Sept. 5Aug. 29                      New York Times blogAirmen mistakenly load       The Lede cites Military               ...
Oct. 18                                          Dec. 14Military Times and                               Bismarck Tribune ...
March 25                                                       May 30Defense Dept briefing with AF Sec                    ...
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This timeline augments @higginbomb's thesis presentation on the Air Force's crisis communication. The presentation can be found at

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  1. 1. Sept. 5Aug. 29 New York Times blogAirmen mistakenly load The Lede cites Military Sept. 17six armed nuclear Times story in report of Bismarck Tribune runs two opinionweapons under the wing incident (Appendix G) pieces – one from the mayorof a B-52 and leave on defending the base and one callingrunway without special Sept. 6 for a thorough review and majorguard Washington Post (Appendix Sept. 28 changes Sept. 5 I) and New York Times Washington Post story gives Military Times breaks (Appendix H) run stories interim conclusions regarding the story about incident about incident, both citing failures that led to the incident with info from Military Times anonymous sources (Appendix E) Sept. 5 Incident comes up Sept. 13 Sept. 23 during Q&A Military Times Washington Post portion of reports AF Secretary publishes “Missteps” Pentagon briefing Wynne heads to article that details Sept. 1 Minot initial reports and Defense Secretary breakdown of Gates notified Sept. 7 incident Bismarck Tribune runs first story Aug. 30 on incident (Appendix J) B-52 takes off on 3.5 hour flight Military Times story says Minot from Minot, N.D. to Barksdale, La. Weapons are discovered commander fired as result of incident (Appendix K) Chronology of communication and and notification of incident The Lede adds ironic post about media interest over life of Bent Spear goes up chain of command. Minot press release with “Be Safe” theme
  2. 2. Oct. 18 Dec. 14Military Times and Bismarck Tribune editorialWashington Post discusses the upcomingreport that five AF recertification test for 5thpersonnel will be Bomb Wing, says AF hasfired and several to demonstrateothers punished competence Jan. 7 Oct. 21 Bismarck Tribune reports that 91st Military Times reports Space Wing is preparing for its that 5th Bomb Wing is regular Nuclear Surety Inspection decertified from Feb. 13 nuclear operations and Washington Post reports on commanding officer is investigation finding fired decrease in attention in nuclear operations as culprit for errors Feb. 15 New York Times writes Oct. 26 editorial on incident. Bismarck Tribune editorial says Air Feb. 14 Force isn’t being transparent Military Times reports that about the incident several AF generals were Oct. 20 grilled over the incident at a Washington Post article about press Congressional panel conference has more detailed Feb. 9 numbers regarding disciplinary Bismarck Tribune reports actions than what MG Newton that 91st passes Nuclear released Surety InspectionOct. 19 Jan. 25Defense Dept press conference with MG Bismarck Tribune reports thatNewton and AF Sec. Wynne – announces new policies have been issueddisciplinary actions taken so far and says regarding the handling ofinvestigations continue nuclear weapons
  3. 3. March 25 May 30Defense Dept briefing with AF Sec Military Times reports 5th Bomb Wing failsWynne, LTG Carter Ham and Ryan nuclear surety inspectionHenry discusses shipment of noseconesto TaiwanIssue also comes up at White Housebriefing with Dana Perino May 31 Washington Post reports 5th Bomb March 26 Wing fails nuclear inspection Washington Post and New York Times report on nuclear parts being mistakenly sent to Taiwan June 6 March 28 Washington Post and New Bismarck Tribune and York Times report Washington Post report resignation of AF Sec that Defense Sec Gates Michael Wynne and Chief Of ordered a full inventory of Staff Gen. Michael Moseley US nuclear equipment March 27 Washington Post reports that U.S. was initially unconcerned about the erroneous shipment