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IOGDC 2012 - The Engaging Data Manifesto


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At’s 2012 International Open Government Data Conference at the World Bank, Higher Media presented our philosophy on creating interactive infographics and data visualizations that draw your audience in and get them calling for more.

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IOGDC 2012 - The Engaging Data Manifesto

  1. 1. Making Open Data Easy toUnderstand: Visual BudgetInternational Open Government Data Conference 2012Lightning Talk - Friday, July 6, 9:45am ETEric Hochhalter - Creative Director, Visual BudgetNeil Halloran - Creator, Visual Budget
  2. 2. The Engaging Data Manifesto
  3. 3. A Data Presentation Masterclass
  4. 4. Math Is Easy,Design Is Hard.
  5. 5. Math Is Easy,Design Is Hard. Resolution: We will create beautiful graphics which instantly and clearly tell the human story of the data.
  6. 6. Tools Are Awesome.Tools Are Boring.
  7. 7. Tools Are Awesome.Tools Are Boring. Resolution: We will build views of data that clearly demonstrate statistically significant trends and inflections. Our interactive tools will allow for deep analysis and comparison of related views and data sets.
  8. 8. Data Tell Stories.Stories Need Great Storytellers.
  9. 9. Data Tell Stories.Stories Need Great Storytellers. Resolution: We will find the human element in every data story, and we will present it with the drama and charisma of a storyteller. We will structure our presentations with a beginning, a middle, and an end. With the audience’s curiosity piqued, we will relinquish control to the user to explore the data using our tools as a sandbox.
  10. 10. Big Numbers Break Our Brains
  11. 11. Big Numbers Break Our Brains Resolution: We will always connect large numbers to personal experiences. We will present numbers in human terms such as per-capita or percent. We will use animation to transition between scales and scopes so we never lose the overall context.
  12. 12.
  13. 13. Appendix - Visualizations We Admire● Hans Roslings Gapminder● New York Times - Budget Deficit Puzzle● New York Times - 2013 Presidential Budget● Visualizing large numbers - with tanks● Cook County Illinois Budget● Money We Spend vs. Money We Talk About● I.O.U.S.A - Documentary Film Explaining Federal Budget
  14. 14. Appendix - Who We Are Higher Media Higher Media is a web and database development firm that’s been creating advanced data solutions for business clients for over 10 years. We also create non-profit data visualizations for the public good. Our previous project, visualizes the use of US airpower since the beginning of war in Afghanistan. It was nominated for a SXSW Web Award in 2010.