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How social media can enhance (infographics)


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How social media can enhance (infographics)

  1. 1. HOW SOCIAL MEDIA CAN ENHANCE INTERNATIONAL STUDENT RECRUITMENT THINGS TO CONSIDER BEFORE LAUNCHING SOCIAL MEDIA EFFORTS FOR INTERNATIONAL RECRUITMENT. Monitor social networks in the countries or regions you would like to recruit to see what the most popular platforms are: What forums have they used? What platforms did they find useful to get to their questions? DO YOUR HOMEWORK! FACEBOOK IS STILL THE MOST IMPORTANT PLATFORM FOR THE 16 - 24 YEAR OLDS FOCUS ON HELPING YOUR PROSPECTS! Use Google Analytics to know what the best keywords to be found are. Use those keywords to optimize your profiles and blog to make it easy for students to find information and contact people. Social media is great to give immediate help and get into direct contact with the Admission team. Be sure to consider ways to use social media to make it easy for students to contact you. Some colleges use Skype or Google+ hangouts to interview prospects Creation of testimonials for international students sections Featuring their profiles in the international section of the general blog of your college Establish international networks through a LinkedIn group for current and former students to join. Ensure that an international alumnus attends on-campus info sessions or online student question sessions. GET YOUR INTERNATIONAL ALUMNI INVOLVED Aside from the international student mentorship program, there are many other ways to involve international alumni TESTIMONIAL Enable international students to share through a blog or community message board. MEASURE, MEASURE, MEASURE Keep track of your successes on all platforms NEW BLOG FOLLOWERS INTERACTIONS INTERNATIONAL NEWSLETTERS SIGN UPS Keeping track of your efforts will enable you to make the necessary tweaks to continuously improve your international recruitment initiatives in social media. Questions? 1.514.312.3968 Follow us