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Learning with Texts in English Language Arts


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Learning with Texts in English Language Arts

  1. 1. Learning  With  Text  in  English  Language  Arts  Troy  Hicks  Central  Michigan  University  AERA  2012  
  2. 2. What’s  wrong  with  this  picture?  
  3. 3. Three  Literacy  Frameworks  •  Func>onal  –  “reflected  in  a  curriculum  that  teaches  students   the  skills  deemed  necessary  to  successfully  par>cipate  in   school  and  society”  •  Cultural  –  “teaching  of  morals  and  values,  with  a  curriculum   that  includes  the  classics  or  ‘Great  Books’”  •  Progressive  –  “engage  in  the  process  of  learning  to  read  and   write  based  on  themes  and  topics  of  interest  to  students,  with   vocabulary  related  to  their  lives”  Cadiero-­‐Kaplan,  K.  (2002).  Literacy  Ideologies:  Cri>cally  Engaging  the  Language  Arts   Curriculum.  Language  Arts,  79(5),  372–381.    
  4. 4. Three  (Other)  Frameworks  Kucer,  S.  B.  (2001).  Dimensions  of  literacy:  a  conceptual  base  for  teaching   reading  and  wri9ng  in  school  se:ngs.  Psychology  Press.  “[i]f  literacy  educa>on  is  to  be  effec>ve,  it  is  important  that  literacy  be   conceived  as  dynamic  and  mul>dimensional  in  nature”    Lankshear,  C.,  &  Knobel,  M.  (2007).  New  Literacies:  Everyday  Prac9ces  and   Classroom  Learning  (2nd  Ed.).  Berkshire,  England/New  York,  NY:  Open   University  Press/McGraw-­‐Hill.  “different  (new)  ways  of  thinking  about  the  world  and  responding  to  it”    The  New  London  Group.  A  pedagogy  of  mul$literacies:  Designing  social   futures.  In  B.  Cope  &  M.  Kalantzis  (Eds.),  Mul9literacies:  Literacy   learning  and  the  design  of  social  futures  (pp.  9-­‐37).  London  ;  New  York:   Routledge.  “Texts  are  designed  using  the  range  of  historically  available  choices  among   different  modes  of  meaning”    
  5. 5. Kucer’s  Dimensions  of  Literacy  
  6. 6. Knobel  and  Lankshear  
  7. 7. New  London  Group  
  8. 8. An  Integrative  Approach  •  For  Reading   •  Whole-­‐class  text   •  Literature  circles   •  SSR  (sustained  silent,  self-­‐selected  reading)  •  For  Wri>ng   •  Examining  mentor  texts   •  Inquiry-­‐based  research   •  Wri>ng  workshop  •  For  Listening  and  Speaking   •  Mul>media  composi>on   •  Project  and  porlolio-­‐based  assessment  
  9. 9. Rethinking  Of  Mice  And  Men  •  Before  Reading   •  Develop  inquiry  ques>ons   •  Model  “think  alouds”  for  both  content  and  comprehension  •  During  Reading   •  Mini-­‐lessons  in  literary  devices  and  analysis   •  Text  pairing   •  Literature  circles  •  Amer  Reading   •  Dynamic  readings   •  Performa>ve  assessments   •  Mul>modal  composi>ons  
  10. 10. Recommendations   •  For  Reading  and  Literature   •  Integrate  content  area  literacy  strategies  and  young  adult   literature   •  For  Wri>ng  and  Composi>on   •  Develop  skills  in  informa>onal  and  argumenta>ve  wri>ng,  not   just  responses  to  literature   •  Invite  mul>media  composi>on   •  For  Teaching  and  Learning   •  Create  inquiry-­‐driven  curriculum  and  instruc>on    Hicks,  T.,  &  Steffel,  S.  (2012).  Learning  with  Text  in  English/Language   Arts.  In  T.  L.  Jeoon  &  C.  Shanahan  (Eds.),  Adolescent  Literacy  in  the   Academic  Disciplines  General  Principles  and  Prac9cal  Strategies.   Guilford  Press.  Print.    
  11. 11. Image  Credits  •  Of  Mice  and  Men  Book  Cover  and  Movie  Poster:  Wikipedia  •  Teacher  Photo:   hop://­‐oct-­‐02/ try_teaching5.jpg  •  Wri>ng  Photo:   hop:// wri>ng/essay/home.jpg  •  Kucer  Cover:   hop://>zk_t.jpg  •  Knobel  and  Lankshear  Chart:   hop://­‐content/ posts_images/mindsets.gif  •  New  London  Group  Chart:   hop://>modal.jpg