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Rbs usa 2012


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Rbs usa 2012

  1. 1. Collaboration, Cultural Change and Competitive EdgeResponsible Business Summit USA SaveEmbed CSR throughout if you $40 regis April ter by 0 27!your organization, createreal business valueand measurable ROI Bringing European andJune 27-28, 2012 > New York US sustainabilityInnovation > Best Practice > Interactivity > Focused Debate best practice together! Hear from the following international business leaders: Why you should attend: Lockheed Martin Corp Vice President Ethics & Business Conduct Alice Eldridge Dodd Frank Act and California Transparency Act – Profit from a Life Technologies well-managed supply chain. Receive insight and solutions to the issue of conflict minerals. Vice President Global EHS Establish and maintain a competitive edge – Exclusive advice and Citizenship Cristina Amorim insights from senior CSR practitioners on how to embed CSR within your company, to enhance brand reputation, strengthen your bottom line and stand out from your competitors. ABB Group Vice President – Safety Health Receive proven tools for successful collaboration – In business today Darryl C. Hill it is important you understand how to form effective partnerships with key stakeholders such as NGOs, industry associations, regulators and even competitors to advance your CSR program. Campbell Soup Vice President of CSR and Deliver on your long-term CSR vision – Case studies from leading Sustainability multinationals on how to meet ambitious long-term targets and track performance using Dave Stangis proven metrics. GAP INC Profit from Socially Responsible Investment – Learn how your company Vice President of Social and Environmental Responsibility can benefit from the growth in SRI and engage the investor community through effective Kindley Walsh Lawlor communication and risk management. YOUR EXPERT SPEAKERS INCLUDE: ORGANIZER Open now to see our agenda – packed with workshops, case studies and keynotes
  2. 2. Unrivalled choice, with all the critical issues you need to address Embed corporate responsibility throughout your organization and deliver maximum business value from sustainability Summit New York, June 27-28, 2012. Thank you for taking the time to read the brochure for our Responsible Business to the rest of your business. The emerging trend is deep integration We are moving beyond an era where CSR departments exist as a separate function the business goals you aim to achieve. of CSR within your organization and true alignment of corporate responsibility with issues such as greenhouse gas emissions and climate change. The focus for a long time has been on environmental sustainability and tackling emphasis on social responsibility. Whilst these still remain core concerns many organizations are now placing new Social responsibility requires a different approach. The value of We know reduction in energy usage cuts your bills and helps the environment. investing in your communities and people can be much harder to quantify. a profound impact on the ethical sourcing of your supply chain. The Dodd Frank Act, California Transparency Act and Anti-Slavery Law have had have legal No longer is supply chain management about reputatio nal risk. The consequences of insufficiently robust supply chain management now ramifications. success go hand in hand. Let’s look at the facts and figure The evidence of is now stacking up that a strong CSR program and long term business supporting this conference. Numbers don’t lie. $3 trillion to the US investment marketplace. Social and • The US forum for sustainable and responsible investment states SRI is worth at least environmental risk in your portfolio is no longer a marginal consideration. believe that environmental/social activism will increase • According to research by GlobeScan in January 2012, 74% of sustainability experts significantly in the coming year. Strong NGO partnerships built on trust will be vital this year. of thousands companies, at a cost of $9 billion-$16 billion. • The Dodd Frank Act according to The US Chamber of Commerce will affect hundreds Early and effective response guarantees lower cost of compliance. e and found that more than two-thirds are focusing on • The IBM Institute for Business Value recently surveyed business leaders worldwid half of the surveyed business leaders believe that their corporate social responsibility activities to create new revenue streams. More than companies’ CSR activities are already giving them an advantag e over their top competitors ce and practical knowledge you need to accelerate your The Responsible Business Summit will provide you with the tools, business intelligen d, Intel, company’s success. Join us, and direct your questions to leading brands and CSR performers such as Campbell Soup, Gap INC, Timberlan Lockheed Martin and many more. do your job as a CSR professional even better. You’ll be up close As always, you can be confident every single session on our agenda will help you and personal with the best-in-field on issues such as understanding investor expectations on sustainability, how to generate trust, prioritizing and ility, and much more. measuring social and environmental impact, engaging your supply chain on sustainab sessions are themed. They reflect the 3 c’s of sustainability which When you come to look at the conference agenda, you’ll notice that this year the are critical to any CSR program. Collaboration, cultural change and competitive edge. how large or how successful it is today – can afford to go it alone. To truly drive forward the sustainability agenda, no single company – no matter competitors is business-critical, reflecting the necessity to deliver Collaboration with NGOs, stakeholder, suppliers, industry associations and even solutions to society’s social, economic and environmental challenge s and increase “shared value”. needs. You’ll have an access-all-areas pass to two days of In short this event is a one-stop shop for all your CSR and sustainability best practice in CSR, all under interactive learning, knowledge and know-ho w from world class speakers, plus a one-off chance to meet everyone who matters one roof. I look forward to meeting you June 27-28 in New York City. Steven Wilding Conference Director Ethical CorporationCheck the website for frequent updates on new speaker additions!
