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Gamification in the mechanical trades


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Published in: Education
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Gamification in the mechanical trades

  1. 1. GAMIFICATION IN THE MECHANICAL TRADES A couple examples of how equipment manufacturers are incorporating elements of gamification in training Matt Hibbard & Michele Martinez
  2. 2. JOHN DEERE John Deere University is an online training resource for people that work in all areas of John Deere dealerships (parts, sales, and service)  Provides   Online self-study courses (distance learning modules)  Registration system for traditional face to face (instructor led) classes at designated training centers or synchronous online courses  Certification testing  Tracking system for training history, credits (like points), and achievement recognition (like badges)
  3. 3. Badging? Points?
  4. 4. BOBCAT  Bobcat University  Similar to John Deere’s system  Includes a leaderboard  No badging though
  5. 5. Points? Leaderboard?