Washington Square;Part 1–History, Ideas And Patterns Key


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ORIGINS of the new bronze Horse Trough Fountain by Newmans, Ltd., of Newport: http://www.newmansltd.com, and info@newmansltd.com, based on Newport Historical Society images of Washington Square's 19th century horse trough, for the Washington Square Restoration Commission.

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  • Washington Square;Part 1–History, Ideas And Patterns Key

    1. 1. A PROJECT WITH NEWMANS, LTD. A Fountain for Washington Square Based on one of the Square’s 19th century Horse Troughs Part One: History, Ideas and Patterns www.newmansltd.com
    2. 2. Thanks to the work of the Washington Square Restoration Commission, Washington Square has is growing into a Newport destination. Before the WSRC put in the new historic lighting, wide new promenade, traffic calming and reapportioned parking, this image of the Square would show a dark, congested parking lot with a 50-mph highway lane down the middle. www.newmansltd.com
    3. 3. The first sketch of the concept, made in 1995. The red areas are those given by default to auto traffic, with no specific use. The new plan is based on giving much of this unused space back to the walking public. www.newmansltd.com
    4. 4. From the founding of Newport until the arrival of the Horseless Carriage, a horse trough was always at the nose of the Square. www.newmansltd.com
    5. 5. This horse trough, found in excellent images in the Newport Historical Society’s archives … www.newmansltd.com
    6. 6. … is now becoming a Newport icon. www.newmansltd.com
    7. 7. With the help of digital technology, Newmans, Ltd., of Newport, has done an analysis of the images … www.newmansltd.com
    8. 8. … providing us with an analysis of the Horse Trough’s parts. Analysis by Newmans, Ltd. www.newmansltd.com
    9. 9. Planning the site Lilly Dick, Head of the Washington Square Restoration Commission, Alan Goodwin, Senior Development Planner, City of Newport, and Howard Newman are designing the layout of the bollards which will protect the fountain from errant drivers. During this visit, Senator Sheldon Whitehouse stopped by. Chance encounters like this are a natural function of the square’s growing status as a destination. www.newmansltd.com
    10. 10. Mary and Howard Newman with their pattern maker, refining the layout that he will use to build the patterns which will be used to cast the fountain in bronze. www.newmansltd.com
    11. 11. Examining the finished patterns Each piece is engineered to produce a finished bronze casting of a precise size and thickness. www.newmansltd.com
    12. 12. The patterns for the pole and its base On your left is the rough wood assembly from which the finished base, right, is turned. When finished in bronze, this will be bolted inside the fountain’s bowl. www.newmansltd.com
    13. 13. The pole is made similarly to its base. The peg at the pole’s bottom locates the pole in its base. www.newmansltd.com
    14. 14. The fountain’s base and bowl patterns assembled. www.newmansltd.com
    15. 15. The Column Access Door patterns These patterns will create doors that cover the openings in the columns. In the original images, the texts on the doors is illegible. We have created our own appropriate texts. www.newmansltd.com
    16. 16. Modeling of the mythical dolphins First stage: The dolphin and leaves roughed-out in clay. www.newmansltd.com
    17. 17. From the roughed- out clay a mold was made. From that mold was cast this hard wax model – ideal for refining sharp edges and lines. www.newmansltd.com
    18. 18. The first lines for the dolphin’s scales. Experimenting with The dolphin techniques for model, cast in modeling the scales in three dimensions. refining wax www.newmansltd.com
    19. 19. The scales now are formed The model is almost ready for the final mold. www.newmansltd.com
    20. 20. www.newmansltd.com