  3. 3. DAY ONE Agenda, 27 June 2012PLENARY • How to incentivize your workforce on sustainability by linking CSR performance toBridge the gap between globalcorporate CSR thinking and remuneration and award schemes. Lockheed Martin Corporation, Alice Eldridge, Vice § Check thelocal culture President Ethics Business Conduct website!Leadership on social and environmentalresponsibility has to be driven from the highest How to use innovation For frequent updates go to:level. The next step is to get your organization’sapproach to CSR understood and implemented by and social media to engage executives in multiple countries, with key stakeholders on rbsusaencompassing many different cultures, all far sustainabilityremoved from your corporate headquarters. FedExhas global operations in 220 countries utilizing Social media is an increasingly vital part of all Consumer engagement – Can290,000 employees. Over 95% per cent of its corporate communications. 72% of businesses say corporate organizations reallymanagement and executives are local. they use social media to talk about their CSR In this session we examine how to make sure activities – and of these, 60% report that it has a influence and drive customeryour CSR program is understood by local leadership beneficial effect on consumer engagement. behavior on sustainability?responsible for its implementation on the ground. Engagement with your stakeholders on CSR has Is it business’ responsibility to drive forward and be• Learn how to mesh corporate CSR culture with evolved well beyond your annual CSR report. a positive catalyst for change by providing local and national values. Yes your annual CSR report is important, but for sustainable products and services to customers?• Secure local buy-in to your CSR program and many stakeholders especially customers it is simply Research by Ethical Corporation has shown that in encourage a global outlook to CSR operations too time consuming and burdensome to engage these difficult economic circumstances the American beyond local and national priorities. with. Intel and Patagonia cover two very different consumer is more inclined to act sustainably for• How to make organizational CSR goals and industry sectors. What they have in common is financial reasons. Taking as an example the innovative and unique approaches to engagement purchase of a small, fuel-efficient car over a large, performance applicable to locally based with stakeholders on CSR. gas guzzling beast, consumers can be engaged on management and executives. sustainability if it benefits them. The real challenge In this session we look at how you can employ is to encourage customer sustainability when the a full spectrum of innovative methods such as blogs,PLENARY personal benefits are less tangible. social media and remuneration linked to CSR In this session we examine and debate consumerHow to embed and integrate performance to engage internal and external and business facing methods you can use to stakeholders on sustainability.CSR in your organization, stimulate sustainable behaviour change. • Understand how Intel uses blogs and social • Empower your consumers to make informeddeliver cultural change, and media for two purposes – engagement with decisions using eco labels, with lessons fromthe role of ethics in the process employees on sustainability, and communication Timberland on their Green Index label. of CSR activities to external stakeholders in an • Insight into Timberlands collaboration with peersThe ultimate goal of your CSR program is to make easily digested, real time format. to develop an industry-wide eco-index.sustainability so deeply ingrained in your workforce • Examine how Intel link employees’ annual • Review the approach of Anheuser-Busch InBev’sit becomes a natural part of day-to-day operations bonuses with sustainability results can engagement with retailers and consumers onfor every employee. The shift is towards encourage improved CSR performance over the responsible drinking.decentralization of sustainability and away from long term. • Examine lessons in responsible marketing andseparate CSR departments in favour of deeper initiatives that actively encourage the use of • Learn how Patagonia uses online tools such asintegration. To embed CSR throughout your designated drivers and parent involvement in the Footprint Chronicles to give customers theorganization requires engagement through underage-drinking prevention. power to track the impact of products fromleadership, reporting and measurement with • Learn how ABB Group directly involves their design to delivery.arguably your most key internal stakeholders – customers in environmental and social impactemployees. • Insight into how Patagonia will show the CSR assessments. performance of its products to customers at point ABB Group, Darryl C. Hill, Vice President - Safety Health Lockheed Martin is a mainstay of the highly of purchase. Timberland, Mark Newton, Vice President Corporateregulated and scrutinized defence industry. Discover Intel, Suzanne Fallender, Director of CSR Strategy Responsibilityhow they embed CSR and the critical role ethics has Communications Anheuser-Busch InBev, Carol Clark, Global Vice Presidentin their sustainability program. Join this session tofind out