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2010 Snowpocalypse Operations Survey Results

  1. 2010 Snowpocalypse Operations Survey
  2. Did your Office Close? 5% 9% 86% Yes No Not Applicable
  3. “The storm hit during our annual meeting...two of our platform presenters were snowed in in DC, and we used Skype to video them in. We were very happy with how well it worked and how cost-effective it was.” Anonymous Respondent
  4. How Long Were You Closed? Average: 3.4 Days Median: 4.1 Days Mode: 4.5 Days
  5. “Loss of power at individual homes that limited ability to connect with AMS, email, etc., [was a challenge].  Also many employees have children and they could not keep up with regular services with the realities of parenting.  Even those without children had to deal with shoveling and other emergencies which took them away from being able to work remotely.” Anonymous Respondent
  6. How well did external facing services operate during the storm? 30 22.5 15 7.5 0 1 2 3 4 5 Completely No Perceptible Shut Down Change
  7. “[Our biggest challenge was] trying to instruct staff who had never worked remotely before on how to access our network.” Anonymous Respondent
  8. How important was the Internet and related technology in maintaining your service levels? 60 45 30 15 0 1 2 3 4 5 Low High
  9. “The majority of staff can telecommute which includes full access to email as well as electronic files on the main server/shared drive.  This is made possible through remote hosted services provided by [IT and AMS service providers].  This operational model is also a routine part of our corporate culture so the physical disruption created by the snow was not a barrier to business as usual and productivity.” Anonymous Respondent
  10. Survey conducted by High Context Spring is almost Here! Consulting and Effective Database Management. Stay tuned for further analysis of the results!
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