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Questions For Rm T1


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Questions For Rm T1

  1. 1. COLLEGE OF FOREIGN LANGUAGES-VNU POST-GRADUATE STUDIES RESEARCH METHODS IN APPLIED LINGUISTICS Questions for Tutorial 1 1. What is research? What is a research carried out for? Find a research report in an applied linguistics journal (such as TESOL Quarterly, Language Learning) and point out the objectives and how these objectives are achieved. 2. Present briefly different views of the nature of social sciences and social reality. Give some examples from real research studies in applied linguistics. 3. Present briefly a model of research process in applied linguistics with illustrations from real research reports from applied linguistics journals. 4. Explain briefly some of the following terms with illustrations from applied linguistics research: Deductivism Inductivism Social realty Reliability Systematic Validity Logical Construct Tangible Variable Replicable Longitudinal Reductive Qualitative Quantitative Quantifiable Psychometric Primary data Secondary data