how to make CSR part of everyday thoughtand action in your workforce. || Patagonia, Vincent Stanley, Senior Writer and Editor Beer and Better World• Learn how through decentralization Lockheed Martin makes its sustainability and ethical “The wide variety of presenters and excellent facilitation made the Responsible Business Summit a useful decision making the responsibility of every insight into our customers challenges Ethical Corporation brings together the best in business to make employee. a difference” – Jeff Swartz, CEO, Timberland ||• Examine Lockheed Martin’s ethics and transparency training program delivered to every “The debate was extremely interesting and thought provoking. I went away with lots of new ideas on employee and the performance metrics they use how we could make our business more sustainable” – William Burgess, CEO, Produce World to track progress.Hard-hitting keynotes, in depth workshops, debate sessions. Learning delivered in an engaging format
  4. 4. DAY TWO Agenda, 28 June 2012Engage the investor community In this session we take a look at systems and PLENARY values you should have in place to avoid the– How to attract socially pervasive and ever present threat of corrupt business Collaborate and Compete –responsible investors and the practice: How to work with NGOs,increased importance of • Hear how Export Development Canada have industry associations and evensustainable investment collaborated with the OECD and engaged with competitors to deliver strong businesses on anti-corruption. • Learn the value of a robust anti-corruption social and environmentalSocially Responsible Investment is no longerrestricted to a small community of altruistic, activist policy for effective management and a reports performanceindividuals. The US forum for sustainable and system to fight corruption. Attempts to take a unilateral path to CSR success areresponsible investment states SRI is worth at least • How to educate and train your employees on doomed to end in failure. A successful CSR program$3 trillion to the US investment marketplace. responsibilities and actions to take when they must be built upon a multilateral approach whichThe focus on ESG investment selection criteria has encounter corruption. brings together civil society, NGOs, industryceased to be a marginal issue. Your organization’s • Examine assessment of corruption risks in your associations, government and even your and environmental risk portfolio is market and how to devise an appropriate action Socially and environmentally responsible organizationsincreasingly a mainstream concern as evidence plan. put aside differences with competitors for the benefitshows a clear relationship between effective of all. GAP INC is a world leading and instantly Export Development Canada, Signi Schneider, Chief CSR recognizable apparel brand which has pursuedmanagement of these factors and long term Advisor multiple avenues for collaboration on social andfinancial value. Calvert Investments has 30 years environmental responsibility.of SRI experience and leadership, and now manages In this session we examine the lessons from GAPover $12.5 billion in assets. NGO partnerships – How NGOs INC’s collaborative efforts on CSR and how they can In this session, learn from a world leader in SRI be applied to your to attract investment in your business. can engage with you to • Learn how GAP INC has worked with organizations• Learn how Calvert Investments identifies improve CSR performance such as the Sustainable Apparel Coalition to companies with strong CSR management, advance the CSR agenda at industry level. According to research by GlobeScan done in January solid ethical business practices, and competitive • Examine collaboration with competition to achieve 2012, 74% of sustainability experts surveyed believe long-term performance potential. mutually beneficial results in CSR performance. that environmental/social activism will increase• How to communicate with the SRI investor • See how GAP INC responded to the concerns of significantly in the coming years. Being on the community and present your company as a civil society groups and developed formal wrong side of an NGO campaign can cause severe credible and attractive proposition. partnerships with leading NGOs. damage to brand reputation. Effective partnerships• Examine the move from SRI as a “niche” sector Gap INC, Kinderly Lawlor Walsh, Vice President Social and on the other hand enhance the credibility and Environmental Responsibility towards the “mainstream” and the impact on capability of your CSR programme. Learn how how the financial sector scrutinises your businesses and NGOs are coming together to company’s CSR risk management. advance the sustainability agenda. Human RightsCalvert Investments, Bennett Freeman, Senior Vice Watch is an international non-governmental How to build an ethicallyPresident, Sustainability Research and Policy organization that conducts research and advocacy sourced and robust supply chainFormer Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Democracy, on human rights. Oxfam America both partners with It is now widely accepted that a company’sHuman Rights and Labor in the Clinton Administration and campaigns against corporate organizations. responsibility