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Innovative Ideas Need An Innovation Process: Lessons Learned from the Harvard Web Publishing Initiative


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HighEdWeb New England Keynote by Sarah Horton
Monday, March 18, 2013 at Mount Holyoke College

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Innovative Ideas Need An Innovation Process: Lessons Learned from the Harvard Web Publishing Initiative

  1. 1. <p class="alert"></p>
  2. 2. <p class="alert">TEST: Sept. 3, 2009:This is a test of Dartmouthsemergency notification system.This is only a test.</p>
  3. 3. Content management is about managing content
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  5. 5. Ferdinand AlimadhiProject leadIQS , Harvard University S@ferdialimadhi
  6. 6. HWPI is much more than a website building project
  7. 7. …
  8. 8. Learning by Doing
  9. 9. Guided by Strategy
  10. 10. Good User Experience
  11. 11. Commitment to Quality
  12. 12. Software for Higher Ed
  13. 13. Responsive and Accessible
  14. 14. HWPI is a disruptive innovation project because we need clients to change their values
  15. 15. • Sustaining technologies improve established products in ways the market values• Disruptive technologies introduce a new value proposition to the market
  16. 16. $499.99Up to 21 ppmFirst page out in 17 secondsRecommended monthly volume 750–2000 pages
  17. 17. $29.99Up to 5.5 ppmFirst page out in 19 secondsRecommended monthly volume 250–500 pages
  18. 18. For a successful disruptiveinnovation, you need an autonomousgroup, working with customers whose values align with the product vision
  19. 19. • Relative Advantage• Compatibility• Complexity• Trialability• Observability
  20. 20. • Relative Advantage: Medium• Compatibility: High• Complexity: Medium• Trialability: Low• Observability: Low
  21. 21. Compatibility can have negativeconsequences when customers bring expectations that don’t apply
  22. 22. Thank you!