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Qns naire


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Qns naire

  1. 1. QUESTIONNAIRES 1. Which account do you have? Facebook Twitter Both 2. How often do you log in? Facebook:- Twitter:- Everyday Everyday 4-6 days a week 4-6 days a week 2-3 days a week 2-3 days a week Once a week Once a week 3. How long do you spend your time on it? Facebook:- Twitter:- Less than 30 mins Less than 30 mins Less than 1 hour Less than 1 hour 1 hour 1 hour 2-3 hours 2-3 hours More than 3 hours More than 3 hours 4. You use it for? Facebook:- Twitter:- Chatting Updating status Updating status/news Meet new friends Meet new friends Commenting Others:_____________ Online games Business online Others:_______________ 5. Which one do you prefer? Facebook Twitter Reason:______________________ 6. Do you strongly agree/ disagree about the social media? 7. Are you? Male Female AGREE DISAGREE Social media help to reconnect and keep in touch with old friends and family members Social media are convenient Social media fill up your leisure time Social media are addictive Social media are unhealthy activity Social media affect your study time