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20130515 diary euglena_en


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Published in: Technology, Business
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20130515 diary euglena_en

  1. 1. Diary Euglenah_mori
  2. 2. Self-introduction• Hidetoshi Mori(Programmer)hidetoshi.mori@h_moriSOICHA/TweetMeATND暦/生存連絡
  3. 3. Theme• Independent research of summer vacation• Nostalgia• Fantastic
  4. 4. Strategy• Easy to input voice (remove shyness)• Feel love to Euglena• Automatic lottery• Make to play again
  5. 5. Keywords• Division / Conjugation• Telomere / Telomerase• Schale / Catch and Collect
  6. 6. Rule of Game• Catch → Add reference book• Division is faster when small number of Euglena• Recipe of rare character (Flag of appear)• Active change / Passive change
  7. 7. User Experience• Easy to understand in intuitive• Express pictures than words (ex. sandglass)• Number of telomere express euglena size
  8. 8. Effects• Movement euglena and garbage in schale• Ripples when to catch euglena• Motion of Button• Effect after input voice (when change color)
  9. 9. Operation• Easy to tap euglena size• Reduce incorrect operation (favorite option)• Animation when catch and conjugate• Remove close button in modal window
  10. 10. Share• Share snapshot in game• amusing, funny, unexpected character• Diary• Disgusting euglena
  11. 11. Notification• When diary update (Once a day)• When appear new character• When full of schale (Omit it, too noisy)
  12. 12. Consideration• Longer period for prototyping• Think user purpose about operation (UX)• Share promote effective with include picture• Notification help user come back game
  13. 13.