extends beyond the factories, mines, In this session we show you how to make the most offices and shops it owns, and goes right down to its of your NGO partnerships to enhance CSR suppliers. Ignorance about supplier behaviour is noHow to embed and implement performance. longer an acceptable excuse to customers or regulators. Engagement with suppliers is a complexrobust anti-corruption policies • Learn how Human Rights Watch has engaged and at times daunting task. Mars Inc supply chain with your peers to improve poor human rightsin your CSR programme performance. handles environmentally and socially sensitive products such as cocoa, palm oil, tea, coffee and fish.A study by FSG Social Impact Advisors estimates the • Examine the techniques used to build In this session, acquire practical knowledge forcost of corruption to be $2.6 trillion annually, an relationships and advance international human supplier engagement and responsible sourcing:amount equal to more than 5 per cent of global GDP. rights standards in business. • Learn proven tips for engagement right at theEach year, according to the World Bank, over $1 • Understand how to avoid a siege mentality and bottom of your supply chain, where risk is oftentrillion is paid in bribes in both the developed and react positively to NGO campaigns. highest.developing world. Bribery and corruption are no • Gain insight into the successful partnerships • Lessons from Mars Inc’s award winning cocoalonger considered acceptable business practices, no Oxfam America has carried out with leading sourcing program. How to use certification tomatter how challenging the environment you corporate organizations. ensure an ethical supply chain.operate in. Corrupt practices risk not only severe Human Rights Watch, Arvind Ganesan, Director of Human • How to work alongside key stakeholders such asdamage to your organization’s reputation, but hefty Rights Watch Business and Human Rights Division Marine Stewardship Council and the WWF to deliverfines and even incarceration, whether it’s a front- Oxfam America, Chris Jochnick, Director of Private Sector on an ambitious ethical supply chain policy.line employee or distant CEO who is guilty. Development Mars Inc, Andrew Hobday, Chief Sustainability Officer Got a question? Give us a call on +1 800 814 34 59
  5. 5. Hard-hitting keynotes, in depth workshops, debate sessions. Learning delivered in an engaging formatGlobal supply chain In the wake of Apple’s supply Towards the Circularcollaboration – How to chain problems in China, can Economy – Deliveringmanage conflict minerals Apple and the electronics Profitable Business in ain the supply chain in response Industry avoid the problems Resource Constrained Worldto the Dodd Frank Act and in fair labor and sustainability In the world we live in, limitations on the availability of traditional energy sources such asCalifornia Transparency Act manufacturing practices for fossil fuels lead to increased volatility and cost. CSRA mammoth law totalling 848 pages, Dodd Frank is a the companies in the textile, programs that recognize resource constraints and maximize green energy sources will deliver costbewildering and complex piece of legislation with apparel, shoe and toy industries? savings alongside a reduction in social andhuge significance for the CSR practitioner. The Dodd environmental impact. It’s easy to make the Controversy surrounding Apple’s supply chain hasFrank Act potentially requires corporate organizations business case for CSR investment when sustainability existed for some time – Chinese workers beaten to will contribute not only to an enhanced reputationto begin filing information on their entire supply the point of committing suicide; grossly excessive but a stronger bottom line. Life Technologies is achain to the SEC. The Economist briefing on Dodd work hours; generally unhealthy and unsafe work global biotechnology company with sales of overFrank states “The US Chamber of Commerce thinks it environments; and overcrowded living conditions. $3.5 billion and 11000 employees in over 150will affect hundreds of thousands companies”, while Some factories have taken the drastic step of countries. Life Technologies ranked as the top North“The National Association of Manufacturers estimates American company in the 2012 Corporate Knights installing safety nets to prevent workers fromit will cost $9 billion-$16 billion.” AMD are a $6 billion Global Leaders in Clean Capitalism. committing suicide. In the past, companies in therevenue semiconductor company for whom Dodd In this session we take a look at the twin apparel and textile industries have confrontedFrank has implications across its entire product range. benefits of cost savings and improved sustainability similar negative publicity arising from issues similar performance derived from cradle to grave CSR Find out how to respond effectively to one of the to those faced by Apple. While these industries have implementation.most important and complex pieces of legislation to taken steps to ameliorate these problems, their • Examine how Life Technologies has carried outemerge in recent times: actions have largely been confined to treating the in-depth scrutiny into the cost savings to be• Find out how AMD have conducted