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Using Smart Phones for Smarter Tutoring


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Jackson Community College
Conference on Supplemental
Instruction (SI) and Tutoring

Published in: Education, Technology
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Using Smart Phones for Smarter Tutoring

  1. 1. Using Smart Phonesfor Smarter Tutoring Dr. Troy Hicks Central Michigan University
  2. 2. About Me• Formerly, Writing Center Tutor• Currently, Associate Professor of English at Central Michigan University• Site Director, Chippewa River Writing Project• And, yes, father of six!
  3. 3. “The fact that we (and our students) are now able to hold a device in our pockets that allows us to read and annotate anoriginal text, stream (on demand) multiple film adaptations of the text, look at the SparkNotes about the text, and find essays about the text from online papermills—all at the flick of a finger—is significant.”
  4. 4. “Or, at least, it feels significant.” Hicks, Young, Kajder, and HuntEnglish Journal 101.3 (2012): 68–74
  5. 5. My Beliefs as a Tutor• Collaboration• Listening• Encouragement• Directness• Teaching the student, not the assignment
  6. 6. Text @jcc2012conf to 23559
  7. 7. The ABC(DE)s for Smarter Tutoring• Annotate ¥ Evernote, Diigo• Build ¥ Tumblr,• Connect ¥ Dropbox, InClass• Discover ¥ Currents, Flipboard, Zite• Explain ¥ Screenchomp, Educreations
  8. 8. Use the Apps You Have• Reminders• Calculator• Camera• iTunes U• Voice Recorder• Maps
  9. 9. Annotate
  10. 10. Build
  11. 11. Connect
  12. 12. Discover
  13. 13. Explain
  14. 14. What can you annotate?
  15. 15. How can you build?
  16. 16. Who can you connect?
  17. 17. What can you discover?
  18. 18. How can you explain?
  19. 19. Who will you teach?
  20. 20. Dr. Troy Hicks