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Pirates of the caribbean magazine analysis


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Pirates of the caribbean magazine analysis

  1. 1. Pirates of the Caribbean Film Magazine Review Analysis
  2. 2. The text is big, bold and clear so that it can grab the audiences attention. It takes up quite a large proportion of the A4 page. The colour is also vibrant and is suits well with the connotations that are associated with the colour red, such as it being a dangerous colour. This code helps to emphasise the films genre; which is fantasy adventure. The wording is in capital letters which makes it more striking and creates a bigger impact when the advice begin to read the review.
  3. 3. At the side of the page it has a question and answer interview with the actor who plays the protagonist. This is an effective piece of content that will help intrigue the audiences attention, as Johnny Depp is a famous actor; this means it is more than likely that a large proportion of the audience will be interested in watching the film purely on the basis that he is starring the lead role in it. The way that it is set out is very clear by separating the questions to the answers by the colour of the text. Using red makes it look professional as it matches with the title of the film. The questions asked are quite personal by asking about his family life whilst also asking more about the film. This helps to catch the audiences attention.
  4. 4. A large image that takes up half the page is placed at the top of the page so that it is the first thing the audience can see. Choosing a shot that is visibly clear what genre the film is will help to target the audience identify whether they will be interested in it or not.
  5. 5. The pitch is clearly labelled in bright righting is the audience are aware of what they are reading and what the article is about. Its language is very chatty and friendly which the audience will feel more comfortable when reading.
  6. 6. The heading is titled ‘The Talent’ which automatically sets a good vibe for the rest of the review. This is formatted the same as ‘The Pitch’ title which makes it look effective and professional looking. Underneath is the writing where it lists important names that are to do with the film, including the famous actors and directors. Editing them so they are in bpd makes it more eye catching for the audience to read, as well known names will set a better impression on the film.
  7. 7. Considering the magazine review is a single page spread there is not a lot of content in the text body. However all the way through it, it sings praises for the film and Johnny Depp himself. The author throughout uses comparisons to other films Johnny Depp has starred in so that it helps the audiences understanding when the author is trying to declare a point.
  8. 8. A secondary image is used at the bottom of the magazine review of the protagonist. This will help to catch the audiences attention but also inform the audience that he is the person the article is about as some audience members may get confused as to who Johnny Depp is with there being two characters in the main image.