Where Did Our Love Go? Winning Back Members, Buyers & Attendees


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They’re still in your database. Just sitting there, doing nothing except making you feel guilty. Why not dust off the records of members, donors, attendees & buyers that once interacted with you but have now gone cold. Join this session to explore a variety of ways to reignite the spark and re-engage using cost-effective and measurable digital techniques. Content Leader: John Brandt, Sales Director of HighRoad Solution
Watch this entire webinar and others by Highroad U on our YouTube channel: http://shout.lt/rMNF

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  • {"11":"Thank U for attending today. Please be on the lookout for a 3 question survey to help guide our future programming. I’m Jeff Baker and on behalf of our entire HighRoad crew, take care & do good work.\n","10":"HighRoad U is a comprehensive educational initiative that packages today’s trends, topics, tips & techniques into a variety of different distribution channels so that you get the content you want in a format that works for your lifestyle.\nHighRoad U includes our own version of webinars which we call “blUeinars” to stay true blue to our HighRoad brand, as well as a variety of other options such as google+ hangouts and our talkblue podcast program that we are rolling out over the next few weeks.\n"}
  • Where Did Our Love Go? Winning Back Members, Buyers & Attendees

    1. 1. Where Did Our Love Go? Winning Back Members, Buyers, & Attendees John Brandt, HighRoad Solution
    2. 2. Today’s Content Leader John Brandt Sales Director HighRoad Solution Email: jbrandt@highroadsolution.com @johnbrandt25 www.highroadsolution.com
    3. 3. Agenda • Why? • What is an inactive subscriber and why you should care? • Strategies for winning them back • Now what? • Demo of how to make it work www.highroadsolution.com
    4. 4. Why? • Identify why subscribers tune out • Are you being relevant to all types of subscribers and demographics? • Levels of email addresses • Analyze www.highroadsolution.com
    5. 5. What is an Inactive Subscriber? • Seasonality? • Defining Inactivity • Domain level spam traps • Are your inactive subscribers a red flag for non-renewal? www.highroadsolution.com
    6. 6. Winning Them Back • Catch their eye with a curious subject line • Once you’ve reengaged them, don’t just throw them back in the regular pool www.highroadsolution.com
    7. 7. Now What? • Don’t just add them back into the normal pool of members • Frequency? • Content? www.highroadsolution.com
    8. 8. Demo www.highroadsolution.com
    9. 9. Questions? www.highroadsolution.com
    10. 10. Thank U! @highroadsol www .highroadsolution.com