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Kuwait University R workshop 2016


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This is the quick introductory presentation I prepared for the R workshop that I organized with Dr Bader Alhajeri

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Kuwait University R workshop 2016

  1. 1. Kuwait University R Workshop Fun Un-Real ‫وفر‬ ‫كر‬ 2016 Workshop organized by: Hasan Alhaddad (Ph.D.) Suha Alabdulghafour (MSc.) Bader Alhajeri (Ph.D.) Huda Alaskar (MSc. student)
  2. 2. AIMS We and you Small introduction Day 1 activities Day 2 activities Day 3 activities [R]ing your data
  3. 3. We and You Instructors Hasan Alhaddad Assistant professor of genetics Research Camelid and Feline Genomics Bader Alhajeri Assistant professor of Zoology Research Evolution and Ecology Camelid and Rodents Organizing Team Suha Alabdulghafour Teaching Assistant Molecular Biology Huda Alaskar Graduate Student Molecular Biology
  4. 4. We and You Tell us something about you Need ideas? Name Education Research interest Future plans (scientific)
  5. 5. Why a workshop?
  6. 6. Our philosophy “No serious scientific work can be done in the absence of a vibrant scientific community” Hasan Alhaddad
  7. 7. We organized it for: 1. Networking 2. Collaborating 3. Training 4. Learning 5. Academic responsibility 6. Have some fun 7. Many other reasons :-)
  8. 8. Why KURwFUR? ‫وفر؟‬ ‫كر‬ ‫ليش‬
  9. 9. • Analysis in general and specifically in R may get you frustrated some times. • To become more productive and not give up after the first challenge, we adopted “Attack and Retreat” strategy. Analyses going well, Attack Analyses not going smooth, Retreat ‫وفر‬ ‫كر‬
  10. 10. What is R?
  11. 11.
  12. 12. Why an R workshop?
  13. 13. Why R? Open source Free Big data analyses Statistics and calculations Big community Packages available Make your package Me: plots plots plots :-)
  14. 14. Why R? Number of packages on CRAN 9031 August 28th 2016 11:28 pm
  15. 15. Amazing graphs - from yours truly Why R?
  16. 16. What NOT to expect from the workshop?
  17. 17. NOT to expect Finish thesis Finish papers Finish analyses Finish dissertation Become an R expert
  18. 18. What to EXPECT from the workshop?
  19. 19. To expect 1 2 3 30 60 Scared Confused Not bad OK FUN Sciecne KURwFUR Days RStateofMind
  20. 20. Remember