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HighRoad U 2016-2017 Final Exam Wrap-Up


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Please join us as we review all the highlights of the professional development year at HighRoad at the U for 2016-2017.

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HighRoad U 2016-2017 Final Exam Wrap-Up

  1. 1. Annual Wrap Up Year in Review from HRU 2016-2017
  2. 2. Today: HighRoad U Programs Review of Major Topics Covered Feedback
  3. 3. HighRoad U Programs Giving Back to the Industry
  4. 4. Programs Available Topic-Based Webinars Toolkit of the Month Inbound Lunch Bunch Industry Research & Analysis/Commentary eBooks
  5. 5. Month Topic Webinar Toolkit Inbound Lunch Bunch Analyst Brief September Using Interactive Content to Convert Prospects to Customers Web Content Audit Using Interactive Content to Convert Prospects to Customers (Application) SDMA Report Findings October Using Banner Ads to Attract Customers Competitive Product Sales Reference Using Banner Ads to Attract Customers Content Marketing for Lead Generation November Gaining New Leads through eBooks Blogging Maturity Assessment Gaining New Leads through eBooks Thought Leadership as a Differentiator December Personalizing the Member Experience Customer Engagement Plan Methodology Personalizing the Member Experience How is Personalization Changing Brand Communications
  6. 6. Month Topic Webinar Toolkit Inbound Lunch Bunch Analyst Brief January Using Webinars for Lead Generation Using Webinars for Lead Generation February Ecommerce for Associations Shopping Market Methodology Ecommerce for Associations March Building Digital Ecosystems that Deliver ROI Online Advertising ROI Calculator Building Digital Ecosystems that Deliver ROI Marketing Automation- Gaining Insight & Increasing Revenue April Using Marketing Automation to Grow Marketing Automation Metrics Using Marketing Automation to Grow May Using Digital Advertising for Membership Growth Advertising & Budget Using Digital Advertising for Membership Growth SDMA Survey Results June Understanding Lead Funnels
  7. 7. Major Topics Areas Covered
  8. 8. Email Marketing vs. Marketing Automation Email Marketing (Human Powered): • Blast Email • Open & Click Thru Rates • Distinct, Discrete metrics • Push Marketing • Retention-Driven approach Marketing Automation: (Human Design-Technology Powered) • Drip Marketing • Conversion • Cumulative look at an individual’s digital footprint • Pull Marketing • Revenue-Driven
  9. 9. Fundamentals of MA Top of the Funnel (ToFU) Middle of the Funnel (MoFU) Bottom of the Funnel (BoFU) Our Traditional World of Communication with Members
  10. 10. Your Info Distribution Channels • Website • Microsites • Ecommerce • Blogs • Social • LinkedIn • Twitter • YouTube • Webinars • Events • Email • Automation • Promotion vs Retention • Advertising • Organic • Paid
  11. 11. Buyer’s Journey +5 +5 +5 +10 Total Score : 20
  12. 12. Campaign Goal  Collect insights and contact information for targeted personas  Provide an offer that is compelling to the persona  Collect initial email address and then initiate workflows for additional follow up  End-goal is to get qualified leads and eventually convert to members
  13. 13. Target Audience / Personas  Young professionals in Payroll who are looking for specific information on basic topics in the field  Don’t know who APA is  Likely tasked to get something done but with not a lot of internal, hand-on training  Generation: Millennial
  14. 14. Landing Page  Visual Branding  Web Page – SEO optimized  Offer is clear – note positioning of message
  15. 15. The Ask  The Form – the most important element of the campaign  How much data can you get away with asking?  What will you do with the data?
  16. 16. Thank You  Thank you page is to the point – not too overwhelming  Secondary user journey back to a section on the site  Automated email on its way
  17. 17. Email with Download Link  Automatically sends when form is submitted  Get to the point – give them the offer!
  18. 18. Automated Workflow  Build branches – for those who clicked on the link to download – wait 1 week and send next offer  Those who didn’t – wait 3 days and remind that the offer is waiting to be downloaded
  19. 19. How to Measure Success  Identify your metrics:  # of email clicks  # of landing page views  # of form submissions  # of download clicks  Page referrers – where is your traffic to your Landing Page coming from?  Direct Email  Organic Search  Direct Traffic  Referrals
  20. 20. MA Platforms Combine a variety of tools into one platform tied together by a campaign to allow for ROI reporting Tools typically include: SEO/SEM Email Landing Pages Forms Blogs Website Tracking Code Lead Scoring Personas Anonymous User Tracking Social Media Monitoring & Publishing Automation Flows Banner Ad Management Website Page Management Sales Opportunity Management/Notification All this in ONE platform!!! Benefits? -Insights & intelligence -Operational efficiency -Greater lead gen for greater revenue Purpose of MA Platforms: To use content marketing to move users through sales funnels to understand return on investment.
  21. 21. Integrated Stack +Plus Connector bridging the network of marketing applications together to simplify the flow of buyer’s data for marketers. AMSEMS Email EPC Email MA +Plus Connector +Plus Connector Landing Page CMS
  22. 22. Marketing Technology Stack
  23. 23. Transaction Saved in AMS or CRM  The E-Commerce site saves the transaction inside the AMS  Gives Marketer Insight Data  Hard to Make the Data Actionable and Usable When Only in the AMS or CRM
  24. 24. Save Transactions in Marketing Platform  Integrate Purchase History Data Real Time in the Marketing Automation Platform  Use Tracking Scripts to Capture Activity  Gives You Insight into Marketing Campaign Performance  Makes Data Actionable  Predictability  Trigger Automation Campaigns  Persona Development
  25. 25. How? JavaScript Conversion Codes JavaScript is the technology framework that allows marketers to retrieve web analytics and track conversions.  Marketing automation platform use tracking scripts on your websites.  Tracking scripts send information to the marketing automation platforms.
  26. 26. Anonymous Users and Cookies  Anonymous users are web visitors that have never filled out a form or clicked a link in an email.  Marketing Automation platforms use cookies to identify the contact viewing the webpage  E-Commerce systems capture the email address on purchase step in the shopping cart journey.  The email address captured identifies the customer.
  27. 27. Call to Action Please provide feedback for 2017-2018 School is back in session starting in September