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5 amazing team building games and events to get your team excited


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For too long, team building events have been seen as embarrassing management clichés that sum up everything that is tacky and contrived about the modern workplace

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5 amazing team building games and events to get your team excited

  1. 1. 5 Amazing Team Building Games& Events to get Your Team ExcitedFor too long, team building events have been seen as embarrassing management clichés that sum up everything thatis tacky and contrived about the modern workplace. It’s time to look beyond this stereotype and discover fun gamesthat genuinely do bond a team together, benefitting the whole organization. With the right activities, employees andleaders alike will get home from a corporate weekend feeling energized and excited rather than rolling their eyes.JishakuGuaranteed to pleasantly surprise anyone who thinks team building activities are predictable, Jishaku is theinteractive team exercise where no one knows what will happen next. In this portable, chess-like game, teams of 2or 3 work together to strategically place magnetic playing pieces on a game board, with the aim of being the lastteam standing. Jishaku encourages and promotes communication, co-operation and strategy development, whilstteaching participants to expect the unexpected.Giant TowerTo teach a team how todeal with tension and pressure while working towards a defined goal, there are few gamesbetter than Giant Tower. Teams taking part in this giant version of Jenga must take it in turns to remove blocks fromthe tower’s lower levels and use them to build the tower as high as possible before it comes crashing down. Theteam that uses the most blocks wins. Not only does Giant Tower teach people to use teamwork in order to createsomething in a pressurized environment, the timed versions of the game teach them how to do it under a deadline.The WaveEvery team needs the two ingredients of concentration and co-operation and The Wave encourages people toembrace both. One variation of the game sets participants the goal of going for as long as possible without messingup. This provides valuable lessons on playing safe when necessary, instead of egotistically trying to go for too muchand failing miserably. Although The Wave can be frustrating and physically demanding, it’s ultimately a rewardinggroup exercise.Giant DiceIt’s good to talk, especially with co-workers. To get team members talking to one another about the business, use 2giant dice as discussion prompters. Assign a different broad subject to each number on die 1 and a different specificissue to each figure on die 2. Each team tosses the dice and combines the subject and issue it getsto create a topic todiscuss. Broad subject categories might include customer, manager or supplier while some examples of specificissues are performance, budgets and reviews.PlasmaCarTo really build up the anticipation and excitement, try holding an extra-special team building event on an annualbasis. There are many team building activities that would work in this context, but PlasmaCar racing has to be one ofthe liveliest. Teams and individuals race one another in brightly-colored PlasmaCars that are sleek and aerodynamic,just like racecars. Not only does this kind of fun racing promote healthy competition, it also gives co-workerssomething to talk—and laugh—about throughout the whole year.
  2. 2. By choosing activities that teach valuable lessons about teamwork whilst being fun and exciting, it’s possible to giveany group of employees a team building experience that will be remembered for all the right reasons and that willresonate throughout the company for years to come.About Author:High 5 TeamBuilding Store has a Great selection of Products & Games to enhance all your Team Building Events,Meetings, Seminars, Conferences, Training Sessions, Company Socials and any other type of Social Gathering. At High5 TeamBuilding our mandate is to Energize people or teams through Interactive Events or Activities. Teams thatinteract more often will communicate, understand and adapt better, thus improving productivity and humanrelations.