multi- derived from its CSR program. symptoms without addressing the underlying stakeholder relations with NGOs, SRIs and other • How to identify and design products that are causes. Apple and other companies in the corporate organisations to eliminate mineral more sustainable from manufacture to end of life. electronics industry now have a unique opportunity sourcing that contributes to human suffering in • Learn how Life Technologies is moving towards a to attack the underlying causes and thus eliminate the DRC region. zero waste to landfill policy which includes asset these problems while creating a better managed• Learn how AMD, through collaborations with recovery, disassembly, refurbishment and supply chain and enhanced corporate and industry recycling. industry associations EICC and its competitors, is reputation. • Lessons for engagement with multiple actively engaged in the conflict-free smelter In this session, we will examine whether the stakeholders from consumers to suppliers. program to ensure responsible sourcing. electronics industry can avoid the problems of the Life Technologies, Cristina Amorim, VP of Environmental• Examine AMD collaboration with EICC and textile, shoe, and toy industries with a Health Safety and Citizenship competitors to develop a standardized process for fundamental change in supply-chain management, tracking conflict minerals and mapping their which is both productive and cost efficient, complex supply chain. minimizes environmental degradation, and at the ROUNDTABLE INTERCATIVE DEBATE SESSION• Valuable insight into how “in region sourcing” same time, provides workers with fair wages and a – Align business goals with will enable continued support of the DRC healthy and safe work environment. corporate responsibility and economy through mineral sales while Weissman Center for International Business, Baruch the role of the CSR practitioner eliminating sales to armed militia groups. College, The City University of New York, S. Prakash when they conflictAMD, Tim Mohin, Director of Corporate Responsibility Sethi, University Distinguished Professor and Fellow As we move into an era where corporate social responsibility is deeply integrated into the business function, it’s logical to align your business goals GROUP DISCOUNTS with your CSR program. The IBM Institute for Why don’t you link up with the corporate affairs/ Business Value recently surveyed a group of 250 social engagement/environmental management business leaders worldwide and found that more than two-thirds (68 per cent) are focusing on department and take advantage of our group discounts: corporate social responsibility activities to create new A Buy 3 conference passes – get the fourth one free revenue streams. In addition, more than half (54 B Buy 4 conference passes – get one free conference pass per cent) of the surveyed business leaders believe + a free subscription to Ethical Corporation magazine that their companies’ CSR activities are already giving them an advantage over their top competitors.Check our website for updates and new speaker additions –
  6. 6. Unrivalled choice, with all the critical issues you need to address But what happens when CSR threatens to Future trends for sustainability In this session, take an in-depth look at howcompromise your bottom line? BT Global Services BNY Mellon uses materiality to identify the mostwill lead a discussion on what steps you must take reporting – How North high value areas of its CSR program and the lessonswhen business goals and CSR collide. American companies can for targeting your own CSR initiatives.• BT Global Services will begin with a presentation close the gap • Learn how materiality has enabled BNY Mellon to for how to handle scenarios where business goals and CSR clash. convince stakeholders of the key linkage 95 per cent of the 250 largest companies in the• Each round table will consider a similar scenario world now report on CSR, yet two thirds of non between CSR and the companys operational and from their own experience and how it was reporters are based in the US. It’s long been financial performance. resolved. recognized that North American companies lag • Use materiality to map out your key CSR• Each round table will report back to the floor behind their European counterparts when it comes challenges and prioritize your sustainability with an example of a struggle to align business to reporting. Effective CSR reports are increasingly a investment. goals with CSR and how the situation was key factor for crucial external stakeholders such as • Examine how materiality can show ROI for resolved. the investor. New regulations such as the California sustainability initiatives.BT Global Services, Kevin Moss, Head of Corporate Social Transparency Act will require CSR reports to helpResponsibility BNY Mellon, John Buckley, Head of CSR, Managing Director meet compliance. Mike Wallace, head of the GRI US Focal Point, will show you the trends for sustainability reportingMeasure and Deliver – How to and demonstrate how US companies can close the The business case for effectiveachieve long term CSR targets reporting gap. reporting – How to engage • Learn how government departments andLong-term ambitious targets are a key element of institutions