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Hicostians Reunion2011 Bangalore


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Hicostians Reunion2011 Bangalore

  1. 1. Welcome toHindustan College of Science & Technology Alumni Reunion 17 th Dec 2011, Bangalore
  2. 2. Agenda – Vision – Mission – Benefits – Strategic Objectives – Progress Since Inception – Next Steps – Challenges – Messages from old Friends – Priceless Memories – Volunteers2011 HCST Reunion
  3. 3. Vision Our vision is to be a world-class alumni organization that sustains and strengthens the lifelong bond among alumni2011 HCST Reunion
  4. 4. Mission – To connect and reconnect alumni, students and their families. – To be in constant touch with the college by sharing experiences, developing communication channels including attending alumni meet at the college. – To foster spirit of loyalty and fraternity among alumni.2011 HCST Reunion
  5. 5. BENEFITS – Social Networking – Personal Help – Family get-together – Business Networking – New job opportunities – Fund raising for startups – Exchange ideas for new business2011 HCST Reunion
  6. 6. Strategic Objectives – Increase the number of alumni who participate in the HCST lifelong community (both face-to-face and electronically). – To promote a sustained sense of belongingness to the Alma Mater among the Alumni by being in regular touch with them. – To guide and assist Alumni who have just graduated by keeping them engaged in productive pursuits useful to the society – To provide a forum for the Alumni for exchange of ideas on academic, cultural and social issues of the day2011 HCST Reunion
  7. 7. Strategic Objectives – To organize and coordinate reunion activities of the Alumni – To let the Alumni acknowledge their gratitude towards their Alma Mater. – To collect, publish and distribute such information as may be useful to the alumni and their Alma Mater. – To provide a forum for the Alumni for interaction with the Management so that the Management can draw upon the knowledge and expertise of Alumni for furthering the cause of HCST as a leading center of Excellence in the field of education.2011 HCST Reunion
  8. 8. Progress Since Inception – Successful meet in Noida with 50+ alumni and their families – – 1300+ alumnus on facebook for social networking – 250+ alumnus on linkedin for business networking – Already started connecting many freshers with senior batches for job openings.2011 HCST Reunion
  9. 9. Progress Since Inception2011 HCST Reunion
  10. 10. Next Steps – Enhance online presence so that alumni from across the globe can come to know about this initiative and participate . – Newer Activities. • Engagement, • Interaction, • Exchange – Monthly/Annual magazine – Alumni Directory and Channelizing Job Postings – Calendar for the next meet2011 HCST Reunion
  11. 11. Challenges – Managing Expectations among the stakeholders – Alumni – Team Hicostians – Alma Mater – Present student batches – Volunteers • Implementation – Funds -- (The 800 pound Gorilla) – Q&A2011 HCST Reunion
  12. 12. Volunteers Volunteers are the only human beings who reflect compassion, unselfish caring, patience, and just plain love for one another. – Akash Agrawal (1997-2001) – Mohit Chauhan (1997-2001) – Raju Agarwal (1996-2000) – Dharmesh Kishore (1996-2000) – Amit Singh (1999-2003) – Pankaj Goel (1997-2001) – Ashish Srivastava (1996-2000)2011 HCST Reunion
  13. 13. What our friends have to say Keep up the effort. You will always find people to question your intentions. Those people don’ t really matter. Those who matter will applaud your efforts, so keep up the good work. I cant explain the joy of seeing the old faces. All said and done, I cant deny the contribution of those 4 years in my life and career. Vijay Jaiswal (1997-2001) Great deeds to take such initiatives, I think volunteering this initiative should be a step towards making a healthy relationship towards HCSTians. Tarun Kapoor(1999-2003)2011 HCST Reunion
  14. 14. What our friends have to say Thanks for inviting me for alumni meet which will be held on 17th Dec. in Bangalore. Yes, this is really fantastic & positive direction with great attitude to reunion of all HCST alumni. I am excited to join alumni meet but unfortunately will not available in person due to some time constraints in dec. month. My best wishes to you & all of the HiCoStians coming over with Great Happy New year 2012. Alok Tyagi (1996-2000) Its a great initiative, this is what we have really missed. This inspires me to arrange a formal reunion for the HiCoSTians in US. I would like to say thanks for such an initiative. Keep up the good work. Nitin Bhatia (1996-2000)2011 HCST Reunion
  15. 15. What our friends have to say I always remember the time spent in my college so much. The kind of moments I shared with some of my best buddies were truly the most innocent days of my life, in fact in everyone’s life. May be the tedious office hours, the monotonous behavior and lifestyle and the cold shoulders even amongst so-called best mates is allowing us to remember the innocent times of the past, times which would NEVER come back ever again! College days- What can be said about them? To add cherry on the cake in my memories, I remember a text messages on my mobile. It said… God TO Human: I will grant you ONE wish! Human: Okay Give back my college days! God: I said I will grant “WISH” not “HEAVEN” Thanks to Akash and team for the effort to make HiCoSTianS ( HCST reunion). They really did a wonderful job by initiating these events. I wish I could have join this event but unfortunately I am sitting very far from this place and unable to attend this event. I wish, I will join next Reunion event. I Wish all of you happy holidays and happy new year. Thanks for remembering me. Alok Gupta (1997-2001)2011 HCST Reunion
  16. 16. What our friends have to say2011 HCST Reunion
  17. 17. Down the memory lane…..2011 HCST Reunion
  18. 18. 2011 HCST Reunion
  19. 19. 2011 HCST Reunion
  20. 20. Khokhar and Vipul Agarwal2011 HCST Reunion
  21. 21. Khokhar and Vipul Agarwal2011 HCST Reunion
  22. 22. Khokhar and Vipul Agarwal2011 HCST Reunion
  23. 23. Friends are always friends no matter how far you have to travel back in time. If you have memories together, there is always a piece of your friendship inside your heart. Thank You All 2011 HCST Reunion