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Student Recruitment for the Mobile Generation


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Need some tips and tricks on student recruitment strategy and ROI analysis to reach the mobile prospective student? Here is our presentation from the 2015 PSEWEB Conference.

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Student Recruitment for the Mobile Generation

  1. 1. Philippe Taza CEO Higher Education Marketing PSEWEB 2015 Student Recruitment for the Mobile Generation
  2. 2. • Why Mobile Marketing? • Mobile first design for lead generation and recruitment • Mobile SEO • Mobile PPC • Facebook on Mobile • Mobile Analytics Today’s Presentation
  3. 3. Why Mobile Marketing?
  4. 4. WES 2014 Report
  5. 5. Why Mobile Marketing? Google Education Search Analysis
  6. 6. Google Analytics Benchmarking
  7. 7. Mobile users behavior
  8. 8. • Keep it simple, easy to read • Minimize keystrokes and clicks • Maintain clear interaction cues • Use large friendly CTAs (design for thumbs) • Use search and filters Optimize for the mobile user experience
  9. 9. Using Responsive Landing Pages
  10. 10. • Lead with primary content • Vertical navigation vs horizontal • Enlarged interface elements for “fat finger” problem Design & Content for Mobile Recruitment
  11. 11. • Minimal graphics, minimal footers • Fewer in-page links • Task oriented home pages • Easy to scan majors • Simple program pages Design & Content for Mobile Recruitment
  12. 12. • Different goals from desktop • Simplified, reduced content and message • Emphasize location • Emphasize contact • Emphasize action Design & Content for mobile recruitment
  13. 13. Mobile functionality for recruitment • Include geo-location specific features & functions • Integration with phone functions
  14. 14. • Google Analytics • Google Search Console • Google AdWords • Facebook Reports Analytics Tools Used
  15. 15. The Mobile Overview Report The Mobile Overview report under Audience, can tell you more about the types of devices which are accessing your site.
  16. 16. The Channels Report The Channels report under Acquisition, gives you macro level insights into the various channels you are using to attract traffic to your website.
  17. 17. Mobile Search - Mobilegeddon
  18. 18. Find out if your website is mobile friendly here: What is Mobilegeddon?
  19. 19. Mobile Friendly Pages Google tell users in the search results if your web pages are mobile-friendly.
  20. 20. The Organic Search Channel by Device Category This Google update affected the mobile device category within the Organic Search Channel
  21. 21. Year over Year Comparison: • Mobile Users are up 56% • Mobile Conversion Rate is up 91% • Mobile Leads are up 209% Should we care about Mobile SEO?
  22. 22. • Google will try to result the most relevant page based on your location. Mobile SEO Search Results
  23. 23. • Mobile friendly pages are a must • Think local search • Include GEO elements in Page Titles, Headings and Content • Don’t forget to optimize your Google My Business page • Mobile SEO rankings are often different than on desktop Mobile SEO basics
  24. 24. Google Search Console: Mobile Search Rankings
  25. 25. Google Search Console: Mobile Search Traffic
  26. 26. Google Search Console: Mobile Page Rankings
  27. 27. • Paid Search is converting at a higher rate than other channels on mobile devices • BUT, Organic Search represents nearly 57% of Sessions and Goals Mobile users behavior by channel
  28. 28. • Fewer ad positions are available • Use mobile bid adjustments to ensure ad visibility • Use ad extensions (call, get directions, etc.) • Use mobile/responsive landing pages • Align user query with landing page • Use programmatic landing pages when possible Google AdWords ABC’s for Mobile
  29. 29. Program Specific Landing Pages
  30. 30. • 26% of sessions - rapidly growing segment • 31% of Conversions • Great conversion rates • Cost per conversion usually very attractive Comparing PPC performance by device type
  31. 31. • Higher Conversion Rate on Mobile Device • Cost per Conversion is Cheaper • Mobile Conversions Represents 31% of Overall Comparing AdWords performance by device type
  32. 32. PHONE CALLS!!!! How is mobile PPC different
  33. 33. • Enabling call extensions within your campaigns will help you generate more phone calls Google AdWords mobile click to call
  34. 34. • Choose the correct ad type based on your campaign goals • Tracking the results can be tricky! Facebook Ads
  35. 35. • 5 types of placements for your ads • Mobile has a lower cost per click than Desktops • Use caution when monitoring actions Facebook ads
  36. 36. Tracking Facebook Campaign Results
  37. 37. Mobile campaigns on Facebook
  38. 38. • We notice discrepancies between tracking technologies • Facebook PPC on mobile does better in Google Analytics than in Facebook Reports Facebook Ad Conversion Rates
  39. 39. • Your prospects are immersed in the mobile world and you need to meet them there • Best practices for mobile site content, design, and functionality are different from desktop • Mobile SEO has its own rules • Mobile PPC produces good cost per lead • Use analytics to learn about mobile recruitment and maximize your ROI • GET A MOBILE/RESPONSIVE WEBSITE! Conclusions
  40. 40. • I’m easy to reach at: Philippe Taza Tel: 514-312-3968 ext:104 Have questions about this presentation?