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Making Your Web World Wide


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Effectively serving international web site audiences.

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Making Your Web World Wide

  1. 1. Making Your Web Go World Wide
  2. 2. C. David Gammel, CAE President High Context Consulting, LLC +1 (410) 742-9088
  3. 3. Current and Potential Internet Users Asia Europe North America Latin America/Caribbean Africa Middle East Oceania/Australia 0 1,000,000,000 2,000,000,000 3,000,000,000 4,000,000,000 Current Potential Source:, December 2007
  4. 4. Communicating Internationally Time and Distance Language Culture
  5. 5. Culture is Like an Iceberg
  6. 6. Communicating Online Instantly Global Limited Bandwidth Limited Attention
  7. 7. Principles of Global Web Sites Internationalization Localization Cultural Localization
  8. 8. Mission Organizational Strategy Formulation Strategy Products Markets Outcomes Audiences Web Strategy Formulation Web Strategy Content/Features/Design Web Implementation Staff Technology Capabilities Web Strategy Formulation and Implementation Process
  9. 9. Common Design Patterns Single Site Single Site with Some Translation Single Site with Regional Sub-sites Single Site with Localized Chapters Global Portal with Localized Sites
  10. 10. Audience A Audience B Language Culture Transactions
  11. 11. Covering the Americas
  12. 12. Covering the Americas
  13. 13. Global Portal to Sister Organizations
  14. 14. Safe Kids Israel
  15. 15. Localized for India
  16. 16. Chinese Olympic Committee
  17. 17. Chinese Olympic Committee
  18. 18. So Now What? Do your homework. Prepare your systems and staff. Start with your highest value audiences and outcomes.
  19. 19. Being Truly Global Means Being Local Everywhere
  20. 20. C. David Gammel, CAE President High Context Consulting, LLC +1 (410) 742-9088