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Published in: Education, Career, Business
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  1. 1. The resume gets you the job your after
  2. 2. Professional resume  Focuses the interviewer’s attention on your strongest points Gives you full credit for all your achievements Presents a positive picture of your best qualities
  3. 3. Functional Resume  Is selective and only highlights those skills pertinent to your job objective Follow the this basic information: name, address, phone number, career objective, professional profile, educational information, description of experience and employment history, job title, and company name, city and state
  4. 4. Chronological resume  Used to combine all your experience and employment history simply written in order by date Has the same following information as Functional Resume but just the information is presented differently
  5. 5.  Name, address Company Name , City Phone number and State Basic InformatioEmployment n Career history objective Description of Professional experience profile Educational information