are using GRI guidelines for their internally and externally toachieving an organisation’s long-term CSR vision.Every month Ethical Corporation receives information reporting and the impact for corporate highlight the seriousness of organisations.on five to ten year sustainability plans launched by your CSR initiativescorporate organisations. The challenge is to ensure • Find out the crucial role that reports play inyour long-term CSR goals aren’t unrealistic headline ensuring an ethical supply chain in the wake CSR reports are a tool to engage with both internalgrabbing targets but matched to measurable and of the Dodd Frank Act and California and external stakeholders. Internally they are criticalachievable performance metrics. Campbell Soup is Transparency Act. to measure and track progress of your CSR initiatives.recognized for its strong CSR performance listed in • Overcome the challenges of reporting on complex Externally they also serve to provide a competitivethe Dow Jones sustainability indexes, named one of supply chain issues. edge by communicating to the outside world thethe world’s most ethical companies and on the 100 • How to evolve your CSR reports to the next level seriousness of your sustainability efforts. In thebest corporate citizens list. Gain in-depth coverage using integrated reporting.of Campbell’s Soups 2020 agenda and how they aim wake of the financial crisis and the onset of the • A look ahead to G4 and the adjustments that willto hit aggressive targets for CSR performance. Dodd Frank Act, America’s banking and financial be required for CSR reports by your organisation. In this session you will learn the steps required institutions have come under close scrutiny from Global Reporting Initiative, Mike Wallace, Directorto convert ambitious targets into credible long term regulators, media and the general public. GeneralCSR success. sentiment towards finance institutions remains• KPIs and measurement. See how Campbell Soup negative and banks face a tough but vital job of will track its progress periodically and the metrics Using materiality to target CSR engaging with external stakeholders on CSR. for charting progress. efforts where it matters most Gain an insight into the critical relationship• Examine how Campbell Soup will evolve its The business value of environmental responsibility between your CSR report and the credibility of your strategy to achieve 100% employee engagement on sustainability. Find out what 100% is often quite clear - reduce energy usage, save CSR initiatives. engagement means in practical terms. money, mitigate environmental impact. How to • Examine how Bank of America has responded to• New emphasis on social responsibility. How quantify the business value of social responsibility is the challenge by issuing its first corporate social Campbell Soup will engage with the local far more difficult. The link between creating social responsibility report in 2011 to demonstrate community to reduce the twin challenges of good and the value added to your business goals is transparency and communicate its CSR program. childhood obesity and hunger by 50 per cent. difficult to measure. The concept of materiality has • Learn how Bank of America has used the journey• Learn how Campbell Soup will put in place the long been used in the financial sector but its of compiling its first and second CSR report to systems to achieve tough environmental targets application for sustainability is a much newer trend. for 50 per cent reduction in environmental BNY Mellon each day services 20 per cent of all of the engage its employees on CSR and make them footprint (GHG emissions and water use). worlds financial assets. As a financial institution its understand its value to the business.Campbell Soup, Dave Stangis, Vice President of CSR and CSR program lies mostly in the area of social Bank of America, Stephen Fenichell, Senior Vice PresidentSustainability responsibility. – CSR Collaboration, Cultural Change and Competitive Edge
  7. 7. R E G I S T E R N O WDelegates who purchase aPLATINUM or DIAMOND PASS get a Responsible Business Summit USA New York, 27-28 June 2012year’s full subscription to EthicalCorporation. 1. CHOOSE YOUR PASS TYPE You will gain access to Standard price Super Early Bird Early Bird our highly-renowned Register by: 27 April 2012 25 April 2012 $2995 n $3245 n $3395 n monthly magazine and the world’s largest PLATINUM PASS Save $400 Save $150 $2345 n $2395 n $2545 n archive for sustainability professionals (containing over 7,000 CR related GOLD PASS Save $400 Save $150 articles) plus a whole host of $1595 n $1845 n $1995 n discounts on other products. SILVER PASS Save $400 Save $150For more information call the subscription $1395 n $1645 n $1795 n BRONZE PASSteam on: +44 207 375 7235. Save $400 Save $150 WHAT YOU GET: PLATINUM GOLD SILVER BRONZESPEAKING, EXHIBITING, • Access to all super-panels, • Access to all super-panels, workshops and case studies • Access to all super-panels, workshops and case studies • Access to all super-panels, workshops and case studies workshops and case studiesSPONSORSHIP AND NETWORKING • Networking lunches and coffee breaks • Networking lunches and coffee • Networking lunches and coffee • Networking lunches and coffee • Evening drinks reception breaks breaksOPPORTUNITIES • Access to all presentation slides post • Evening drinks reception • Evening drinks reception breaks • Evening drinks reception conference • Access to all presentation slides post • Access to all presentation slides post + Access to all presentation slides• Highlight your company’s work, raise your • Ethical Corp Magazine subscription conference conference post conference + Complete MP3 recordings of every • Ethical Corp Magazine subscription + Complete MP3 recordings of every profile and connect with senior corporate session at the conference + Complete MP3 recordings of every session at the conference sustainability and CSR professionals + A copy of our essential report on session at the conference PRIORITY CODE BOX Embedding sustainable business: + 1 year subscription to Ethical SAVE $150 WHEN YOU QUOTE THIS CODE!• Raise the profile of your service or product The successful business models that Corporation Magazine (saving $230) with a focused group of senior decision deliver profitable corporate responsibility makers in major corporations working in + 1 year subscription to Ethical Corporate Responsibility, Sustainability, Corporation Magazine (saving $230) Corporate Affairs, Strategy and Communications. 2. ENTER YOUR DETAILS Please photocopy this form for multiple registrationsContact Aaron Jackson NOW on +44 207 375 Mr / Mrs / Ms / Dr : . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .First name: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .7244 / email Last name: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Job title: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Company: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .THE VENUE Telephone: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Enjoy a warm welcome and stunning view of the Email: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .New York City skyline at the Sheraton LincolnHarbor Hotel. Located just five minutes from Address: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .midtown Manhattan, you can walk right outsideour doors to board the New York Waterway Ferry . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .City: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .and ride to NYC attractions. State: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Zip code: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Payment Choose one payment option n Credit Card (we’ll call to pick up your details) n Invoice NB: Full payment must be received before the event 3. REGISTER CALL: Ethical Corporation +44 207 375 7575 or US toll-free +1 800 814 34 59. Cancellation Policy: Places are transferable without any charge. 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  8. 8. Innovation l Best Practice l Interactivity l Focused DebateResponsible Business Summit USA SaveEmbed CSR throughout if you $40 regis April ter by 0 27!your organization, createreal business value Your expert speakers include:and measurable ROIJune 27-28, 2012 New YorkInnovation Best Practice Interactivity Focused guarantees to you:1 Robust debate, interactive discussion and problem solving with GAP INC, Timberland, Lockheed Martin, Life Technologies, Campbell Soup, Patagonia, Intel and more2 Renewed focus on collaboration, cultural change and using CSR to deliver competitive edge – Essential elements for long-term success.3 Respond to Dodd Frank, California Transparency Act and Anti-Slavery Law.4 A revamped conference with practical case studies, panel debate session and lots of QAs.5 A highly focused agenda to deliver months worth of research in a mere two days. COME AND HEAR FROM THIS UNRIVALLED LINE UP OF EXPERT SPEAKERS! Mars Inc, Andrew Hobday, Chief Sustainability Officer Mars Inc AMD, Tim Mohin, Director of Corporate Responsibility Gap INC, Kinderly Lawlor Walsh, Vice President Social and Intel, Suzanne Fallender, Director of CSR Strategy Environmental Responsibility Communications Lockheed Martin Corporation, Alice Eldridge, Vice President Export Development Canada, Signi Schneider, Chief CSR Ethics Business Conduct Advisor Patagonia, Vincent Stanley, Senior Writer and Editor Weissman Center for International Business, Baruch ABB Group, Darryl C. Hill, Vice President - Safety Health College, The City University of New York, S. Prakash Sethi, University Distinguished Professor and Fellow Timberland, Mark Newton, Vice President Corporate Responsibility Life Technologies, Cristina Amorim, VP of Environmental Health Safety and Citizenship ORGANIZER Anheuser-Busch InBev, Carol Clark, Global Vice President Beer and Better World BT Global Services, Kevin Moss, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility Calvert Investments, Bennett Freeman, Senior Vice President, Sustainability Research and Policy Campbell Soup, Dave Stangis, Vice President of CSR and Sustainability Human Rights Watch, Arvind Ganesan, Director of Human Rights Watch Business and Human Rights Division Global Reporting Initiative, Mike Wallace, Director Oxfam America, Chris Jochnick, Director of Private Sector BNY Mellon, John Buckley, Head of CSR, Managing Director Development Bank of America, Stephen Fenichell, Senior Vice President - CSR Check out the full agenda inside... Open now!