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4 Reasons Why Higher Ed Should Invest In SEO


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Published in: Marketing
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4 Reasons Why Higher Ed Should Invest In SEO

  1. 1. REASONS WHY HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS MUST INVE$T IN SEO SEO WILL GIVE YOU A COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE 1 60% - 80% of the higher Ed market, (depending on the type of school), DOES NOT INVEST IN SEO. for an opp lo o k in g you d mark ets, S E O can h el p 60% o th a t. 80% ortunity t o ri s o r c mpetitor u s in yo ur tar yo get e v o ab e PROSPECTIVE STUDENTS RELY HEAVILY ON SEARCH TO FIND SCHOOLS If y ou are 2 BUT … Students are using search engines as a primary “discovery” tool in this process. Prospective students use many means to identify and narrow down their top school preferences. Engineering Schools SEARCH 2/3 of the prospective student population use and highly value search engines to research colleges. Colleges must appear in the search engine rankings to be found At least 2/3 of schools don’t invest in SEO to improve their rankings So, why is that? ? Many marketers don’t understand the difference between branded and unbranded term searching. ? ? They are assuming most students are doing branded searches on their colleges’ name BUT … today, it is more likely that students are entering keywords such as “best green architecture sprogram on east coast”. YOU MUST RANK HIGHLY ON THE FIRST RESULTS PAGE TO BE FOUND 75% of searchers never scroll past page one results Assuming this applies to students, this means that 75% of your prospective students will never get to your website unless your website search results gets to page 75% You have to get to the top 3 organic listings to really have chance of being clicked. 60% of the clicks go to the top three results TOP 3 60% SEARCH RESULT 3 SEARCH GENERATED LEADS CLOSE AT THE HIGHEST RATE 4 14.6% of SEO generated leads will close, while outbound leads, (such as direct mail or print advertising generated) have a close rate of only 1.7%. So clearly if you want to increase your leads and registrations, focusing on SEO to produce them is a high return on investment option. Questions? 1.514.312.3968 Follow us