
  3. 3. Why Don’t Projects Get Done? How Do People Work in Today’s World
  4. 4. Know Your Personnel
  5. 5. How Do We Approach Our Work? Can We Step Back & Speak About the Work in Simple Terms
  6. 6. Marketing Efforts New Lead Gen HighRoad U  Topic Webinar  Toolkit  ILB Website Product Offerings Events  Partner Lead Gen  Conferences  Webinar Programs  Projects  Co-Branded Product Offerings  Client Communications & Lead Gen  Newsletter  Press Releases  Awards  Speaking Sessions  Case Studies  Product Offerings  Appreciation Acquisition Affiliate/Vendor Relations Retention/Upsell
  7. 7. Other Efforts?  Advocacy  Industry Research  Certifying Body  Regulatory Body  Fundraising Arm
  8. 8. How Do We Think of Our Goals? Out With BHAG. In With Bite-Size.
  9. 9. Goal Setting  3 Year Plan  “Digital Transformation”  Grow by 20%  Personalization  Use Automation
  10. 10. SMART Goals Specific Measurable Achievable Results-Focused Time-Bound ******
  11. 11. The Meaning of Time  Generational  Regional  Cultural  Socio-economic  Industry-specific
  12. 12. Very Different Premises
  13. 13. Do We Know How to Budget, Roadmap & Project Manage in this Landscape? Good Question.
  14. 14. Agile Mindset Rapid. Responsive. Realistic.
  15. 15. Agile Origins Agile Manifesto: 2001  Easy Read:  Software DevelopmentBusiness
  16. 16. Agile Methodology  Start with SMART Goal  Break into project  Break project into pieces (sprints)  Evaluate each day (scrum)  Make adjustments  Execute  Evaluate
  17. 17. Marketing Campaigns Revenue Purpose Amount We Can Spend Collection of Tactics Positioning & Value Proposition Creative Project Management Measurement Make the Campaign Agile!
  18. 18. Budgeting Notes  Do a Pilot Program to Set Baseline Data  Prioritization:  Internal vs. Market  Efficiency vs. Revenue  Want vs. Need  Plan Budget by Year, Quarter, Month  Give Yourself Budget to Experiment  Iterate to the “Big Thing”
  19. 19. Every Campaign Before: Planning During: Execution After: Evaluation Event Example: Before: Promotion During: Live Event After: Follow Up
  20. 20. Campaign ROI Input Cost= Budget Timeframe for Execution Output=Revenue How to maximize ROI?
  21. 21. Campaign ROI Input Costs: Cost of the Software Cost of the Digital Advertising Cost of Human Labor Cost of Printing Cost of Travel Goal: Minimize our input costs while maximizing revenue COGS— Cost of Goods Sold is the input cost that we paid to get marketing work done Revenue— Money we brought in
  22. 22. Campaign ROI Output: # New Contacts # MQL # SQL # Deals # Deals Closed Total “New” Sales
  23. 23. Marketing Tools We Use Project Management: Mavenlink Could be: -Sharepoint -Basecamp -XYZ But Must Be Something!!!
  24. 24. Project Management Agile PMing
  25. 25. Agile Marketing in Action Scaled across team Everyone is a marketing leader at the project level Marketing Project Leader: Takes point & works directly with executive sponsor Creates marketing project brief & plan Manages all aspects of the project to completion Coordinates all schedules, communication and assets Responsible for delivery Prepares report for productivity and ROI
  26. 26. Project Management  Specific function or expected skill?  Agile and much faster  Critical path important to agile  Ability to adjust  Input realistic factors (annual meeting, PTO, maternity leave, board meetings)
  27. 27. Roadmap Achieving Big Goals
  28. 28. Agile Roadmap  Identify Big Destination  Break down into chunks of goals  Identify goal milestones  Break down goals into projects  Break down projects into tasks  Execute tasks in uni-task way
  29. 29. Summary  Self-Reflection  Organizational Project Maturity Assessment  Create a Budget, PM & Roadmap Framework  Get to Know Agile  Produce More with Less Stress/ Greater Buy-In/Results