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HighRoad Solution Discusses eMail Analytics


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Jenny Lassi & Kevin Hoffman of HighRoad Solution discuss different metrics that association & non-profit marketers can use to assess their eMail. The presentation took place at the first user group conference held on June 6, 2013 at the Ameican Society of Association Executives' headquarters in Washington, DC.

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HighRoad Solution Discusses eMail Analytics

  1. 1. • Sent• Delivered• Bounces
  2. 2. Someone from yourorganization shouldbe in charge of routinelyreviewing your bounce logs
  3. 3. • Opens• Click Throughs• Opt-Outs
  4. 4. • Totals• Individual Links• Filter by Time• Edit links post deployment
  5. 5. • SureSend Reports• Inbox/Bulk-Box• Fee Based Report
  6. 6. When a SureSendDomain DeliveryReport is enabledwhen sending a Livemessage, you will seethe Domain Deliverytab on the email stats
  7. 7. When ConversionTracker is enabledyou can see easily ifany transactionsresulted from a sentmessage to quantifyROI.
  8. 8. The custom reporting feature gives the user the ability togather aggregated stats on more than one message basedon specific criteria.
  9. 9. If you can dream it, there is a way to find it!