Altaire vs. Available 1.5T Systems


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Altaire vs. Available 1.5T Systems

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Altaire vs. Available 1.5T Systems

  1. 1. Allaire vs. Available 1.ST Systems Introduction Patient Table Hitachi is the Open MR leader with over 1,200 systems installed , • The Altaire patient table has 3 axis motorized movement and and Altaire is the High-Field Performance Open MR leader with lowers to a comfortable 19" (wheelchair height) while the Infinity over 100 systems installed . Altaire provides high-field performance table only lowers to a height of 27". This gives Altaire an in terms of image quality, patient throughput and advanced advantage when handling pediatric, infirm and large patients applications. allowing them to easily be placed on the patient table. • The Altaire patient table can accommodate weights up to 500 Ibs., Magnet and if used manually has virtually no weight limit. Most high-field • The homogeneity of the Altaire 0.35pp @ 35cm DSV is equal system's patient tables only handle up to 350 Ibs. Altaire can to and in some cases superior to that any high field system. accommodate far more patients, that presents more scanning and This allows Altaire to provide consistent image quality for the revenue opportunities. most demanding applications (RF FatSat). • The gantry opening of Altaire is the most open MR system Siting and Operation available. The magnet gap is an industry best 47cm. The The square footage requirements are nearly equal, and Altaire is easily gantry features Hitachi's award-winning asymmetrical two- sited in place of existing 1.5T systems. Altaire is more efficient to post gantry, which provides the largest outlook angle available operate. The modest power requirements are three phase 20SV, and for added patient acceptance. In comparison to the 1.5T 12.7KW. High-field systems require 4S0V three phase power and over systems 60cm diameter bore (without the patient table) and 5 20KW, and typically have higher A/C requirements. to 6 feet in length, Altaire provides unmatched patient comfort. Support and Reliability • Altaire incorporates higher order active shim , which in the past Hitachi provides unmatched customer support and reliability. Some was only available on high-field systems. This technique examples of free support features provided to our customers are: enables Altaire to maintain consistently high and uniform image quality, and allows for advanced capabilities like • High-Field Performance Enhancement Balanced SARGE and FatSat. • Demographic analysis • Customer marketing assistance Gradient Subsystem • On-going applications assistance • The Altaire gradient system with its 22mT/m amplitude and • ACR accreditation assistance 55T/m/s slew rate is superior to the many gradient Additionally, Altaire provides and consistently exceeds a 99% Uptime specifications (i .e. 231 and comparable to most any high 50) Guarantee for all systems. All Altaire contract customers will receive field systems available. Manufacturers do offer more powerful Ultra Plus service featuring Sentinel Remote Service. gradient packages at increased price levels. A testament to the quality of service provided is that over 9S.5% of all RF Subsystem Hitachi MR systems ever sold are still operational . • Altaire's sophisticated transmit system provides the user with Scan Time Comparison a state of the art quadrature four channel multi-element resonator coil (MER). Which provides high signal uniformity Study Type Scan 1.5T Altaire specifically for RF FatSat and large FOV imaging . T1 Sag 2:00 2:25 • A full line of Multiple Array anatomically specific coils are FLAIR Axial 3:30 2:48 offered with Altaire. Including the industry leading 16 element Brain FSE Axial 3:00 2:47 Peripheral Vascular coil , which is the first PV coil available on T1 Axial 2:30 3:07 any Open MR system . Other multi-element coils include the Total 11 :00 11:07 CTl, Breast, and Neurovascular coils. T1 Sagittal 3:00 3:57 FSE Sagittal 3:30 2:37 Advanced Capabilities Spine Altaire is able to offer advanced applications akin to high-field T1 Axial 4:30 6:24 systems due to VOSI technology. Specifically, the powerful T2 Axial 3:30 4:48 gradient system provides short TR's and TE's as well as narrow Total 14:30 17:46 inter-echo times for advanced applications like: T1 Sagittal 2:30 3:58 • Balanced SARGE FSE Axial 3:45 2:38 • Driven Equilibrium FSE/FIR Knee FSE Sagittal 3:30 3:12 • Contrast Enhanced MRA T1 Coronal 3:00 3:29 -Peripheral Run-Offs -COW to aortic arch in one acquisition Total 12:45 13:17 • EPI based Diffusion Weighted Imaging Altaire with VOSI Technology provides high-field performance, -ADC and Trace Mapping advanced capabilities, and patient throughput comparable to 1.5T systems in an Open MR patient friendly environment. January 2003