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ASAE Lunch Learning Webinar: Win Back Lapsed Members


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Have lapsed members? We all do and we all know that some subset of our lapsed member list would return if we only ran the right campaign. Join this webinar to learn about win back strategies and how you can employ marketing automation to re-activate lapsed members.

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ASAE Lunch Learning Webinar: Win Back Lapsed Members

  1. 1. Win Back Lapsed Members Jenny Lassi Director of Operations HighRoad Solution @highroadjenny @jennylassi
  2. 2. • Email effectiveness as a whole • Is Email effective in winning back lapsed members? • What is a Win-Back campaign? • What does it accomplish? • What does it involve? Today’s Agenda
  3. 3.
  4. 4. Association Marketing Overall Effectiveness
  5. 5. Member Perception of Association Marketing & Communication Efforts
  6. 6. Marketing Tactics Effectiveness
  7. 7. • The purpose of any form of messaging is to get in front of a constituent, motivate them to go somewhere to do something. • The purpose of a Win-Back Lapsed Member campaign is to get in front of a lapsed member and motivate/remind them to renew. The What
  8. 8. The Why Source: ASAE Foundation, Association Operating Ratio Report, 15th Edition
  9. 9. • What percentage of members renew before their memberships lapse? • What percentage of members renew within a month of their membership lapsing? • What percentage of members renew 1-3 months after lapsing? • What percentage of members renew 3-6 months after lapsing? Side Question: Do you have an auto-renew option? Performance Expectations
  10. 10. • Automated Membership Lifecyle Messages • Manual 3-Touch Point Program The How
  11. 11. • Hyperpersonalized Emails • Automated workflows/drip campaigns • Recurring messages that key off of a date field on the constituent record Email Automation
  12. 12. • Automated Membership Lifecyle Messages = All Year • Manual 3-Touch Point Program = Q1/Q2 and could stretch a bit into July but be completed by Mid July The When
  13. 13. • Have all Win-Back, Permission, Re- permission, Engagement campaigns wrapped up by Mid-July because that is when ISPs begin to adjust their inbox algorithms for increasing email volumes for Back-To-School and the holidays. Deliverability Wrap-Up
  14. 14. Win-Back Anatomy
  15. 15. Things to Think About
  16. 16.  Pre-program data analysis to cleanse data universe of invalid lapsed member emails prior to sending.  Scrub true invalids & revalidate false positives  Must have DKIM/SPF/DMARC  Not on any Blacklist (RBL)  Template  Content Before You Roll
  17. 17. Open Motivation Preview Text, Preheader Text & Subject Line
  18. 18. Open Motivation
  19. 19. Constituent Choices As of September 2016, IOS devices join Gmail, Yahoo and Microsoft for adding their own List Unsubscribe to the top of emails which is the first thing your subscriber sees, bypassing yours in your footer so add your Manage Preferences/Unsubscribe links to your email’s pre- header to minimize subscribers using theirs and not yours.
  20. 20. Email Anatomy Checklist
  21. 21.  Responsive with Text/CSS/Media Queries  Preview Text  Preheader Text  Single column fluid layout  Limited teaser text with CTA  Make sure images are readable when they scale up to 320px or scale down
  22. 22.  Responsive, single column fluid layout  Consistent branding across all messaging template assets (not just your logo)  Litmus Analytics & Rendering Checklists  Google Analytics UTM tracking codes
  23. 23. • Hyperpersonalized Emails • Serving content based on areas of interest factoring in behavioral data • Can be a bit of editorial created content static to all but don’t lead with it • Insert Membership Lifecycle Messaging in all emails Email Trends
  24. 24. • Bundles together the management and reporting of digital marketing and sales funnel management in one platform so that you can measure performance for all renewal initiatives Marketing Automation
  25. 25. Move the Needle
  26. 26. Win-Back Anatomy
  27. 27. • Strongest emotional appeal (remember a lapsed member is more likely to renew within the first month or 2 after their membership has lapsed) Touchpoint #1
  28. 28. • Direct mail has value for the lapsed members who don’t have a deliverable email address. • Use this opportunity to create a mailer (recommend large format self mailer) for non-deliverable email addresses. • 2-Drops (Touchpoint #1 to non-deliverable email addresses & post email campaign roll-out non-responders Transform Touchpoint #1
  29. 29. ~1-Week Cadence
  30. 30. • Strong emotional appeal • Value add Touchpoint #2
  31. 31. ~1-Week Cadence
  32. 32. • Strong emotional appeal • Value add and possibly… • Teachable moment Touchpoint #3
  33. 33. • You may not net the conversion, but there is no harm is asking the constituent “Why” they chose to not renew. Teachable Moment
  34. 34. Growth Mindset
  35. 35. • ASAE defines an association as "an organization or group of individuals affiliated with one another who share a common purpose, interest, or mission and exist for the mutual enrichment and advancement of their membership" The Purpose
  36. 36. Be Better By Listening
  37. 37. Grow - Evolve
  38. 38. • Reporting (total conversions & conversions per touchpoint) • Non-responder handling • Flag invalid AMS records as “Has Bad Email” (combine known invalids and emails resolved as invalid during the Win- Back campaign roll-out) • Suppress non-responders who don’t engage in your emails in the last 6- months from all email distribution Post Campaign Analysis
  39. 39. • Automated Drip is Ideal • Wrap up any bulk sends by mid-July • Any opportunity to cleanse data is a good one • Non-responder handling essential • Learn - Grow Win-Back - Key Takeaways
  40. 40. • If you’re interested in sharing your campaign conversion rates for a Win-Back case study, reach out to me on LinkedIn and/or Twitter Case Study Candidate?
  41. 41. • the-report • e/2016/november-december/data-membership-dues-arent- the-only-revenue-stream • Exist/ • 81574 Resources
  42. 42. Marketing Technology for Associations Jenny Lassi, Director of Operations HighRoad Solution Email: Twitter: @highroadjenny